The best gold shops in Medina

The best gold shops in Medina

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Therefore, with the spread of many shops selling gold in Madinah and several places and markets, we have compiled for you a list that includes the best shops selling gold in Madinah, which are characterized by the manufacture of high-quality gold and very beautiful pieces at excellent prices, so follow with us to learn about these shops and markets and the cheapest place to buy gold in Jeddah, as we will show you the numbers of gold shops in Medina.

The best gold shops in Medina

We will present to you today in our article about the most important and best shops selling gold in Medina, and as we mentioned in one of our previous articles about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s fame in gold, and through your follow-up to us in this article, we will learn about goldsmiths’ shops in Kuwait and Medina..

The best gold store in Medina

As we mentioned in our previous articles, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is famous for gold and its quality, so we will learn about the most important goldsmiths’ shops in Kuwait, as it is famous in that field as well:

  • In the International City Market, Al-Raya area, Shop No. 12, Gate No. 4, The House of Gold Jewelery, contact number +966918814828
  • And on Al-Saeb Habbab Al-Otaibi Jewelry Street, contact +966-8205-6000
  • And a goldsmith’s shop called Taiba for gold and jewelry trade +966462314823
  • And in the Sultana area within the International City Market, shop No. 79 Al-Otaibi for selling jewelry and gold, contact number 966466555600 +
  • And also in the International City Market at Gate No. 3, Al-Raya 9, Al-Rehaili Jewelry Store, contact number 966148271088
  • To contact the gold store, Al-Kahli Jewelery for Gold and Jewelery, at 966394055669
  • And in the Dar Al-Taqwa Hotel, the city’s gold jewelry store is located under the circular hall, contact number 966022214829
  • Also, in the International City Market, the pioneer gold shop located in the Sultana area, next to Gate No. 3 in the showroom N7, contact number 966387314815
  • Quba Road, Gold Shop, Taiba Shop, contact number 96651111425, located as we mentioned, on Quba Road
  • And at the bottom of the Arak Hotel, the clock house is the gold shop, Dora Taibah, to contact him at 966006914820
  • And the gold shop, infantry, Astura, to contact him at 9668201335
  • And the gold shop of Imam Bukhari and the gold whisper shop for jewelry.
  • And in Central 6, located below the Opry Hotel, the Juhani gold shop, to contact him at 966800014822
  • And the gold jerboa store to contact him at 96687455080
  • And Ibn Mahfouz’s gold and jewelry store located in the International City for Gold Trade, to contact him at 966048414815
  • And Lamar 20 jewelry store for gold trade, to contact him at 966768054076
  • And Al-Shaybah gold shop for gold and jewelry trade, to contact him via the number 966108555550
  • And the gold shop Al-Kaliti in the gold dealer No. 73 within the International City in Al-Raya, to contact him via the number 9664814823
  • And the gold store Al-Rumaizan for gold and jewelry trade, the fifty-eighth branch in the gold dealer within Quba Al-Tala’i Street in Al-Hakim market, to contact him via the number 966462214822.
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We will also follow up with you the best shops for selling gold and trading jewelry in Madinah, which are:

  • Aljarboo Gold FHMW + GRJ Gold Dealer to contact him at 96687455080.
  • The gold store, the jewel of the eastern city tower, which is located opposite the Prophet’s Mosque, below the Taiba Center on King Fahd Road, to contact him at 966201214820.
  • Coupon Nafees jewelry store in Imam Bukhari jewelry store.
  • And the Al-Haramain gold and jewelry store, located at the bottom of the Dar Al-Taqwa Hotel on the Clock Square, to contact him at 966029414829.
  • And Al-Rumaizan Gold Store for Jewelry has its fifty-eighth branch in the gold dealer on Quba Street in Al-Hakim Market, to contact him via the number 966462214822.
  • And the gold shop, Saad, to contact him at 966148287840.
  • And the Damas gold store for jewelry located on King Abdullah Road within Al-Rashid Mall, to contact him at 966226256612.
  • And Al-Tayeb Al-Dahlawi’s gold store for jewelry in Qubaa Al-Tala’i Street within Al-Hakim Market, to contact him at 966226256612.
  • And the gold store, which is called the Arab Agent Company for Gold and Jewelery, located on King Fahd Road in the central area within the Madinah Hilton Hotel, Shop No. 103, to contact him at 966030014820.
  • Western Tibo Gold Store for Jewelry located in Defense, to contact him via the number 966010314830.

The best gold shops in the dear city of Medina

We will also mention some gold shops in Madinah Al-Azizia

  • Dahab Al-Shaybah Jewelery located in Imam Al-Bukhari, to contact him at 966108555550
  • Gold shop and spread, which is located in Imam Bukhari
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The best gold store in Medina, Quba

Dear readers, we will also mention some gold shops in the city of Quba:

  • Rawasi Taibah gold shop located on Quba Road.
  • Al-Otaibi gold store in Saeb Habbab Street, his contact number is 96682056000.
  • Gulf Jewel Gold Shop located on Quba Road also in Friday Medina.

Good jewelry in Medina:

  • Taiba Gold and Jewelery Shops was founded in the Emirate of Dubai in 1998 and its first branch was opened for wholesale sale in the Emirates, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain in its first phase and then began exporting to the Middle East and Asia. Also, Taiba Shops in its first phase was dependent on goods that are imported from the Taiba Police of the Kingdom Saudi Arabia is an independent company established in 1989 with the help of shareholders from Taiba in Dubai and others.
  • And the main centers for good jewelry and its activities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are in Medina within the international market.

The gold price in Medina

And we will end our article after we got to know the best shops selling gold in Medina, to learn about the gold prices in it, as it is as follows:

  • The price of a gold bar in Medina, which weighs 1 kg, ranges from 225 Saudi riyals.
  • And the golden ingot in Medina, which weighs 100 g, is about 22,500 Saudi riyals.
  • And the gold bar that weighs 50p in Medina ranges in price from about 11,250 Saudi riyals.
  • And a 22-carat gold pound in Medina has a price of 1670 riyals.
  • And a 21-carat gold pound in Medina has a price of 1610 riyals.
  • The 24-carat gold tone in Medina ranges in price from approximately 2,600 riyals.
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Here, dear dear ones, we have come to the conclusion of this explanation, through which we got to know the best shops for buying gold in Medina. We hope that it will be an enjoyable, beautiful and useful follow-up. Goodbye in another meeting.

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