The best chalets in Riyadh 2023, their prices and features – platform

The best chalets in Riyadh 2023, their prices and features – platform

The best chalets in Riyadh and their prices. The capital and largest city of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is located in the middle of the Arabian Peninsula in the plateau of Najd, that strategic and vital location made it a place to attract the largest number of tourists and citizens from the Kingdom, so it was an investment opportunity to establish projects, most notably chalets, and we find that many took advantage of that opportunity to bring a lot of profits The competition was intense in terms of the availability of the largest number of chalets, and in this article we mention the best chalets in Riyadh and their prices.

The best chalets in Riyadh and their prices

Everyone suffers from stress at one point or another in their lives, so spending time with family or friends helps relieve this tension, and it is a good opportunity to talk about things and reactions, and perhaps brainstorm to solve the problem that causes stress, let alone if that session is in places As wonderful as chalets, then it will be ideal, and therefore we offer the best chalets in Riyadh and their prices:

Lolwa Chalets, Al-Yamamah neighborhood

  • Lulwa is distinguished as one of the most prominent chalets in the southern region, especially in terms of the quality of the services it provides.
  • The cost per night is 500 SAR.
  • It is the first choice for families and families who are thinking of staying in distinguished facilities for long periods.
  • Also, prices are fixed throughout the year, even during vacations, holidays and holidays.
  • There must be sessions on the roof of the chalets, in order to add more entertainment facilities in them.
  • It features secured parking, free of charge for guests.
  • With very flexible check-in and check-out times.
  • Of course, it contains water games for children.
  • Also, the location is close to many tourist and recreational facilities in the area.

Nice Chalets Day Dirab

  • It features soundproofed rooms.
  • Also, a place that allows guests with their pets.
  • It is possible to request breakfast for some additional fee.
  • Luggage storage is also available.
  • External surveillance cameras are available to provide security.
  • It has children’s play areas.
  • As for the prices for one night, it ranges between 500-600 Saudi riyals.
  • Therefore, it is intended for those who want to spend ideal times with their families with low budgets.
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Sunway Chalets Dhahrat Laban

  • Prices start from 400 riyals only.
  • It is also a bright rustic style.
  • It has distinct recreational facilities, suitable for adults and children.
  • There is also a waterfall, which gives the guests a distinct feeling, and the sound of its running water invites to relax.
  • An overnight reservation service is available.
  • Of course, free wireless internet is available on site.

Hekayat Dahrat Laban chalets

  • Safe and free private parking spaces are available.
  • As entertainment facilities for adults and children.
  • Note that the chalets are equipped for overnight stays, with generous bedrooms.
  • It is suitable for chalets to hold small parties.
  • The chalets also offer special equipment for parties, such as professional lighting and sound equipment.
  • It is one of the cheap chalets in Riyadh, with ideal prices starting from 600 riyals.

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Cheap chalets in Riyadh

Chalets in the city of Riyadh, the capital, vary between cheap prices and high prices, and many factors play in determining prices, most notably the magical view of a beach or a picturesque area, as well as various services, and the matter is not without cheap chalets where there are distinguished services, and therefore we offer chalets Cheap in Riyadh:

Como Al Narges Chalets are cheap and elegant chalets

  • Como chalets, Al Narges neighborhood, are among the chalets that provide amenities and recreation with integrated luxury.
  • It offers a range of wonderful facilities and services that start from 600 Saudi riyals.
  • They are suitable for couples, especially newlyweds.
  • It is characterized by the presence of modern decorations and unique designs that give a perfect sense of comfort.
  • Note that it is close to tourist, service and entertainment places, and in the middle of shops and markets.
  • The process of entering and exiting is fast and easy.
  • With the availability of distinctive external lighting of the place.

Chalets in the neighborhood of Mahdia

  • Where prices start from 450 riyals.
  • It is very suitable with families, whether it is for accommodation, or even for parties.
  • Therefore, it consists of 4 sections, each of which has an area of ​​350 meters, and has been divided in a modern way to serve the guests.
  • The chalets also have an indoor hall with modern furniture, with a dining area open to the living room and the American kitchen.
  • A variety of atmospheres, combining modern designs and a traditional atmosphere.
  • Floor units are available, safe for children, and suitable for the elderly.
  • The private entrances to the departments vary.

Comfort Chalets Mahdia Cheap and simple chalets

  • It is characterized by the presence of various amenities within the facilities, such as screens, a package of satellite TV channels suitable for families.
  • As well as sound and lighting devices suitable for parties.
  • Outdoor games suitable for children.
  • Also all units are ground floor, convenient for elderly people and children to move around.
  • With a location close to event halls and shops.
  • Also, the cost does not exceed 600 Saudi riyals.
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Azayez Heritage Chalets in Banban, the largest cheap chalets

  • It has an integrated service team, providing hospitality services.
  • Groceries and items not available in the chalets will be delivered to the chalets.
  • Also, sound and lighting devices are ideal for parties and events.
  • It also provides chairs and tables for parties.
  • Certainly, it is a lively place, located close to many places for picnics, entertainment, and celebrations.

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Overnight chalets in Riyadh

Riyadh chalets are distinguished by their distinctive and modern designs for family sessions that suit all tastes with a variety of prices that include all classes.

Whisper Chalets, Namar neighborhood

  • Among the places that offer many options for accommodation at moderate prices of about 550 Saudi riyals, they are cheap and distinctive chalets.
  • It is characterized by the presence of a modern atmosphere of great beauty.
  • As for the area up to 250 square meters per section.
  • The units consist of a building consisting of indoor hospitality councils with elevated seating, and others with ground seating for men.
  • With a bedroom, separate toilets for both men and women, and a kitchenette of its size, it is an ideal place with all services available.
  • While the outside place is extraordinary, as the area includes a garden equipped with night lighting, various seating areas, and a fenced swimming pool.

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Riyadh chalets

The hotel chalets are designed to suit a wide range of foreign tourists as well as citizens, whether inside or outside Riyadh, where there are luxurious and air-conditioned hotel suites that were specially built to be equipped with all kinds of safety and comfort means. Perhaps the most prominent hotel chalets in Riyadh are as follows:

Asbar Hotel Resorts

  • From the Thumama chalet in Riyadh
  • It is distinguished as one of the best chalets in Riyadh for grooms
  • Soundproofed rooms are available, which gives them privacy.
  • With the possibility of enjoying many diversions, such as the availability of a private pool surrounded by beach chairs for unparalleled relaxation and comfort.
  • In addition, there are barbecue facilities, an outdoor dining area, and a hot tub.
  • Most notably, the first Ishbilia Park is 10.3 km away.
  • Granada Riyadh Center is 17.3 km away, and King Khalid International Airport is 21.2 km away.

The Corner Chalets

  • It is one of the luxurious chalets in Riyadh
  • It is distinguished for being the most wonderful bridal chalet in Riyadh, as it has rooms with high privacy.
  • It also includes an outdoor swimming pool with some outdoor deck chairs.
  • It is possible to take advantage of some great services such as room service and express check-in and check-out.

Al-Rimal neighborhood chalets, Riyadh

Al-Rimal neighborhood is one of the new residential neighborhoods, which is located east of Riyadh, and it is one of the neighborhoods affiliated to the municipality of Al-Rawdha, as it is witnessing a wide development in terms of services provided, and this has led to an increase in population density. It is located near King Khalid International Airport, and King Abdulaziz Equestrian Square, and among the most prominent The chalets in Al-Rimal district, Riyadh, are as follows:

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Masurat chalets are among the best chalets in Al-Remal neighborhood

  • It is one of the best elegant and beautiful chalets with its modern design, with excellent service and cleanliness in an imaginary atmosphere
  • It also offers an indoor pool and free parking
  • Note that it is located 23 km from Al Nakheel Mall and 24 km from Saqr Al Jazeera Aviation Museum.

Celebrity Resort is one of the best chalets in Al-Remal neighborhood

  • Name: Celebrity Resort
  • Also, classification: groups / individuals
  • Type: chalet
  • Prices: high prices
  • Children: suitable for children
  • Also, Address: VQ5X+FC Al-Rimal, Riyadh, Riyadh 13266, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Celebrity Resort Number: +966 553 894 446

Water games chalets north of Riyadh

There is no doubt that the availability of water games in the chalets is one of the reasons for attracting the largest number of tourists, and many chalets have included the availability of these games among the distinguished services they provide to their customers, especially as they give an atmosphere of fun and vital energy, and we review the best water games chalets north of Riyadh:

Lazord Villa Chalets

  • It has a green garden with barbecue facilities.
  • Inside, it includes a modern kitchen complete with a microwave, refrigerator, and stovetop.
  • Also, there are water games for the pool, suitable for adults and children.
  • There are also shops, a mini-market, and a shuttle service to and from the airport.
  • Where Al Faisaliah Mall is 32.4 km away, and King Khalid Airport is 19.0 km away.

Madeline Chalets

  • There are distinctive water games inside the North Riyadh chalets.
  • As is the case with Madeleine Chalets, where it offers units equipped with a full kitchen.
  • In addition, a sitting and dining room, and the garden includes barbecue facilities and water games.
  • In addition, the flat screen and satellite channels provide a PlayStation and Xbox for additional entertainment.

Sevan Chalets, Riyadh

  • Sevan is a water games chalet north of Riyadh
  • Inside, there are spacious areas in the form of a patio or balcony with barbecue facilities, and a beautiful session near the swimming pool with water games.
  • In addition, inside the chalet there is a full kitchen for all its requirements, including a stove, dishwasher, kettle, refrigerator, living room, and dining table.
  • Free private parking is also available on site, and facilities for people of determination are available.

The best chalets in Riyadh and their prices, spending quality time with the family are moments that will not be repeated, with work conditions and busyness in life conditions, so it is important to relax, rest and search for the best vital places such as chalets, the best of which we have explained in this article.

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