The best mobile lines in Egypt 2023, their prices, and their most important features – platform

The best mobile lines in Egypt 2023, their prices, and their most important features – platform

The best mobile lines in Egypt and their prices, The Republic of Egypt is characterized by the diversity of mobile lines in it, and we may find that one person buys more than one line belonging to several different telecom companies, whether they are affiliated with WE, Vodafone, or Orange, as well as a telecom company, and perhaps the most important reason for purchasing these lines is to benefit more One of the offers and services provided by communication companies during one year and perhaps on specific occasions, so we review the best mobile lines in Egypt and their prices.

The best mobile lines in Egypt and their prices

We may notice the existence of a competitive force between telecom companies, and what is worse is that they accumulate huge budgets in order to entice citizens and attract a large number of them, and for this reason citizens are rushing to buy different mobile lines, and we mention the best mobile lines in Egypt and their prices as follows:

  • Mobile line Vodafone Etisalat We Orange
  • As the line of WE Telecom WE WE
  • The new 2022 Etisalat line
  • Likewise, the Orange line in Egypt 2022.

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Vodafone Etisalat We Orange SIM price

Vodafone offers a distinguished group of megabytes and minutes after the direct recharging process. It is also offered at different prices to meet all the personal needs of the customer throughout the day through the distinctive numbers. As for the price of the Vodafone SIM, Etisalat We Orange, we explain it as follows:

  • The Vodafone segment witnessed a remarkable increase, as the price of one line reached 100 Egyptian pounds, when it used to be 70 pounds.
  • The purchase price of a Vodafone line in all the company’s various branches has settled to 85 Egyptian pounds.
  • In the event that you decide to buy a Vodafone line from the main branch of the company, the customer service staff presents you with distinguished lines that carry one of the packages that suit each user, and their prices start from 135 pounds to 200 pounds.
  • It also offers a package of lines with distinguished numbers that are easy to save, but at relatively high prices. These segments of mobile numbers range in price from 250 to 600 Egyptian pounds.
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Vodafone codes

Vodafone has stated that many codes are available to all its customers in all governorates of Egypt, as well as call and internet packages, through which all services are performed quickly, and it is also possible to cancel the codes if required, and we explain below the Egyptian Vodafone codes that many are searching for From clients:

  • Where is the Vodafone code for Call Me Shukran service – for Vodafone number *505*mobile number #
  • Also, Vodafone code for Call Me Shukran service – for any other network *506*mobile number #
  • Also, Vodafone Call Tone Service Code *055*Call Tone Code #
  • The code to know the Vodafone line number is *878#
  • Moreover, Vodafone customer service 888
  • Vodafone Business Balance *247#
  • Vodafone Customer Service Cash 7000
  • Add to that to know Vodafone Cash branches *9*9#
  • And in the case of transferring money from Vodafone Cash # amount * number * 7 * 9 *
  • The same applies to the Vodafone customer service number, from any landline number 16888
  • Vodafone ADSL customer service number 0225292828
  • Internet packages *2000#
  • Vodafone Cash *9*5#
  • Also activate the call waiting feature *43#

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Telecom Egypt WE line price

WE offers its customers the fourth generation 4G service and the fifth generation service for the Internet 5G, and the Internet speed reaches 100 megabytes per second, and thus it is the best internet lines ever, the company gives the customer 100 megabytes as a gift for every call he makes, and the price of the Egyptian Telecom We line We explain them below:

  • Where the price of the WE line in Egypt comes from 15 Egyptian pounds in all branches of Telecom Egypt.
  • What distinguishes WE is that the price of each call you make or each message you send is only 12 piasters instead of 14 piasters compared to other competing companies.
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The price of the new 2022 Etisalat line

The new Etisalat 2022 line is available in all branches of the Republic, where its price is 79.56 Egyptian pounds in the case of a card system, while 50 piasters in the case of a basic balance on the line, and through it the customer can make calls and send messages, knowing that the price of the communication line was 15 Egyptian pounds, but after adding the value-added tax, this led to a noticeable increase in the prices of the lines until it reached nearly 85 pounds.

Orange line price in Egypt 2022

The basic price of the orange line in the Arab Republic of Egypt, for one SIM, amounted to approximately 14.98 Egyptian pounds, with the addition of 3.46, which is the value-added tax, amounted to 61.56 pounds, noting that it is a fee recently imposed by the state on all mobile lines in Egypt, while the price of an orange SIM is When purchasing from one of the branches and making a 30 package on it, it will reach 104 Egyptian pounds, and when activating the 70 package, the price of the sim will be fixed at 161 Egyptian pounds.

The price of retrieving the Etisalat Misr SIM with the same number

There are many questions about the price of replacing a lost Etisalat Misr SIM, as Etisalat Company in Egypt made it possible to extract the SIM from the branch with the same number, as well as with the same advantages that the customer previously enjoyed, by paying additional fees and costs of up to 5 Egyptian pounds, and the return should be made and paid This value is for the customer service department after retrieving and replacing the line again.

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The cheapest line in Egypt

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology stated that the volume of mobile phone subscriptions has reached approximately 96.2 million subscriptions, and the number is increasing significantly, as Vodafone acquires the largest percentage of the total number of users in mobile companies, as the number of users reached 39.1 million subscriptions, and Orange comes with 27.7 million Subscription therefore ranks second, while Etisalat Misr has about 20.5 million subscriptions, noting that it is the cheapest line in Egypt, and the price of the Telecom Egypt line reaches 15 pounds.

What are the conditions that must be met to buy a line from Vodafone?

Vodafone is keen to deliver the best distinguished services to all its subscribers, regardless of the type of line or package. It is also possible to subscribe to various Vodafone offers through the Vodafone application. The company also offers to benefit from 4G services by going to the branch and exchanging your SIM for free. As for the conditions that must be met to purchase Vodafone line as follows:

  • The customer must possess the national ID card and verify its validity.
  • Fill out a form submitted by one of the company’s clients, in which personal data such as full name and address are entered.
  • Then the responsible employee compares what was written in the form with your data on the national ID card.
  • The employee also asks the customer to sign the form to receive the line.
  • It is worth noting that Vodafone lines are characterized by good coverage, and the customer rarely faces the problem of finding a network, due to the relay networks that are widely spread throughout the Republic.

The best mobile lines in Egypt and their prices. We discussed in detail the most prominent telecom companies available in Egypt, along with the most important features that they enjoy, noting that Vodafone has the largest percentage in the number of its subscribers, and the number has reached 39.1 million subscriptions.

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