The best chat software for websites.. AI customer service

The best chat software for websites.. AI customer service

The speed of response is one of the most important requirements for humans in the current era, and its presence in any product increases its value immediately and significantly. The examples are countless; Like the response speed of the internet, phones, computers, and even customer service, yes as I read! The speed of a company’s customer service response is one of the most important pillars of its success in the age of speed. The time when we would call the customer service of any company and wait hours and hours on the phone in order to solve a problem or to inquire about something; is over.

What customers today want is to communicate with the company directly at any time, and get the answer they want quickly. The solution is to use the live chat service on your website or online store.

Of course, achieving this through traditional human effort is not possible at all, which is why Live Chat programs exist to automate communication with customers and be there to serve them whenever they need help. In this article, we will learn about the best chat software for websites that you will definitely want to use in your online store.

Best chat software for customer service

Chat programs are defined as one of the most important channels of communication between customers and the department responsible for their service, to help them and provide support to them without waiting at all. It highlights the importance of using it strongly in electronic stores and sites selling services on the Internet. Here we are not only talking about increasing customer satisfaction and achieving their expectations, but also about increasing sales, profits and increasing business volume clearly when using live chat programs.

According to ICMI, live chat is at the forefront of customers’ preferred communication methods, with 42% of them preferring it, compared to 23% of those who prefer email and 16% of those who prefer social media. The customer does not want to waste any minute waiting, he wants a direct answer on the basis of which he will decide whether to buy or not; That is why having a live chat software is crucial to your business.

Best Chat Software for Websites

After we have explained the importance of having your online store have a live chat program, we will present to you the five best live chat programs for business that do this task so that you have the most suitable ones for you in this field:

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1. Tidio

At the beginning of the list of live chat programs we will talk about Tidio A wonderful company that provides integrated services in this field. It is a cloud-based program, meaning that it works remotely and does not require complicated installations. Tidio supports integration with all types of sites and allows customization of the live chat interface so that it appears as an integral part of the site itself and not separate from it. It also supports integration with a lot of apps that stores need like email marketing, CRM, even social media platforms, and many more.

One of the most important services provided by Tidio, which distinguishes it from other competing programs, is that it supports work across smart phone platforms, meaning that the process of customer communication via small screens with the chat service will be smooth and complete. It also has the “Offline Messages” service, to store customer messages that need someone from the customer service department to respond to them until it becomes available. Tidio allows building complete personal files that include all the information of customers who communicate with the program, and all the messages of each customer that you find in one place for easy management and viewing. Tidio also supports chat in more than 140 languages, including Arabic.

the prices:

  • The free plan supports unlimited messages between the live chat program and 3 users only.
  • Paid plans start at $18 per month and offer much more support.


2. LiveAgent

It is considered LiveAgent A live chat software suitable for small and medium sized business owners. In addition to the live chat, LiveAgent provides support for the card system, where every customer who has a problem and wants to communicate with customer service can create a card containing the details of his problem, and the program will send the card to the specialized department to solve it. Of course, LiveAgent keeps the entire conversation history, providing complete information about the customer trying to communicate with your company.

The program provides the ability to determine the maximum number of cards that one employee can work on at the same time, thus organizing the work among the entire team and completing it as quickly as possible. LiveAgent supports integration with a lot of applications such as email marketing, call center, and social media. The auto-responder feature also allows you to create a list of frequently asked questions to be answered automatically. In addition, questionnaires can be designed to be sent to customers at the end of the conversation, which are useful in helping to evaluate the performance of the service and the customer service employee. LiveAgent supports more than 43 languages, including Arabic.

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the prices:

  • The plan is free and offers great support, as it enables the creation of a single live chat button with support for sending cards to a single email and many other features.
  • For those who need more features, they can sign up for paid plans that start at $15 per month.


3. LiveZilla

Presents LiveZilla There are plenty of options when it comes to designing the live chat section of your site. It allows it to match the design and shape of your general site in terms of colors and shape, to completely integrate with the site. It can also determine where chatbots appear on the site’s pages, so that they do not interfere with other site buttons or functions. It also provides full support for working with the card system, through which the workflow in the customer service department can be further organized.

LiveZilla helps build complete information about the customers that they communicate with, and helps send them surveys to conduct assessments of the quality of service and work to improve it if there is a need for that. LiveZilla also offers apps for iOS and Android smartphones that help you manage work activities and stay up to date on updates remotely. LiveZilla also allows you to send photos, videos, files and documents through live chat, so that the conversation is more interactive with the customer. In addition to the Arabic language, it provides support for many languages ​​that can be used according to the language of the customers who will communicate with you through it.

the prices:

  • LiveZilla only offers a free trial period and does not have a full free plan.
  • The only paid plan is $155 one-time purchase of the entire product.


4. Verloop

It is considered Verloop The most popular program at the level of companies operating in Asia. It is a cloud program, and therefore it is equipped with artificial intelligence features that make it more efficient and quality in the services it provides, and therefore it is one of the most prominent in our list of the best live chat programs. The answering machine can be trained to answer the most frequently asked questions to provide quick answers when asked. Through artificial intelligence, Verloop can provide more personalized answers to the customer, through the information it collects about him while browsing the site. And all of this helps in satisfying the customer and the possibility of him returning to buy more products from your online store.

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The design process of Verloop’s live chat section is very simple when compared to its competitors, as it is based on the principle of drag and drop without the need to write code at all. Therefore, it has an attractive and easy-to-use graphic interface, and it is not less than the features it offers. It offers integration with more than 60 applications. It also offers the advantage of working via an advanced card system. The program’s control panel provides many analyzes and reports that help employers develop it. Verloop supports more than 14 languages ​​of the world.

the prices:

  • The plan is free and supports up to 500 conversations with different clients.
  • To upgrade for even bigger features, there are paid plans starting at $49 per month.


5. Customer

The last program on our list of the best live chat software is Customer programIt is a wonderful program in its specialization and is suitable for all sizes of small, medium and large companies. This program can offer many features that make it an excellent choice for everyone. Where Kustomer allows the possibility of building a complete account for each client separately, and this account includes keeping all records of the conversation that took place with the client through all the communication channels of the website – many of which Kustomer supports – in one place, such as social media, WhatsApp, email and SMS SMS also.

The Kustomer program helps to create a customized work environment for each company, as it provides many options that are useful in dividing the work between the different departments of the company, with the ability to define the method of special workflow to ensure smoothness, simplicity and professionalism in communication at the same time. It also provides complete and real-time information to managers, to see the status of the business, through reports showing the number of clients who contact the company, the operations they perform and whether there are clients on the waiting list. Kustomer supports more than 50 different languages.

the prices:

  • There is no free plan.
  • The paid plan starts at $99 per month.


I hope that I have succeeded in explaining and comparing the chat programs used to serve your customers in your online store or your company’s website, and I myself use Tidio and prefer it over other applications because Tidio has found everything I need as an online store and the ability to link it with other programs through a service zapier Workflow integration Automate it to save time and money.

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