The best car maintenance centers in Dubai

The best car maintenance centers in Dubai

The best car maintenance centers in DubaiHello, dear visitors of the “” website, in this article we will learn about The best car repair shops in DubaiAnd what is the best car repair garage in Dubai?

No matter how modern the car is, it remains a car prone to breakdown, and this requires transporting it to car maintenance centers in order to examine it and take the necessary procedures, and many of us may not be satisfied with going to any maintenance workshop in Dubai for fear of lack of experience by its workers. Thus, the occurrence of problems in the car in the future leads to its ruin.

As we know there are many centers and Car repair companies in Dubai Which provides a mobile car repair service, but we have prepared a list of the best 3 car repair shops in Dubai that are the most popular and best for 2023.

The best car maintenance centers in Dubai

Dubai is known as one of the most important industrialized and developed countries in the world, and it is one of the countries with the most cars, as 90% of the UAE population owns cars, so it is natural that there are a large number of car maintenance centers to accommodate the needs of citizens who want to repair their cars. We find many looking for the best car repair and maintenance workshops.

The best car maintenance centers in Dubai

In this article, we will talk about the best car maintenance workshops in Dubai, their locations, and the services they provide.

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1- Perfect Fix Center

Perfect Fix Center is considered one of the most important and oldest car maintenance centers in Dubai, as it was opened more than 30 years ago. The mechanics are educated and trained to a high standard, and maintenance services include all types of cars such as Range Rover and Ford.

The Perfect Fix Center is an integrated maintenance unit in which you can find all inspection, repair and maintenance services according to modern and advanced tools and machines used by professional technicians.

Among the services provided by the Perfect Fix Center are:

  1. Provides all repair and maintenance work.
  2. Perform basic engine maintenance.
  3. Carry out checks on the brakes, and maintenance of faults in them.
  4. Maintaining and painting the places of strikes resulting from traffic accidents.
  5. Check and change wheels.
  6. Engine oil replacement.
  7. Carry out cleaning and polishing of the car inside and out.

The Perfect Fix Center offers a mobile maintenance service where the broken car is taken to the center, repaired and then returned to its place.

All the previous services are carried out in one place at reasonable prices, and these services are supervised by experts specialized in maintenance work, where the customer is provided with the problem facing the car and the measures that will be taken.

Perfect Fix is ​​located in Al Quoz in the Emirate of Dubai. It works from eight thirty in the morning until six in the evening during the days (Saturday – Thursday).

You can contact the Perfect Fix Center by calling 04 346 6588

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2- AAA Car Service Center

The AAA Center is one of the most important and best car maintenance centers in Dubai, as it includes a large staff of qualified technicians according to high levels of training and extensive experience in various types of cars in general and SUVs in particular, such as jeeps. The AAA Center aims to provide all services and quickly. Among these services it provides:

  1. Providing a comprehensive vehicle inspection and inspection service.
  2. Maintenance of electrical faults.
  3. Air conditioning system inspection and maintenance.
  4. Mobile maintenance service where broken cars are taken to the center for repair.
  5. Vehicle structural maintenance, dent modification and repair.
  6. Car paint and color renewal.
  7. Selling or replacing original auto parts for many types of cars.

The customer can rely on the services of the AAA center from the first stage to inspect and inspect the car before purchasing it until the last stage of the car’s destruction.

The AAA Center has two branches: the first in Al Rashidiya and the second in Al Quoz.

The two centers operate from seven thirty in the morning until six in the evening (Saturday – Wednesday) and from seven thirty in the morning until four in the afternoon on Thursday.

You can contact the AAA Center by calling 0400 347 04 Al Quoz branch and calling 04 285 8989 Al Rashidiya branch.

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3- Premier Car Care Center for Auto Maintenance

If you are looking for the best car repair workshop, Premier Car Care Center is one of the most important and important car maintenance centers in Dubai, as Premier Car Care Center includes a highly experienced team and professional mechanic technicians who have been trained according to the latest car maintenance methodologies, especially Jaguar cars and cars Land Rover, in addition to the maintenance services it provides, which made it one of the most important air conditioning maintenance centers in Dubai, and many of the services provided by the Premier Car Care Center, which include:

  1. Provide full vehicle inspection and examination.
  2. Vehicle structural maintenance.
  3. Checking the air conditioning system and maintenance of faults in it.
  4. Replacement and sale of spare parts for cars.
  5. Car cleaning, washing and blackout windows.
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Premier Car Care Center is located in Al Quoz in Dubai and operates during weekdays (Saturday – Thursday) from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

The Premier Car Care Center can be contacted by calling the number 04 339 4770

There are also many good centers that provide car services such as ZDegree, Quick Fit Center, Ji Castle Workshop, Al Noor Garage and many more, but we sufficed with mentioning these.

Thus, we conclude our article after we have provided an explanation of the most important centers that provide car maintenance and repair services in Dubai, and the services they provide. We hope that you will benefit from this information that we have provided.

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