The best event halls in Jeddah 2023, their prices, services and features –

The best event halls in Jeddah 2023, their prices, services and features –

The best event halls in Jeddah and their prices, Planning a perfect wedding party requires searching for an elegant place to create beautiful memories in it, and this depends on the beauty and splendor of the hall that is chosen to be suitable in terms of the required decorations and the design of the invitees’ tables, and most importantly the size of its spaciousness to receive the invitees in a way that suits them, and really there is no more luxurious than the city halls Jeddah, which the mind could not imagine due to its beauty and unique design, and we get to know the best event halls in Jeddah and their prices.

The best event halls in Jeddah 2023

It is natural for the newlyweds to search for the most luxurious wedding halls, which include charming designs, with the provision of various services such as the availability of food, drinks and sweets, in addition to the large spaces that suit large weddings and dazzling hospitality. Below we review the best event halls in Jeddah and their prices.

Rotana Ballroom

  • It is located in Al-Nozha neighborhood – Al-Amal Street, behind Mall of Arabia
  • Specifications: It features modern decorations and amazing designs.
  • A hall that includes men and women, where the men’s section can accommodate about 800 people, while the women’s section can accommodate about 600 women.
  • Services: Providing integrated services covering all aspects of the wedding.
  • Price: The price of the Rotana hall in Jeddah ranges between 25,000-35,000 riyals.

London Hall

  • Location: The London Hall is located in Al-Hamdaniya, Al-Kawthar
  • Specifications: It is characterized by the presence of exquisite decorations, impressive designs, and a wide area.
  • Suitable for weddings and all social events.
  • It also contains two halls, one for men and one for women, each hall can accommodate about 500 guests.
  • Services: There is an open buffet consisting of many items, main meals and appetizers, and it is possible to order a five-story wedding cake baked with love for you.
  • Price: The price ranges between 30,000-40,000 riyals, depending on the services provided
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Palace Hall for celebrations

  • Location: The Palace Hall for celebrations is located on Medina Road, near the Royal Hall.
  • Specifications: It is characterized by its beautiful designs that simulate the design of the ancient Andalusian palaces.
  • It also contains two halls, the large hall that can accommodate about 200 people, and the second hall that can accommodate about 120 guests.
  • Services: An open buffet is available consisting of the most delicious dishes prepared by experts in French cuisine.
  • Price: starting from 70,000 riyals for the two sections.

Narsian Hall

  • Location: Al-Nersyan Hall is located in Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Baz, Al-Marwah district
  • Specifications: It includes a men’s hall with a capacity of 300-500 guests, and it is equipped with the latest ornate decorations of harmonious and elegant colors.
  • The women’s hall also accommodates 300-500 women. Its decorations are beautiful and harmonious, and the colors are homogeneous.
  • Services: It is keen to provide the best hospitality services, under the supervision of a highly experienced staff in hospitality assets.
  • As for the prices: the prices in the Narsian Hall in Jeddah range between 25,000-30,000 riyals.

Night breeze hall

  • Location: Nasai Night Hall is located on the highway – Al-Rehab neighborhood
  • Specifications: It consists of two halls, the first for women, which can accommodate about 500 women, with exquisite designs and a suitable arrangement of tables and chairs, as well as a section for men, which can accommodate about 400 guests, and there are luxurious sofas distributed in a comfortable manner.
  • Services: The two halls provide an open buffet service consisting of the most delicious dishes.
  • Price: It depends on the services you request and ranges between 25,000-30,000 riyals.

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Cheap Jeddah halls 2023 and their prices

The prevailing fact is that the halls are distinguished by their high prices, especially in the strategic city of Jeddah, which includes vital and economic landmarks, and it also depends on the services provided by the halls, designs and lighting, all of which contributes to the high price, and despite that, cheap Jeddah halls can be obtained and we explain them as follows:

Najd hall and lounge

  • Location: It is located on Prince Abdul Majeed Road, Obhur Al Shamalia district
  • Specifications: A small and distinctive hall equipped with wonderful decorations, and can accommodate 100 people.
  • Services: It offers an open buffet equipped with the finest professionally cooked dishes for 70 guests, in addition to serving all kinds of hot and cold drinks.
  • Price: it starts from 2,500 SAR to 7,500 SAR
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Saraya Hall

  • Location: Al Saraya Hall is located in the south of Jeddah
  • Specifications: It includes two spacious halls, one for women that can accommodate between 200-300 women, and another hall for men that can accommodate about 300 guests.
  • Services: A delicious open buffet is available consisting of many items, dishes and appetizers, as well as drinks.
  • Price: The Saraya hall price starts from 5000 riyals.

Hall of the best nights

  • Location: The hall is located near Al-Handasah Roundabout, north of the city
  • Specifications: It includes two halls, one for men with a capacity of about 150 guests, equipped with luxurious sofas and beautiful designs, as well as another for women with a capacity of about 150 women.
  • Services: There is an open buffet consisting of many delicious dishes and drinks of all kinds.
  • Prices: The prices in the Best Nights Hall in Jeddah range between 7000-15000 riyals.

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Jeddah halls are medium in price

Mediation and moderation prevail over many people, who prefer having suitable halls that suit them and their guests, as well as providing services without extravagance and extravagance, and such halls are the choice of the middle classes. Below we mention the medium-priced Jeddah halls:

Whisper Hall

  • Location: It is located in Al-Harazat area, the main street, in front of Hareef Restaurant
  • Specifications: It includes a women’s hall that can accommodate about 500 women, and there is a staircase for the bride’s wedding and a corridor for the newlyweds that is decorated and coordinated. It also includes a medium-sized men’s hall that can accommodate 350 guests, with an external majlis equipped with chairs for 200 people.
  • Services: The hall offers guests an open buffet equipped with delicious Arabic food, sweets, and cold and hot drinks, in addition to serving a 5-story cake.
  • Price: The price in Hams hall is 15,000 riyals.

Romance Hall

  • Location: Romance Hall is located in Al-Safa neighborhood, next to Al-Jadaani Hospital.
  • Specifications: It includes a hall for women only, which can accommodate about 350 women, as well as providing services and hospitality.
  • Services: The hall is distinguished by the presence of a distinctive staircase for the bride’s wedding, and a corridor that ends with the throne room decorated with the most beautiful roses, as well as many beautiful arrangements.
  • Price: The cost of the hall is 19,000 riyals, which includes hospitality and integrated services.
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The most famous wedding halls in Jeddah

The city of Jeddah is large, so it includes a wide number of competitive halls, whose founders strive to provide the best services in terms of lighting, decorations, and beautiful designs, as well as food and drink services, as well as a welcome reception. As for the most famous wedding halls in Jeddah, we explain them as follows:

  • Where, my night hall
  • Empress Hall
  • As, the Palazzo Hall
  • Queens Palace
  • Pearl Hall
  • Also, Al Narsyan Hall for celebrations
  • Hall of One Thousand and One Nights
  • Also, the Hall of Majesty

Jeddah halls by the sea

The best option is always to choose the halls overlooking the sea, to enjoy the magical natural atmosphere, the romantic moments and the beautiful feelings will be multiplied with that unparalleled view and aesthetic image, and we explain the following the Jeddah halls on the sea:

  • Where, the palace hall
  • Amassi Hall for celebrations
  • Well, Merrill Hall
  • Paris Ballroom
  • Also, Nuwara Hall
  • Private Park Hall
  • As well as the Levento Hall

Mövenpick Hall Jeddah price

The Mövenpick Hall is distinguished by the presence of luxurious and distinctive designs of its kind, including the designs of walls, ceilings and floors, as well as the availability of furniture, tables and chairs decorated with crystal decorations and flowers, in addition to the availability of distinguished services, which we explain below. We also offer the price of the Mövenpick Hall Jeddah:

  • Where a hall supervisor and cleaning ladies are available
  • responsible gowns
  • It also provides an open buffet and cold and hot drinks
  • In addition, a free suite for the newlyweds on the wedding night
  • A wedding cake is sure to be available
  • It provides a private room and separate entrance for the bride
  • By adding audio devices and a DJ
  • There is a kosha and elegant and creative hall coordination.
  • It is possible to hold several parties at the same time
  • The prices for weddings at the Mövenpick Hotel Jeddah range from 300-350 riyals per person.

The best event halls in Jeddah and their prices, the most beautiful and happy wedding moments can be spent in the best and most luxurious halls in Jeddah, and in this article we tried to provide the most important information about these halls, mentioning the characteristics.

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