The best import sites from Turkey online

The best import sites from Turkey online

we present to you The best import sites from Turkey online Since, after the Corona pandemic, many merchants resort to importing many goods from Turkey, especially clothes, as Turkey is famous for its quality.

The best import sites from Turkey online

We always wonder why we are heading to shopping sites Turkish clothes, in the presence of Arab clothing shopping sites that also provide the same service and high quality.

The answer is that Arab websites, of course, provide us with a distinctive group of clothes, but it is known that Turkish fashion has a special flavor.

Secondly, we Arabs turn to Turkish import sites for various reasons, the first of which is the price. And we find that the price of Turkish clothes is neither expensive nor cheap, and we can say that they are average prices and suitable for everyone.

The other reason is the designs, and we also found that Turkey’s proximity to Europe made it partly influenced by the West. And that its presence in the Middle East, of course, led to the same proximity, as Turkish designers benefited from this diversity.

They were able to combine the elegance of East and West to create a unique product that has high quality flavor and high quality workmanship.

The Internet has also been instrumental in the spread of wholesale Turkish clothing websites online and offering these products to Elainea.

And he was able to help us in this matter, as he made the concept of trade and shopping more comprehensive and in line with countries’ orientations towards globalization in trade.

Trade is an essential part of the country’s economic strength, and thus many stores and websites have emerged for Turkish shopping, serving the local and international arena.

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Only some of them have cash on delivery, shop navigation support and get support in Arabic and English Let’s go through this list of Turkish shopping sites along with a summary of each site.

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The best import sites from Turkey online
The best import sites from Turkey online

Turkish online clothing sites

There are some Turkish wholesale websites that are only available in Turkish. If you do not know Turkish or English, it is better to use Google translator to translate the site.

The translation option available in Google Chrome or Google Chrome can also be used Computer.

There are only stores that provide shipping in Turkish territory, and to overcome this obstacle, you can use services such as (Shop and Ship). Or any of the freight collection companies that provide you with the same service.

It is the service of obtaining the Turkish address to which you want to send your purchases. Then the supplier forwards the shipment to your original address in your country.

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Turkish online clothing sites
Turkish online clothing sites

Import from Turkey online

  • Site batteryty : and he It is very cheap and supports the Arabic language. It is considered the best online import site from Turkey. The store also contains a rich list of Turkish fashion and accessories for women and men. In addition to clothing sets in large sizes starting from 20 TL. It also features an Arabic speaking support team. And the ability to navigate the site in three languages, Arabic, Turkish and English, with shipping. Available in almost all countries.
  • Modanisa : A Turkish women’s website that sells veiled women’s fashion in addition to a variety of other accessories and shoes. The store includes several sections, including a section for veiled dresses, which is the distinctive section in this store. And also another section for large sizes. as such Clothes suitable for large bodies, and the store offers several payment methods, including credit card and PayPal Checkout. They are two payment methods that can be used to purchase from all countries as well as other methods.
  • On Abbey Brands: Site tags Excellent support for the Arabic language. This site is suitable for those who want to import from Turkey, as it provides you with many basic and indispensable advantages. Like buying from Turkey and paying cash on delivery. As well as shipping to the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council with full support for the Arabic language and the appropriate price. You are in the right place. You will have access to a group of the most famous Turkish brands such as Gant, Nautica, Oksit, Avva, and others. Which provides you with an impressive list of clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories for women and men, in addition to a wide variety of other products.
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The best import sites from Turkey

  • ADL: It is a Turkish women’s shopping site that offers an impressive range of women’s clothing and accessories. The store is available in both English and Turkish, which facilitates the purchase process. It also has very attractive prices And theWe found that the prices of clothes start from 19 Turkish lira, and there are safe payment methods by credit card. To buy wholesale clothes from Turkey online, the site offers free shipping for purchases over 150 riyals. It has the ability to track shipments, but unfortunately the site does not provide direct shipping service outside Turkey. So I recommend using popular shipping services to get your address also within Turkey.
  • Site whistles : A Turkish women’s shopping site that sells women’s fashion and clothing is not much different from Modanisa. We find that the prices are slightly different from what is available in Modanisa Fashion. In addition to pointing out that there is a variety of costumes that differ slightly from the Modanisa website. The site provides its services to all countries of the world, where you can access the site and shop easily, in addition to payment methods. The store also provides several payment methods, including credit cards and American Express and credit cards.
  • Site Modo :In Modo, we find women’s and men’s clothing and accessories instead of a special section for home decor, and this store does not include a group of the most famous brands in the world, in addition to a group of distinguished Turkish brands as well.
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Import from Turkey to Egypt

  • Site HEPSIBURDA : This site is considered one of the largest and best online import sites from Turkey, as it includes several sections for many distinguished Turkish brands, and is characterized by the following: Ready-made garments and tailoring are available And theIt is characterized by the high quality of its products. One of the sites that offer the latest models and designs. It has cosmetics from international brands.
  • Site Clogs Clothing Supplier : This site is for wholesale in Turkey, and it is very popular and interested by a large number of people around the world. One of the best online import sites from Turkey, and it features the following: It has many models of men’s suits, both regular and classic, at a wholesale price. Men’s clothing to suit the tastes of different age groups. The products are available in high quality. Moreover With international and innovative brands.
  • Site LC Waikiki : This site is distinguished as one of the best online import sites from Turkey. It provides many products that can be purchased online at a wholesale price.

LC Waikiki website features

  • It also features It specializes in women’s, men’s and children’s clothing as well.
  • as such This site offers shipping services to some Arab countries.
  • It is distinguished by its low prices that suit many categories. It offers several different payment methods.

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We have provided you with a list of the best online import sites from Turkey for those who wish to import distinctive Turkish clothing. Especially bulk purchases, because you get the advantages offered by the sites and multiple payment methods.

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