The best hotels in Aqaba 2023, and their prices are cheap and reasonable – platform

The best hotels in Aqaba 2023, and their prices are cheap and reasonable – platform

The best hotels in Aqaba and their pricesAqaba is located in the south of the Kingdom of Jordan, and it is the front of its tourist places, due to its strategic location on the sea coast, as well as its commercial and economic importance, in addition to that it includes a large number of charming beaches and picturesque landscapes, and there are archaeological and historical attractions, and next to malls and shopping centers. Thus, it is visited by tourists from all over the world. In this article, we learn about the best hotels in Aqaba and their prices.

The best 5-star hotels in Aqaba

Hotels vary in the city of Aqaba, as it is located directly on the Red Sea, and some are located near the city center, as these hotels provide distinguished accommodation, and provide all distinguished services to their guests. Below we review the best 5-star hotels in Aqaba:

Intercontinental Aqaba Resort

  • It is located directly on the seashore, and it is one of the most beautiful hotels and places in Aqaba.
  • It has many health care facilities such as a fitness center, sauna, spa, heated swimming pool, and two swimming pools, one outdoor and one indoor, that operate all year round.
  • It is possible to get several different dining options.
  • It also includes many recreational activities such as fishing, children’s playground, billiards, and diving.
The best hotels in Aqaba and their prices

Hilton Aqaba Hotel

  • This hotel overlooks charming views of the Gulf of Aqaba.
  • Its rooms are luxuriously decorated and comfortable beds.
  • It also offers the various activities offered by the hotel’s garden.
  • In addition, its beach area provides a number of activities such as fishing, rowing, diving, snorkeling, and others.
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The best hotels in Aqaba and their prices

Mövenpick Resort Tala Bay Aqaba

  • It is possible to practice a variety of beach activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, and windsurfing.
  • As well as participating in other recreational activities, such as billiards, movie nights, tours about local culture, dinner parties with different styles and aerobics.
  • Instead, it includes playgrounds, including a golf course, table tennis, and a children’s playground.
    The best hotels in Aqaba and their prices

Kempinski Hotel & Resort Aqaba

  • One of the most beautiful 5-star hotels in Aqaba, as it offers a number of water sports such as water skiing, crescent boat rides, parasailing and scuba diving in addition to diving, snorkeling and fishing.
  • There are also health care facilities available in the hotel, massage, fitness room, sauna, heated swimming pool, jacuzzi, spa, and more, which many are looking for.
    The best hotels in Aqaba and their prices

Mövenpick Resort & Apartments Aqaba

  • This resort offers completely private accommodation.
  • It is based on providing health care facilities such as a fitness hall, sauna, steam room, heated swimming pools, indoor and outdoor swimming pools.
  • Among the most prominent recreational activities in the hotel are a children’s playground, a golf course, tours about local culture, as well as live music shows and aerobics.

Tala Bay Hotel and Resort Aqaba

  • It is located on the banks of the Red Sea.
  • The hotel also offers various beach and recreational activities such as fishing, windsurfing, diving, and canoeing.
  • It provides distinguished services through transportation to and from the airport, as well as multiple family services.
Get to know us about the most beautiful 5-star hotels in Aqaba by the sea

Al Manara Hotel Aqaba

  • This hotel offers a charming view of the waters of the Gulf of Aqaba
  • It features a number of beach and recreational activities, such as fishing, windsurfing, and kayaking.
  • It also provides a games room, live sports and music events, and dinner parties with distinctive styles.
The highest levels of luxury you can get in Aqaba 5-star hotels

The best hotels in Aqaba, Jordan

During his visit to the city of Aqaba, the visitor was able to see the different types of coral and fish endemic in the Gulf of Aqaba, so the Tourism Promotion Authority made advertisements and campaigns to attract tourists, in addition to setting up wonderful hotels. The following is an illustration of the best hotels in Aqaba, Jordan:

  • A 3-star hotel in Aqaba costs SAR 30 per night, while a 4-star hotel in Aqaba costs SAR 74 per night. In the event that you are searching for a distinguished option, the average cost of a 5-star hotel in Aqaba is 581 SAR per night.

  • Where, Al Manara Hotel Aqaba
  • Kempinski Hotel Aqaba
  • Also, La Costa Aqaba Hotel
  • Hyatt Regency Aqaba Ayla Resort
  • City Tower Hotel Aqaba
  • Also, Cedar Hotel Aqaba
  • Also, La Riva Hotel
  • Dweik Hotel Aqaba
  • Also, the Weekend Hotel
  • Yafco Hotel Aqaba
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Cheap hotels in Aqaba

Prices in the city of Aqaba are somewhat high compared to the rest of the cities of the Kingdom, due to the presence of the Red Sea coast and the scenic landscapes, which have contributed to the city being considered a global tourist destination. Despite this, it is possible to obtain hotels at cheap prices in Aqaba, which are as follows:

  • Arab Diving Center Hotel and Bed and Breakfast.
  • Also, Captain’s Hotel: Staying at Captain’s starts at €30.88 per night.
  • My Luxury Hotel
  • Also, the Southern Star Club Hotel: located on South Beach Street, District 114-115, Aqaba, and the price per night is 240 riyals.
  • Prince Palace Hotel – Aqaba.

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The best tourist places in Aqaba

The Kingdom has succeeded in making Aqaba a unique tourist destination on the Red Sea, with a duty-free shopping oasis accompanied by a high quality of life and standard of living.

Aqaba Water Park

  • One of the most famous tourist places in Aqaba, as the park is located south of the city of Aqaba.
  • It contains picnic areas and children’s playgrounds.
  • We also always provide equipment for many types of water sports and cruises.
  • There are 19 diving sites in the city within its coasts, which are among the richest in coral reefs and marine life.

Aqaba Sea

  • Where the Aqaba Sea, with its clear waters, and many wonderful sandy and rocky beaches.
  • The most prominent of which is Al-Ghandour Aqaba Public Beach, as well as the famous southern beach in Aqaba, in addition to the presence of Al-Hafayer Beach in the ancient Aqaba, and the same is Perinais Beach in Aqaba and others.

Al-Ghandour Beach, Aqaba

  • One of the most luxurious places on the list of the best tourist places in Aqaba.
  • It is a beach with sparkling clear waters, which meets everyone’s tastes, as it offers enjoyable activities for rest and recreation.
  • There is nothing more beautiful than lying in front of the sea water and enjoying all its charming views.
  • Guests of this beach also enjoy some water sports and games such as swimming.
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The best restaurants in Aqaba

The presence of a large proportion of foreign and local tourists contributed to the promotion of the establishment of restaurants, as they provide various famous dishes, whether fast food or traditional and popular dishes, and it is certain that international items such as Italian and French are available, and the following are mentioned the best restaurants in Aqaba:

  • Where, Rakot Kinan Aqaba Restaurant
  • Papaya Aqaba Restaurant
  • Also, Ocean Restaurant for Lebanese and seafood food, Aqaba
  • Burj Al Hamam Restaurant
  • Also, Qasr Al Sham Restaurant
  • Ali Baba Restaurant Aqaba.

The best malls in Aqaba

Aqaba attracted international logistics companies such as APM Terminals and Agility, in order to invest in the field of logistics services, and this matter strengthened the city’s position as a center for transportation and logistics services, as well as carrying out many projects and commercial establishments such as malls, and we explain the following the best malls in Aqaba:

  • Shuwaikh Mall Aqaba: One of the most prominent malls in Aqaba, as it includes a large group of various stores, which include clothing, accessories, children’s clothing, and home supplies, and what distinguishes it is the availability of suitable offers.
  • Dream Mall Aqaba: It provides all the family’s necessities, including sportswear, children’s clothing, shoes, accessories, home supplies, and many more.
  • Aqaba City Shopping Center Mall: It is located near Shuwaikh Mall on King Hussein International Airport Road, as it includes a variety of various shops, as well as entertainment places for children, restaurants and cafes.

The best hotels in Aqaba and their prices. We presented many tourist places located in the international city of Aqaba, which attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world as well as from the interior regions.

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