The best gold shops in Cairo

The best gold shops in Cairo

The best gold shops in CairoWelcome, visitors of the “” website. In this article, we will present to you the best gold shops in Cairo, in addition to the cheapest gold shops in Cairo, and also the most famous gold shops in Heliopolis. As jewelry is one of the favorite things for women, especially in the look of brides, which will increase their beauty.

Therefore, with the spread of many gold shops in Egypt and the fact that Cairo is the most active commercial capital in many industries, including jewelry and gold works, we have collected for you the best gold shops in Cairo, which are characterized by the production of high-quality gold and very beautiful pieces and at the same time their prices are very special So, follow us to learn about these shops, markets and the cheapest place to buy gold in Egypt.

The best gold shops in Cairo

The best gold shops in Cairo

Jewelery companies and stores abound in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, where Cairo is the commercial capital, in which many trades and various industries are active, and the most important of these stores and companies are gold jewelry stores, where many stores and huge companies specialize in selling distinctive jewelry with wonderful design. In addition to the appropriate prices for gold jewelry, and in this article we will present some of the most important stores for selling gold jewelry in the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

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So in this article, we will learn about the names of the most famous gold shops in Egypt and also the addresses of gold shops in Cairo, where we will show you the numbers of gold shops in Cairo, whether you are looking for used or new gold.

L’azurde exhibitions for jewelry and gold works

L’azurde company is classified as one of the oldest Egyptian companies selling gold jewelry in Cairo, and its work period dates back to 1997. The company has many branches inside the Egyptian territory.

During the period of its work, L’azurde Company has earned the trust of many Egyptian customers, due to the company’s availability of rare and precious pieces of gold, pearls and other precious stones.

The company is also frequented by many art stars and Arab celebrities to acquire their jewelry from L’azurde exhibitions.

The company also has a website on the Internet, where it provides all its services by selling through electronic stores, and the company provides safe shipping services to all Egyptian governorates.

The main branch of L’azurde Showroom is located in Heliopolis, Heliopolis. The store has another branch in City Stars and also another branch in Korba

Azza Fahmy Jewelery and gold jewelry stores

Azza Fahmy stores are among the most famous gold stores in Cairo, where all special gold jewelry for all occasions are available inside the store.

Azza Fahmy jewelry is distinguished from others in that it is designed by special workshops for the store, and therefore it is one of the unique and distinguished jewelry in Egypt.

The store is characterized by containing a distinctive and wonderful collection of jewelry, which varies from gold bracelets and earrings, as these jewelry have an ancient pharaonic character.

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The stores are distinguished by their distinguished team of sophistication and expertise in selling jewelry and meeting customers instantly.

Azza Fahmy stores operate continuously throughout the week, and the stores are located in Heliopolis, Cairo.

The stores also offer the possibility of selling gold coins through the phone Customer Service: 01005660525

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Damas Jewelery

Damas jewelry store is classified as one of the most famous international stores in the sale of jewelry in addition to its manufacture in various Egyptian governorates, where Damas jewelry owns approximately 21 other branches distributed throughout Egypt, including 5 branches in Greater Cairo.

The store has a branch in Heliopolis, Heliopolis, and a branch in Al-Muizz Lidin Allah Al-Fatimi Street in Al-Hussein district, Cairo, inside the old goldsmiths market.

The store has a large collection of jewelry, offering assortments of bracelets and jewelry made of the finest and finest types of gold, as well as rare gemstones within the store.

The store offers various gold carats of 18, 21, 24 and 36, where the design of the gold pieces is supervised by a group of international designers, while maintaining the original Arab character in shapes, to suit the eastern community.

The store ranks among the finest stores, as many art stars and famous individuals in the community go to buy gold coins and precious stones for special occasions.

Damas store deals with international gold refineries to provide gold bullion according to international quality standards for pure gold.

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Fathallah jewelry store

It is one of the most famous gold jewelry stores in Cairo, offering all kinds of jewelry for all occasions. The store has a variety of all kinds of gold in its three colors, yellow, red and white, as well as jewelry for precious and rare stones and pearls.

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The store is characterized by containing high quality designs and classified as luxury jewelry. The jewelry in Fathallah store is characterized by its oriental Arab character, which is simple additions of the western character according to international fashions.

The store offers reasonable and competitive prices compared to most other stores, in addition to the excellence in selling jewelry and its high quality, and the store guarantees jewelry for life.

The store is located on 58 Hegaz Street in Heliopolis, Cairo. The store offers a special phone number for customer service, where you can contact the following number: 0226383448.

Here are the best gold shops in Heliopolis / Cairo in the mosque square

  1. Abu Maryam Jewelery Store located at 11 Harun Al-Rasheed Street.
  2. Yassin Alaish Jewelery: 10 Harun Al-Rasheed Street, where the store has approximately 5 branches distributed in Khan Al-Khalili, Mohandessin, El-Gamaliya and Heliopolis, where all of these branches offer the latest fashions and large and wonderfully designed collections.

Gold stores in good Egypt in Korba

  1. Neuturquoise store in Baghdad Street in Korba.
  2. Harout Jewelery Store: 37 Ibrahim Pasha Street, opposite the Housing and Development Bank.
  3. Mallorca Jewelery Store: It is located in Boutros-Ghali Street by proxy.

At the conclusion of our article, we will have reviewed one of the most important gold stores in Egypt, specifically in Cairo, with a full and complete explanation about them. I hope that you will like the article, hoping to benefit from it for all.

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