The best professional Canon cameras and their prices in Saudi Arabia, along with their specifications – platform

The best professional Canon cameras and their prices in Saudi Arabia, along with their specifications – platform

The best professional Canon cameras and their prices in Saudi Arabia One of the most famous types in the world, where it is highly demanded, whether they are professionals or beginners, and perhaps the presence of high accuracy, efficiency and professionalism in photography of all kinds, and the camera contains pre-set automatic imaging programs, as well as programs whose settings can be controlled manually by the advanced user, Therefore, it is the best choice for taking pictures and landscapes, and in this article we mention the best professional Canon cameras and their Saudi prices.

The best professional Canon camera

The Canon camera is a technological means based on capturing still images of people, situations, or events. It is mentioned that the first photographic cameras were created in the early nineteenth century, and with successive years cameras have developed a great deal, especially with regard to the Canon camera, and the following is the best professional Canon camera:

  • Where the built-in Canon camera: The resolution reaches 20 megapixels, the zoom feature is 8X, and its price is about 2100 Egyptian pounds.
  • Also Canon EOS 1200D camera: it includes an 18-55 mm lens, and its price is about 6000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Also the Canon EOS 1300D camera: the resolution reaches 18 megapixels, and its price is about 6500 Egyptian pounds.
  • Canon EOS 6D camera: its price reaches 24,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Also, the Canon EOS 700D 18 camera: its price is 8800 Egyptian pounds.
  • Canon EOS 750D camera: It features an 18-55mm lens, the resolution is 24.2 megapixels, and its price is about 11,800 Egyptian pounds.
  • While the EOS 800D camera: It is for beginners, comes with a resolution of 42.2 megapixels, and its price is about 18,500 Egyptian pounds.
  • Canon EOS 80D camera: It has a resolution of 24.2 megapixels, and its price is about 19,000 EGP.
  • Moreover, the PowerShot SX60 HS camera: its price is about 8000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Canon PowerShot SX620 HS camera: It has a resolution of 20 megapixels, and its price is 4750 Egyptian pounds.
  • Canon IXUS 175 camera: It consists of an image processor and a resolution of 20 megapixels. Its price is about 2385 Egyptian pounds.
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Best Canon camera for beginners 2023

Beginners in the world of photography need to have a camera that is characterized by its small size, and this type of camera is preferred by many, especially beginners who avoid cameras with a large size and a lot of buttons, and the following is an explanation of the best Canon camera for beginners 2023:

Canon EOS RP Camera

  • This type of camera is more suitable for beginners than for professionals.
  • It also features a 26.2MP CMOS sensor and a 3-inch touch screen.

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Best canon camera

Canon periodically releases the latest cameras with standard specifications and in a competitive manner with the corresponding companies, and this is evident in them through the specifications and features in the best Canon imaging camera, where we get to know them and the most prominent of these features as follows:

Canon EOS M6 Mark II Camera

  • It is characterized by its small size and light weight, in addition to being a compact camera, which qualifies it to be the most suitable for photographers who travel and travel a lot and take difficult pictures in rugged places.
  • The camera also contains a different sensor than its previous counterparts, which is an APS-C sensor with a 32.5-megapixel lens, and it has a 3-inch touch and tilt screen.
  • With the ability to connect it to phones and computers via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and infrared (NFC) technologies, the user has multiple options for transferring and exchanging files with ease.
  • Inside there is a port for installing memory cards and it can capture videos in 4K quality.
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The best types of Canon cameras and their prices

Prices differ within one country, the matter is due to the difference in the location of the distributor, as well as the difference in shipping or transportation costs, as well as the Canon camera is imported from the countries that manufacture it in the currency of the dollar, and it is known that the currency is witnessing fluctuations and this is a factor in its high price,, and we explain below the best Types of Canon cameras and their prices:

  • Whereas, the Canon EOS RP camera comes at a price of 23,899 Egyptian pounds.
  • Also, the Canon EOS M6 Mark II camera comes at $849.
  • Likewise, the Canon EOS 90D camera comes at a price of 26,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Also, the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV comes at a price of 43,500 Egyptian pounds.
  • Moreover, the Canon EOS Rebel 200D camera comes at a price of 9,750 Egyptian pounds.
  • As for the Canon EOS 6D Mark II camera, it costs 24,300 Egyptian pounds.
  • Also, the Canon PowerShot G5X Mark II comes at $899.
  • Also, the Canon EOS 1D X Mark II comes at a price of 100,000 Egyptian pounds.

Nikon camera price in Saudi riyals

It is indispensable to capture the most beautiful pictures and memories, and through the Nikon camera this is possible and more thanks to its standard specifications that it enjoys, and Nikon cameras belong to the global company Nikon, which decided since its inception to manufacture the best types of lenses with various devices, and the following is an explanation of the price of the Nikon camera in Saudi riyals:

Nikon 20.8 D5 mega pixel camera

  • The camera contains a CMOS sensor with a resolution of about 20.9 mega pixels.
  • It also provides a sensitivity that allows taking high-quality images
  • Also, the camera has a high-quality AKE GE touch screen.
  • All this so that the person can see the pictures immediately after taking them.
  • In addition, there is a wonderful black color, and its price in Saudi Arabia is about 23 thousand and 900 Saudi riyals.
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Nikon 45.7 mega pixel SLR camera 3.2 inch screen D850

  • The camera has a 2.3-inch screen for displaying images.
  • It also includes a zoom lens and optical zoom to ensure clear quality.
  • The weight of the camera is ideal, as it is approximately 915 grams.
  • There is only one color available which is black.
  • The price is about 15,000 Saudi riyals.

Nikon FX Format D500 price

  • It has a good type of lens.
  • It also includes a sensor that works to provide detailed and bright images far away.
  • The dimensions of the camera are 147 by 115.0 by 81.0 mm.
  • There is also only one color, which is black
  • The price of this camera is about 10 thousand Saudi riyals.

Canon 4000D camera price

The Canon camera of all kinds was able to win the trust of many users, and among the latest models, only a Canon camera can be obtained because of its quality and competitive price compared to other cameras. The following is an explanation of the price of the Canon 4000D camera:

  • The camera supports the internal flash, and it also contains a base for installing any type of external flash.
  • It also features Canon 4000d automatic image adjustment AF that detects contrast and ensures speed in most situations with accurate focus.
  • The Canon 4000d also has auto focus to scan faces in the frame in an intelligent manner with automatic focus lock.
  • The 4000d is very easy to use.
  • The camera is also cheap.
  • It offers Full HD videos.
  • The camera comes at an affordable price of $399.00 compared to the features and services available in it.

The best professional Canon cameras and their prices in Saudi Arabia. In this article, we got acquainted with many of the specifications and features enjoyed by Canon cameras of all kinds, in terms of accuracy, quality, efficiency and professionalism.

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