The best mediation sites in electronic marketing in Saudi Arabia

The best mediation sites in electronic marketing in Saudi Arabia

get to know me The best mediation sites in electronic marketing in Saudi Arabia As the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia deliberately introduced modern media and technology in various fields of life to keep pace with digital development and complete transactions with minimal effort and time, and this is in line with the Kingdom’s vision for the year 2030 and the pursuit of renaissance in the world.

The best mediation sites in electronic marketing in Saudi Arabia

What is meant by the electronic mediator is any third party that can be a natural or legal person, so that it acts as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer through its electronic platform or website.

Electronic mediation in Saudi Arabia has entered many fields, such as: the field of banking, insurance, trade, real estate, and others.
Electronic mediation in the field of electronic marketing is a type of electronic mediation since electronic marketing sites act as mediators between the buyer and the seller. Many e-marketing websites have appeared in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the advent of the Internet, providing distinctive marketing services, offering products to customers, and selling and buying them quickly. And safely, and among the most famous of these sites:

Brokerage and guarantee site

One of the most famous and best electronic brokers, as it provides excellent solutions and services to customers and facilitates purchases through “Ali Express”, “Amazon”, “eBay” and various international stores. It also facilitates purchases for people without credit cards, and makes it easy to send products securely.

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AliExpress broker site

The site performs the electronic mediation process between the “Ali Express” website and customers, and provides customers with the opportunity to purchase the products listed on the “Ali Express” website.

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Amazon broker is the best mediation site in electronic marketing in Saudi Arabia

Amazon Broker offers a different type of brokerage between clients within the Kingdom and the American shopping site Amazon. The site has a representative office in the USA. The site gives its customers the ability to shop from within the Kingdom. And buy all the products offered on the famous Amazon site, and the site gives customers multiple payment options.

China broker site

It is considered one of the best mediation sites in electronic marketing in Saudi Arabia, where the customer chooses the product he is looking for. The site team searches for the required product, and they provide it with a list of the best producers that it can deal with.

Top Line Information Technology Company

Top Line is a leading e-marketing company in the field of information technology with more than 15 years of experience in providing website services, e-marketing and application programming. These services are represented in website design, servers and marketing campaigns.

Durrat Jeddah Advertising is the best mediation site in electronic marketing in Saudi Arabia

It is the largest e-marketing company in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Dora works in technology fields such as: programming, design, technical support and advertising services.

Sahl is the best mediation site in electronic marketing in Saudi Arabia

Sahl Company is considered the best mediation site in electronic marketing in Saudi Arabia, since Sahl works in the field of mortgage brokerage in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The company offers a range of advanced services and solutions to individuals, with different levels of monthly income and credit capabilities, to obtain home ownership. It is responsible for finding the most adequate financing residential properties. Regardless of the income or creditworthiness of the customer.

Business Development Consultant Office

One of the best companies specialized in e-marketing in addition to its professionalism. In preparing economic feasibility studies for projects at reasonable prices and studies for project development, obtaining benefits and protection from marketing risks.

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Online leasing platform

At the initiative of the Saudi Ministry of Justice, the service of establishing, documenting and canceling electronic lease contracts was launched via Electronic rental platform without the need for judicial review. To save people time and effort, this step must be done through a real estate broker. He must also be registered on the platform and have an account on it. This broker verifies the tenant’s data and enters all the required data. The important services provided by the electronic network for leasing services:

  • Verify the identity of both the landlord and the tenant before you formalize the contract.
  • The program does not accept any contracts except through registered brokers.
  • Electronic payment service for the rental value.
  • Providing a database for each real estate broker through which you can retrieve all contracts concluded through him electronically.
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Online leasing platform
Online leasing platform

Electronic insurance brokerage and the rules governing its work

Electronic insurance broker: a person or a company; He is an intermediary between the insurance institution and the customer. And deals with more than one insurance company. It is selected under an insurance brokerage contract. It has own offices and highly qualified and experienced insurance staff. This broker offers insurance, markets it, and sells corporate products, through platforms and the best mediation sites in electronic marketing in Saudi Arabia and social networks.

In the Kingdom’s endeavor to develop the insurance industry and facilitate the process of obtaining insurance coverage for insurance applicants. And to achieve the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 to support entrepreneurship and improve technology in financial services. Regulated electronic insurance brokerage, and many electronic insurance brokers have appeared in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Such as: the website of the insurance brokerage company “Tameeni”, the website of the Inaya insurance brokerage company “Be Care” and the website of the insurance brokerage company “Joinsure”.

The importance of an electronic insurance broker

The importance of the electronic insurance broker comes from its important role in the success of the insurance process and in persuading the customer to buy insurance companies’ products. As insurance companies in Saudi Arabia depend on a group of brokers who defend the insurance. . He explains its benefits and convinces clients of the idea of ​​insurance, because it is rare for an individual to seek insurance on his own from the dangers that threaten him, due to the lack of insurance awareness (especially in our Arab world).

No person in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (whether natural or legal) is allowed to practice electronic insurance brokerage without obtaining a license from the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA).

The broker must preserve the name and reputation of the insurance companies, whether he works for them or with other competing companies, in order to provide the insurance service with honesty and accuracy, and for the customer to answer all his questions and clarify any vague ideas about him.

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The broker must also know the clients’ opinions about the insurance services provided, and their level. And inform the company of everything he knows about it, inform the client’s complaint and work to remove his reasons, in addition to preserving the secrets of the company or companies with which you work.

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Rules governing electronic insurance brokerage work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA) decided to adopt rules governing electronic insurance brokerage business, to ensure maximum security to reduce fraud and fraud cases while purchasing insurance products via electronic platforms.

The Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority stated that the purpose of this step is to define the requirements and controls necessary for licensing electronic insurance broker activities via the Internet within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And setting the rules governing the relationship between the electronic insurance broker and the insurance companies.

The most important of these rules for the conditions for obtaining a license:

  • The activity must be carried out by a public limited company or limited liability company licensed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • The company’s capital must not be less than 500 thousand Saudi riyals.
  • The license application must also include a clear action plan for electronic insurance operations, in addition to a contingency plan that includes the procedures to be taken in the event that the electronic platform suffers a defect.
  • Submitting a license application for the institution with an insurance policy that covers the risks of professional liability that may result from the violation and negligence of an insurance company operating in the Kingdom. Provided that the insurance coverage is not less than 5 million Saudi riyals.
  • In the event of a no-objection issued by the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency. The applicant must contact the insurance companies within 30 working days from the date of the initial NOC.
  • The applicant launches the beta version of the website, within the time frame specified by the institution.
  • The Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency issues a license to practice electronic insurance brokerage business, after ensuring that the brokerage applicant adheres to these rules.
  • The broker is committed to providing a function on the electronic platform that allows customers to communicate directly with customer service. As well as providing a list of insurance companies with which he is associated through the electronic platform, so that customers can see it.

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