The best agricultural project in Saudi Arabia –

The best agricultural project in Saudi Arabia –

The best agricultural project in Saudi Arabia, Although the desert areas constitute a large part of the area of ​​the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, there are many areas that are suitable for agriculture, as they constitute fertile land for agriculture, and the government has also contributed to converting a large part of the desert areas to agricultural fields by implementing major irrigation projects , as well as land reclamation, so the idea of ​​establishing agricultural projects is very strong, and in this article we explain the best agricultural project in Saudi Arabia.

The best agricultural project in Saudi Arabia

The agricultural sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is witnessing great growth, as a result of the unlimited support carried out by the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture, in cooperation with other sectors, to achieve sustainable agricultural development in order to support food security, while achieving a great economic return, and most importantly creating job opportunities for thousands of unemployed To work, and to establish such profitable projects, and we explain below the best agricultural project in Saudi Arabia:

  • The legality of cultivating dates.
  • Watermelon farming project.
  • Legal cultivation of tomatoes and potatoes.
  • As well as the onion cultivation project.
  • Olive cultivation project.
  • Also legal fodder cultivation.

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The best profitable agricultural project in Saudi Arabia

Establishing agricultural projects is often less expensive than industrial and commercial projects. The operating costs of these projects are also lower than their commercial and industrial counterparts. Instead, obtaining a large profit is a strong possibility, and the experience factor is not essential, just follow simple steps and know it is easy to obtain, We present below the best profitable agricultural project in Saudi Arabia:

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Vegetable cultivation project in Saudi Arabia

It is always recommended to check the type of vegetables included in the project list. It is also important to think about the things that benefit the region and sell them easily without leading to long storage and damage. The most important of these vegetables are artichokes, eggplant, broccoli and cabbage, as well as okra, cauliflower and others. This project requires Take several steps, which are described below:

  • Choosing the best, most widely used and sought-after species.
  • Obtaining suitable agricultural land, while identifying the types and characteristics of soil and knowing the appropriate ones for cultivation.
  • Obtaining the necessary equipment, and this depends on the size of the capital and the activities to be carried out, and the most important of these equipment are tractors, manure spreaders and capable bakeries.
  • Availability of capital, and funding allocated by the government can be obtained for the success of such projects.
  • Control of pests and diseases, likes to inspect crops and look for those pests that damage crops.
  • Harvesting It requires hiring workers if the area is large and spacious, and it is possible to harvest by machine.
  • Chemical control Quantification is dependent on the levels of pests present in some organisms.

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Feasibility study of a date planting project in Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the home of the Arabian palm. It also exports the most luxurious and finest types of dates to the world. There are more than 500 varieties grown in the Kingdom, specifically in the Al-Qassim region and the Al-Ahsa Oasis region. We explain in detail the feasibility study of the date cultivation project in Saudi Arabia:

Advantages of the date cultivation project in Saudi Arabia

  • The volume of demand for the product is very large at the international and regional levels.
  • The climate and environment are also suitable for palm cultivation in the Kingdom.
  • The profits of the project are great if there is good management of this project.
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Disadvantages of the date cultivation project in Saudi Arabia

  • High competition, especially from traders, investors and capital owners.
  • The project requires a large capital in the event of obtaining large profits.

Raw materials for the dates project in Saudi Arabia

  • Availability of seeds and cuttings to be planted.
  • organic fertilizers.
  • It also provides plenty of water.

Date palm planting in Saudi Arabia

  • The best days for palm planting are the period from mid-February to the end of April.
  • As well as the autumn phase, which begins in mid-July and reaches the end of September.

Palm varieties in Saudi Arabia

  • sweet items
  • sugary items
  • as well as marine species.
  • Zero class.
  • Also the amber variety.

Cost of palm plantation project in Saudi Arabia

  • There are fixed and variable costs for the project, where the costs can be estimated in an average way around 300,000-400,000 riyals.
  • The cost of the project depends on the place of implementation of the project, as well as the classification of the seedlings to be planted, as the price of one shoot is 200 Saudi riyals.

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Alfalfa cultivation project in Saudi Arabia

Alfalfa cultivation aims to obtain animal feed that contains a high protein nutritional value, as well as increase soil fertility due to the presence of nitrogen in the roots of alfalfa, and this makes alfalfa cultivation a qualified cultivation for crops grown after it, specifically legumes and flax.

  • The project requires the availability of agricultural land with a large source of water.
  • As well as the presence of necessary agricultural equipment and tools.
  • Seeds, organic fertilizers and pesticides are a must.
  • Also, labor depends on the area of ​​cultivated land.
  • As well as a place for workers to stay for experienced and supervisors.
  • There is also an irrigation network with a sprinkler system.
  • The most important thing is having a secure place to store the alfalfa.

Watermelon cultivation project in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, it is called Habhab. It is a warm crop, and therefore it needs sufficient sunlight to grow. It is a profitable and easy-to-implement project, knowing that it is an annual plant that appears in the summer season. Watermelons are cultivated in the rainfed method and the watermelon method. The soil suitable for growing watermelon is sandy loam. Watermelon can also grow in black soil or sandy soil.

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How to prepare the land for planting watermelon seeds

  • At first the land is well plowed and eventually becomes very soft.
  • As for the next step, the land is prepared according to the type of seeds that will be used.
  • It entails protecting the watermelon crop from frost by planting it in greenhouses or in nurseries.
  • Note that watermelon is planted from February to March.
  • Also, planting seeds should be at a depth of 2 to 3 cm from the top soil, and pay attention to the difference in the method of spacing in seeds according to the type of seeds.

Jam production project in Saudi Arabia

This project needs a factory so that various fruits are supplied to it to make jam, and the most prominent of those fruits that go into the production of jam are strawberries and figs, as well as peaches, and jam can be produced at home on a small or large scale through a factory that provides large quantities of jam that meet the needs of citizens .

  • As this project targets many different sectors such as supermarkets, and various retail stores.
  • As well as restaurants, hotels, commercial malls and others.
  • It can be said that the project of making jam is one of the golden investment opportunities that must be exploited and to achieve great economic returns for its owners, especially with the increasing amount of supply on these national products.
  • Note that the total cost of this project in case of establishing a factory is as follows:
    • Variable costs: $9,260 to $10,430 per month.
    • While fixed costs: range from 25,420 to 26,750 dollars approximately.

The best agricultural project in Saudi Arabia. In this article, we mentioned the best agricultural crops that can be used to achieve a large profit return, as well as be appropriate with the prevailing climate in Saudi Arabia.

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