The best powder for oily skin 2023, its prices and specifications with pictures – platform

The best powder for oily skin 2023, its prices and specifications with pictures – platform

The best powder for oily skin and its prices. The term oily is used to describe the type of skin that produces skin sebum in abundance and is known as seborrheic sebum, and it is known that the skin is divided into four basic types, which are normal skin and dry skin, as well as oily skin and mixed skin, where each type of skin needs its own cosmetics, with identification On the composition of each product so that irritation does not occur, as is the case for oily skin, and we mention in this article the best powder for oily skin and its prices.

The best powder for oily skin and its prices

There are many reasons that stimulate excessive sebum and the most common factor is heredity, as well as hormonal changes and strikes, taking medications that negatively affect oily skin, and the wrong use of cosmetics, especially those that cause irritation. Therefore, dealing with oily skin should be very careful, and the following is an explanation of the best powder For oily skin and their prices:

MAC blot powder

  • It treats the problem of gloss as a result of oily skin, especially when used in evening parties and events that require a long time.
  • Therefore, its importance stands out in that it resists the appearance of shine, adheres to the base cream, and unifies the color
  • In the end, you will get a very suitable look, free of any defects.
  • The price of MAC powder also varies according to its type, as the price in the Kingdom ranges from 159 riyals to 250 riyals, while the price of MAC powder in Egypt ranges from 650 to about 1000 Egyptian pounds, depending on its type.

Pastel tient essential powder from Bourjois

  • It contributes to the appearance of a complexion free of any shine in an easy way and lasts for long hours.
  • It also brings out the desired color while unifying the skin tone and gives a natural coverage without any residue due to its oil-free formula
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Powder compact radiance powder from Yves Saint Laurent

  • Its importance is highlighted by its ability to absorb any oils.
  • So it eliminates the problem of shine that accompanies oily skin.
  • And most importantly, it covers the skin with a light and soft layer of powder, for an elegant look.
  • It has the ability to stay on the skin for a very long time.

Guerlain meteorities voyage powder

  • It is characterized by its ability to vary in different shades of colors, so that it blends perfectly on the skin, to give a natural and glowing complexion
  • It is also matte and its formula is free of any oils, which gives a wonderful aesthetic touch to the skin.

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Best pressed powder for oily skin

Applying make-up on oily skin is almost difficult due to the fatty deposits that appear on the skin, and then the glossiness begins to appear shortly after applying the make-up, and here the situation is very embarrassing, and therefore choosing the appropriate type of powder is considered one of the most difficult tasks, so it is necessary to use high-quality international brands without Leaving any of the negative effects, the following are the best pressed powders for oily skin:

  • Where, Clinique’s stay matte sheer powder
  • Dream matte powder from Maybelline
  • As, Diorskin forever powder, Dior brand
  • Vitalumiere compact douceur powder, Chanel brand
  • Also, Rimmel’s stay matte powder
  • Givenchy le prisme powder.

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Setting powder for oily skin

When choosing a face powder of any kind, it is better not to be satisfied with trying it on the hand, as the color becomes clear when trying it on the face or neck. . So, we review the best makeup setting powder for oily skin:

Bourjois Healthy Mix

  • Suitable in case of combating signs of stress.
  • Note that it is a pressed powder to give the face a very natural touch of freshness and beauty.
  • It is free of excess shine, and it makes the skin tone uniform for 8 hours.
  • It has a soft texture, blends easily and is non-drying.

L’Oréal Paris True Match Powder

  • It gives the skin purity, and it is wonderful free of impurities.
  • It also suits all skin types and colors.
  • It is also characterized by its light weight and softness, as it has very fine granules, and it settles on the skin effortlessly and without any cumulative effect.

Maybelline powder for oily skin

Maybelline powder contributes to the elimination of many oily skin problems, especially after applying the foundation cream on the skin, and it also helps to fix it and last on the skin for a longer period, and therefore it is suitable in the summer and with high temperatures and the problem of dryness, as well as for social occasions, and the most prominent types of Maybelline powder Fats are described below:

  • Where, Maybelline FIT ME MATTE and PORELESS POWDER
  • As well, Maybelline CLEAR SMOOTH FACE POWDER

Best powder for dark oily skin

Beauticians recommend when using powder if the skin is dark, to go towards yellow or orange gradations, knowing that each face powder guarantees a certain degree of coverage, so if you are looking for natural coverage, you should choose a thin or even transparent face powder, while in the case of If it was a full coverage, it is better to use thick types that ensure coverage of all impurities, while the powder formula is suitable for the skin type.

  • Likewise, for oily skin, it is recommended to go for matte finish powder.
  • While in the case of dry skin, it is necessary to use powder that has a creamy texture.
  • It is also recommended to use translucent face powder, as it will make your skin glowing and healthy.

Best face powder without foundation

Most types of face powder are often applied after the foundation cream, in order to get rid of the skin’s shine and give the skin an attractive appearance, which contributes to making it last for a longer period, as well as facilitating the application of blusher and eyelashes, however, there are types of powder intended for the face without any need to use Foundation cream, and we explain the following the best powder for the face without foundation cream:

CHARLOTTE TILBURY Airbrush Setting Powder

The best powder for oily skin and its prices

Infallible Brow Matte Powder from L’Oreal Paris

    The best powder for oily skin and its prices

LAURA MERCIER Matte Baked Powder

    The best powder for oily skin and its prices

Clinique Stay Matte Pressed Powder

    The best powder for oily skin and its prices

MAC next to Nothing Pressed Powder

    The best powder for oily skin and its prices

Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish pressed powder

    The best powder for oily skin and its prices

NARS Light Reflecting Setting Powder

    The best powder for oily skin and its prices

Best pressed powder for combination skin

Pressed face powder is a cosmetic product that is widely used in the summer, because it contributes to fixing makeup for a long time, and also unifies the skin and works to hide some prominent imperfections, so it is recommended to apply pressed face powder for people with oily skin, and we mention the best pressed powder for mixed skin as follows:

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Johnson powder for the face – johnson powder:

  • It is one of the most popular and widespread types of powder.
  • It is also recommended by cosmetic experts to use it as a face powder for its great benefits and low price.
  • It plays a role in its high coverage and its ability to hide impurities and imperfections.
  • It is also suitable for oily skin, as it works to control the secretion of sebum.
  • It can be placed before lipstick to fix it.

Johnson’s face powder price

  • Where the price of Johnson’s powder in Egypt is 18 pounds.
  • As in Saudi Arabia, 38 Saudi riyals.
  • Also in the UAE 23 dirhams.

Vitamin C powder for the face – vitamin c powder:

  • Vitamin C is included in the composition of the powder, which is beneficial for the skin and is anti-wrinkle.
  • Also, it works to give the skin a natural and radiant look.
  • It helps lighten the skin and even out the color.
  • And contribute to increasing the level of collagen responsible for the durability and thickness of the skin.
  • It can be mixed with a moisturizing cream or serum, so it is suitable for dry skin.

Price of vitamin C face powder:

  • Where the price of vitamin C powder for the face in Egypt is about 400 pounds.
  • While in Saudi Arabia it is about 100 Saudi riyals.

Chanel face powder – channel powder

  • Follow the cosmetics of the famous Coco Chanel brand.
  • It is available in two types: pressed and transparent powder.
  • It is distinguished by its ability to add a wonderful velvety touch.
  • It also works to unify skin tone and hide dark spots.
  • It can also be applied to the skin or after foundation.

Chanel face powder price:

  • Where the price of Chanel face powder in Egypt is 1000 pounds
  • As Saudi Arabia 200 Saudi riyals.
  • While the UAE is 200 dirhams

Mahmoud Saeed face powder – Elizabeth Helen powder:

  • It is one of the last products of the Mahmoud Saeed brand.
  • It also comes in a small green package.
  • Can be used after makeup to set foundation.
  • Available in 4 different grades.
  • It has a soft touch on the skin.

Mahmoud Saeed face powder price:

  • The price of Mahmoud Saeed face powder in Egypt is 250 pounds.
  • While the price of Mahmoud Saeed face powder in Saudi Arabia is about 46 Saudi riyals.

The best powder for oily skin and its prices. Proper selection of the type of powder that is compatible with the skin contributes to limiting the exacerbation of skin problems, especially those that cause irritation and sensitivity, so it is important to know each type and its compatibility with the skin or not.

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