The best investment stock that distributes dividends in Egypt 2023 and the stock prices of the Egyptian Stock Exchange –

The best investment stock that distributes dividends in Egypt 2023 and the stock prices of the Egyptian Stock Exchange –

The best investment stock that distributes profits in EgyptThe stock exchange is known as the stock market that organizes the sale and purchase of securities such as shares, stocks and bonds, and it can be described as a public field provided by any organization or group of people for trading in securities that represent corporate shares, and the return on investment depends mainly on the success or failure of the company in which it is conducted. Investing, so investors focus on companies that are characterized by regular dividend distributions. In this article, we mention the best investment stock that distributes profits in Egypt.

The best stock to buy on the Egyptian Stock Exchange 2023

Deals are made on the old stock exchanges on the ground and are known at the time as the trading base for the exchange process through the open shouting system, while modern exchanges take place over the phone or the Internet, and it can be said that all exchanges are auctions to participate in competitive bids, and therefore we review the best stock to buy in the Egyptian Stock Exchange 2023 :

Egyptian Telecom shares

  • The company is considered the first in its field, as well as the most famous in digital investment and the stock market.
  • Also, Telecom Egypt products are the most popular in terms of purchase and use.
  • This company has been rated as the best investment company for 2022.

BLC shares

  • A large company specializing in engineering, architecture and construction.
  • It is also a subsidiary of Orascom Construction.
  • It was established in 2015, and its financial value exceeded 8.5 billion Egyptian pounds.
  • As for a special symbol for trading on the Egyptian Stock Exchange, which is ORAS.
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Shares of Edita Corporation

  • The largest leading company in the world of food industries and one of the best stocks in the Egyptian Stock Exchange.
  • Established in 1996, one of the company’s most prominent services is the manufacture of canned food and frozen and canned meat.
  • As well as a large number of soft drinks.
  • It is also the largest investment company in Egypt.
  • Its profits amounted to more than 7.5 billion Egyptian pounds.

Orascom shares

  • This company is one of the most famous companies in Egypt.
  • It belongs to the Sawiris family, one of the richest families in Egypt, and includes BLC shares.
  • The shares of this company were classified in 2022 as the best shares of the Egyptian Stock Exchange
  • Accordingly, investing in it is profitable and achieves reasonable profits, as the share price reaches 8 and a half pounds.

Shares of the International Commercial Bank Company

  • The statistics of CI Capital Investment Company stated that the shares of the Commercial International Bank are one of the best shares of the Egyptian Stock Exchange.
  • The share price has reached about 85 Egyptian pounds.
  • It was also named the Best Banking Stock to Buy for 2022.

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How to buy shares in the Egyptian Stock Exchange 2022

Upon successful investment, a financial intermediary must be chosen between the investor and the stock exchange. Therefore, a well-known and pioneering company must be chosen in the field of mediation between investors and the stock exchange. At that time, the company must be licensed by the Public Affairs of Financial Control, and we explain the following how to buy shares in the Egyptian Stock Exchange 2022:

  • In the beginning, an account is opened in a financial brokerage company, as it is responsible and the link between you and the market, and trading takes place through it.
  • Money in dollars must be deposited in the account, and the trading number must be taken, as it represents the national number in the world of the stock market.
  • Likewise, any stocks that have been properly studied and their developments known or trusted in their partners are purchased
  • With caution against manipulation and any camouflage operations or distortion of the mind or false news circulated on the Internet.
  • The investor can buy and sell directly through the stock exchange platform, as well as through the brokerage firm that deals with it.
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Earnings from the Egyptian Stock Exchange

To obtain profits from investment companies, the movement of shares should be continuously monitored through the stock exchange screen allocated by a brokerage company, with the need to choose a share that has a high fair value so that the loss is not large. We review the following the profits of the Egyptian Stock Exchange:

  • The report of the Egyptian Stock Exchange experts revealed the distribution of companies that achieved cash profits amounting to 2.6 billion pounds.
  • Juhayna Food Industries Company, at 0.2 pounds for the first one, from coupon No. 24.
  • While the Suez Canal for the localization of technology, at 5 pounds per second, from coupon No. 21
  • Regarding Raya Holding for investing money, 0.06 pounds for the third of Coupon No. 16.

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Stock prices TheEgyptian

Investing in shares is one of the successful alternatives at the present time, due to the clear historical decline in the market prices of shares compared to their fair values, which drives many long-term investors to seize these opportunities in the long term.

  • The shares of MENA for Tourism and Real Estate Investment reached EGP 0.868, as it increased by 5.85%.
  • Likewise, the share price in Arabia for Engineering Industries reached 1.409 pounds, up by 5.15%.
  • As for the Egyptian Real Estate Group, at a closing price of 1.239 pounds, an increase of 5%.
  • In addition, the shares of the Pioneers of Tourism Company – Pioneers were priced at EGP 14,260, with an increase of 4.93%.
  • While the Egyptian Media Production City, the share price reached 5.160 pounds, bringing the increase rate to 2.99%.

The best investment stock that distributes profits in Egypt

Shares are bought and sold on the Egyptian stock market every trading day, and when the price of the share that was bought at a lower price rises, it is possible to sell it and get profits, while in the event that the shares are sold at a price lower than the price that was purchased, then it will be a loss in capital, and we present in These lines are the best investment stock that distributes profits in Egypt:

  • The e-finance stock tops the first ranks, and is considered the strongest stock in the Egyptian Stock Exchange, as its trading volume reached 100.2 million papers, with a turnover of EGP 2.012 billion.
  • The share of the Commercial International Bank of Egypt is also one of the strongest stocks, with a trading volume of about 15.6 million papers, or 740 million pounds.
  • While the Egyptian Real Estate Group shares come in third place, with a trading volume of 53.1 million executed papers, at a value of 266.4 million pounds.
  • Followed by the shares of Fawry for Banking Technology and Electronic Payments, with a trading volume of 12.5 million papers, with a value of EGP 207.2 million.
  • As for the fifth place, the share of Ezz Steel Company is also the best stock in the Egyptian Stock Exchange, with a trading volume of 11.6 million papers, and a trading value of 176.1 million pounds.
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The lowest stocks in the Egyptian Stock Exchange

Usually, we talk about the best companies that are witnessing a rise in the Egyptian Stock Exchange, and on the other hand, there are companies that are witnessing a sharp decline due to factors of their own. Therefore, we explain the most shares that are witnessing a decline in the Egyptian Stock Exchange for knowledge and caution:

  • Where Nozha International Hospital
  • So is GlaxoSmithKline
  • Arabia for ceramics
  • Ceramica Remas
  • Recap for Financial Investments
  • As the Egyptian starch and glucose industry

The best investment stock that distributes profits in Egypt. The trading market and the public and private subscription are witnessing a continuous increase and decrease in the value of shares, so it is necessary to identify the best companies that achieve profits in large proportions, and this is what we have explained in those lines.

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