The best electronic payment gateways in Saudi Arabia

The best electronic payment gateways in Saudi Arabia

Payment methods vary on websites and competition is increasing between companies and banks that provide electronic payment gateways for websites and mobile applications day after day, and because the field of e-commerce is growing at a rapid pace and millions are heading towards it, whether to sell products or services alike, and this makes it the most successful pioneering ideas in our days this is.

So, if you are in this field, there is no doubt that dealing with the best electronic payment gateways to receive money on your site through safe, fast and diverse electronic payment methods is what the customer desires most. Because this improves the user experience and makes them more interested in dealing with you, given the increasing cases of fraud and the spread of electronic piracy, and you need these problems.

So when creating an online store, first think about how you receive customer payments on your website or online store? Simply by adding secure payment methods to your site, it is preferable to look for the cheapest electronic payment gateways that do not charge high fees for financial transactions.

So what are the ways to provide the possibility of electronic payment on your site? What is the best Arab or international electronic payment gateway? Can I provide the electronic payment service on my website personally without having a commercial or company registration?

what is it Electronic payment gates?

They are companies, institutions, or banks, which are electronic mediums that allow customers (shoppers) to pay for the products or services they buy from websites or mobile applications. It is a secure service that allows sellers of e-store owners to collect their money easily.

That is, it is an electronic financial system that facilitates the process of selling online. There is fierce competition between them because the owners of electronic stores seek to deal with the best payment gateways in terms of transfer speed, lower fees, and other factors that belong to each merchant separately.

What are the advantages Electronic payment gates?

  • Ensuring that the merchant gets paid for the products and services sold on his site.
  • Make buying, selling and all financial transactions easy, fast and secure.
  • Availability of online financial dealings without the online shopper having to pay in cash or make bank transfers.
  • The possibility of providing cash back offers to customers thanks to the marketing system followed by banks that issue credit cards.

The laws to which the electronic payment gateway is subject include the following:

  • Confidentiality and speed of financial transactions through electronic payment gateways.
  • Ease of linking the site to electronic payment gateways.
  • Availability of mobile payments and mobile applications.
  • Transparency in the fee pricing system for financial operations.
  • Strong security encryption to protect customer data from leakage.
  • Providing the ability to pay using international currencies such as the dollar and the euro, in addition to the local currency.
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How do I get an electronic payment gateway for my site?

  1. Make sure to open a Merchant AccountYou often cannot get electronic payment gateways without a bank account in the name of at least an individual company or institution. And if the laws are difficult in your country, there is a solution, which is to establish a company in America with a symbolic amount that everyone can afford.
  2. Register in one of the electronic payment gatesand associate it with the commercial bank account you opened in the first step.
  3. Make sure that your online store has the appropriate software capabilities, to support the electronic payment methods most requested by the target customers in your site, not just bank cards. This information is with the site programmer, make sure of it before continuing.
  4. Add payment methods on your site – After you register with the electronic payment gateway – by following the instructions of the simplified guide sent to you by the payment gateway on how to link the site to their payment gateway to receive your customers’ payments. You may need to hire a programmer to do this task if the portal does not provide you with ready-made software that fits your site.

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The best international electronic payment gateways


  • The most widely spread electronic payment gateways globally due to its ease of requirements.
  • It allows you to charge fees to your customers who deal in US dollars, Euros, and most Arab currencies are available.
  • Supports 45 electronic payment methods such as credit cards and electronic wallets such as PayPal, bank transfers, and others in all countries of the world.
  • It supports +200 countries, including the Arab countries, except for Syria and Sudan, and is used by 500 thousand online stores. See the list of countries
  • For you as a merchant you can withdraw your money using several methods such as WebMoney, Payoneer or bank transfer.

  • One of the oldest and electronic payment gateways that supports +30 countries
  • It is considered reliable, very secure and fast, as after the customer’s payment, the money will be transferred directly to your account (as an electronic merchant).
  • After linking the site to electronic payment, it will allow customers to accept payment on your site via credit cards, electronic checks and mobile payments
  • It is more prevalent in America in America and has complicated requirements


  • The electronic payment gateway is among the most secure, fast and widespread in the world.
  • It serves about two and a half billion consumers around the world.
  • Customer can purchase through PayU in one click.
  • It has more than 300 payment methods on the websites.


In short, this portal is excellent for its smooth use and integration into your site and its fees are 2.9%. It is one of the international portals that use artificial intelligence to catch stolen cards before you get involved with them, but you need to establish a company in America so that you can benefit from the reduced fees and fast transactions to get your money.

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As well as take advantage of the instant transfer so that you receive your money within two minutes to your bank card. In any case, establishing the company in America with a bank account will not cost you more than 449 dollars, and you will not pay any monthly fees, neither to the company, nor to the bank, nor to the Stripe portal. It is a preferred option for most start-up entrepreneurs and we have established more than 40 companies in 2020 in the same way for a number of Arab entrepreneurs.

The best electronic payment gateways in Saudi Arabia

The major global companies, such as PayPal and 2Checkout, are not the best payment tools for online stores in our Arab region, especially Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt, so I will include for you from my personal experience with several online stores the best portals with the advantages and disadvantages of each of them:

  • PayTabs
  • PayFort
  • Telr
  • Al Rajhi Electronic Payment Gateway ARB
  • My bill Myfatoorah
  • Moyasar . facilitator
  • stcapy
  • urpay

I will explain the portals that I have personally tried:


One of the first electronic payment companies that I have tried in Saudi Arabia, you can rely on it to receive your customers’ payments.

  • Opening an account for institutions and companies is smooth and easy.
  • It is very safe and supports +160 currencies, and supports Saudi Arabia and some Arab countries, and some non-Arab countries as well, Search for your country.
  • Very advanced in customer service and taking care of the concerns of e-store owners and customers, and PayTabs fees are low. If your sales volume is less than $2000 per month, your monthly fee will be $49 without deducting a commission on the incoming amounts, but if it exceeds $2000, there will be no monthly fee and they will deduct 2.85% of the amount received. For more details about PayTabs Fee Read this file.
  • They have ready-made software for most of the popular stores like Magento, OpenCart and Shopify and are easy to install and run.

Formerly PayFort (Amazon Payment Services)

One of the most prevalent electronic payment gateways in Egypt, covering the Gulf countries, Lebanon and Jordan, an Arab company that originated in the UAE in 2014 that supports most Arab countries. see it.


It is my personal favorite gateway so far and supports 120+ currencies, offering electronic payment solutions in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. It has 5 ways to add the payment feature to your site and has ready-made software for all popular platforms as well as mobile applications, good for emerging, medium and advanced stores alike. see countries available.

This portal has a great support team, and it is fast in transferring money to the bank account and the return for free without any fees, whether it is a partial or full return, in addition to lower fees than the aforementioned portals equivalent to 2.75% for credit cards and 1.6% for Saudi mada cards.

And here is the best news, my customers are happy to deal with me because of a unique feature in this portal which is the immediate financial return to customers who cancel their orders, as long as they paid with a mada card, the return is immediately with the click of a button and the amount becomes in the customer’s card. Imagine yourself in the customer’s place, how much will you increase his confidence in your store?

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Al Rajhi Bank Electronic Payment Gateway ARB

Now it is one of the best electronic payment gateways in Saudi Arabia that was recently launched, and they started targeting large electronic stores, and in fact its fees compete with all other gateways, and I expect that it will reduce the market share of the Amazon gateway in the Arab region within a short period.

  • 2.2% for credit cards + half a riyal for each transaction
  • 1.4% for mada cards + half a riyal for each transaction
  • Half a riyal for each return
  • 0 monthly fee
  • 0 setup fee
  • It has ready-made add-ons for all kinds of store software and mobile apps.

Well, this information about Al Rajhi Bank is exclusive to Go Start Business 🙂 and you can contact the sales department of Al Rajhi Bank to get a payment gateway for your store by applying to Al-Rajhi Bank website in Saudi Arabia

Electronic payment methods available in Saudi Arabia

There are 3 government electronic payment channels in Saudi Arabia that individuals use for online purchases:

  • Pay: It enables individuals to pay bills for electricity, water, telecommunications, government fees, and large private companies such as airlines and telecommunications electronically.
  • fast: It enables users to make money transfers automatically, and ensures that they reach the merchant immediately
  • Bezel: ATM cards (mada) enable users to pay on the Internet and electronic stores.

Owners of online stores in Saudi Arabia will benefit from rapid system transfers and mada cards through the aforementioned payment gateways

And non-governmental electronic payment methods available in Saudi Arabia:

Electronic payment applications in Saudi Arabia

  • stcpay: A digital wallet belonging to the Saudi Telecom Company that enables individuals to transfer, receive, shop and control their financial affairs through a single mobile application. Merchants can obtain a merchant account and add it as an electronic payment gateway on the site or application.
  • urpayA mobile application belonging to Al Rajhi Bank, similar to stcpay, and is characterized by the ease of withdrawal and deposit for those who have an account with Al Rajhi Bank, instantly. Merchants can obtain a merchant account and add it as an electronic payment gateway on the site or application.
  • Mada Pay: A secure application that allows individuals who hold bank cards (whether linked to a current or credit account) to add them in one application on a smart mobile, and pay through it.
  • Apple PayA feature available on iPhone or Apple Watch devices, which enables the user to pay directly without the need for a credit card, and it is available in Saudi Arabia.

After you got acquainted with us with the most important and best electronic payment gateways in Saudi Arabia and international ones, and determined who is the best electronic payment gateway to be used in your online store or service site, you should, as a next step, know how to add payment methods to your site or link the site to electronic payment with the help of a programmer who specializes in linking operations.

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