The 6 best cheap hotels in Riyadh

The 6 best cheap hotels in Riyadh

The cheapest hotel in RiyadhWe present it to you in the subject of our article today on the Techni Dot website..Welcome, dear visitors. In this post, we will learn about the best cheap hotels in Riyadh, where thousands of visitors flock to the city of Riyadh, regardless of the purpose of the type of visits, whether it is tourism or business. Therefore, they need hotels for accommodation throughout the stay, and due to the different prices of Riyadh hotels, many search for cheap hotels in Riyadh to save the greatest amount of financial costs.

Therefore, in this article, after a long search for the best budget hotels in Riyadh, and after knowing the prices of Riyadh hotels according to the location of the hotel and the services it provides, whether from a private swimming pool or meals…etc., we collected for you in this article 6 of the cheapest hotels in Riyadh for the year 2023.

The 6 best cheap hotels in Riyadh

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia receives thousands of visitors annually, whether they come to the Kingdom for the purpose of tourism or for the purpose of work, and most of them head towards the capital of the Kingdom, Riyadh.

Here begins questions and inquiries about places of rest and recreation, and of course visitors will go to hotels, but with the large number of hotels in Riyadh, their costs vary from one hotel to another, as there are hotels that have all the means of comfort, service, and speed, which come with a 10-star rating.

There are hotels that come with a rating of 3 or 5 stars, all of these hotels have certain prices based on the comfort provided, but most visitors to the Kingdom ask about cheap hotels whose prices are reasonable and the services provided are good, so today we touched on collecting the cheapest hotels in Riyadh and presenting them to you In this article of ours, read on for all the details.

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The cheapest hotels in Riyadh with a 4-star rating

Below we have collected for you a group of 6 topping the best and cheapest hotels in Riyadh, and the first hotel is:

1. Melissa Hotel, Riyadh

If you are looking for good services and beautiful rooms, you can choose the Melissa Hotel in Riyadh, as it is one of the cheap hotels in Riyadh, as the hotel was able to collect all these features in it, which made it a popular destination for visitors. Indoor swimming pool, wellness and spa facilities.

The hotel is located not far from King Khaled International Airport, as the distance is not more than 24.2 km from the airport, and the distance between it and the Saqr Al-Jazeera Aviation Museum is approximately 8.1 km.

The hotel got a lot of good reviews from its visitors at all levels, whether it was in terms of cleanliness or level of comfort, but some visitors highlighted their criticism about the reservations that the hotel takes in not diversifying the breakfast, in addition to the somewhat high prices of the hotel restaurant.

2. Al Waha Palace Hotel

The hotel was rated among the 10 cheapest hotels in Riyadh, as the accommodation price is cheap with a 4-star hotel rating, in addition to the strategic location enjoyed by the hotel, as it is located in the city center and within walking distance from the airport, as the hotel is about 40.6 km from King Khalid International Airport. In addition, the hotel is close to King Fahd Library and Garden 9, with a short distance of 2.7 km. The hotel received positive reviews from hotel visitors, as the hotel offers comfort and tranquility to guests, and the price level is appropriate compared to other hotels, and there were some negative reviews about the hotel’s furniture, although It is being refurbished.

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3. Four Points by Sheraton Riyadh Khaldia Hotel

Although the Sheraton Hotel is one of the international chain of hotels, where many people are surprised that it is placed in the list of cheap hotels in Riyadh, as the hotel has a wonderful system in distributing rooms, as the hotel contains various rooms at economical prices, and the hotel is located in a strategic location, as the hotel is far from the airport With a distance of 46.4 km.

There are also well-known tourist attractions near the hotel, such as Al-Masmak Palace, which is only 2.5 km away from the hotel, and it is also close to the National Museum, at a distance of 1.8 km. The facilities in the hotel.

4. Executives Hotels Azizia

It is one of the cheapest hotels in Riyadh, and the hotel rating is 3 stars, but do not consider the hotel rating as low, as the hotel enjoys internal luxury in terms of furniture and decoration design. The hotel also has a distinguished strategic location in the city, as it is 50 km from King Khalid International Airport. meters as well as the distances near the tourist attractions in Riyadh.

The hotel is located at a distance of 8.5 km from Masmak Palace and 10.7 km from the National Museum. The hotel got very good reviews from visitors and tourists about all areas that the hotel enjoys from the internet, cleanliness, good services and courtesy that the hotel staff works with, in addition to the prices. The hotel is average, and some guests have complained about the hotel’s location.

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5. Dune Hotel & Suite

If you and your family are visiting Riyadh, then the Dune Hotel is one of the best options available to you, in addition to that the hotel is one of the cheap hotels in Riyadh, as the hotel has many advantages, the most important of which is its strategic location close to popular and luxurious restaurants and malls.

The hotel also has nearby tourist attractions, as it is 13.8 km from Al-Murabba Palace and 7.7 km from Al-Rimal Center. The hotel is 39.2 km from King Khalid International Airport. The hotel received very good reviews from its visitors in all areas such as its services and facilities and in terms of cleanliness. The comfort is in addition to the fact that the hotel prices are moderate and somewhat reasonable, and the staff is kind and tactful with visitors.

6. Danat Al Khaleej Hotel

It is one of the most famous cheap hotels in Riyadh, where the hotel contains many simple hotel rooms, and the hotel receives visitors throughout the day. meters, and the hotel got great reviews, praising the hotel’s services for all levels of cleanliness, strategic location, and reasonable prices, and there were some comments on isolating the rooms from external sounds.

And here we have come to the conclusion of our article today, after we presented you with the cheapest hotels in Riyadh and the services they provide with their distances from King Khalid Airport, in addition to presenting visitor reviews.

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