The best profitable animal project in Saudi Arabia –

The best profitable animal project in Saudi Arabia –

The best profitable animal project in Saudi Arabia, Livestock is one of the economic resources on which people depend largely. It includes sources of white meat and sources of red meat. It also constitutes a fortress of food security for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Its importance increases as its contribution increases to covering the local demand for it. It also highlights its importance in forming a structure for exports. This is in the event that there is a surplus of that livestock, and we explain in this article the best profitable animal project in Saudi Arabia.

The best profitable animal project in Saudi Arabia

Livestock represents one of the elements of the national wealth in the Kingdom, so the prevailing trend towards the development and increase of wealth by the Kingdom and all its governmental institutions, as well as the provision of continuous funding for such vital projects, especially as they pose many challenges, most notably the climatic conditions affecting the nature of the earth, we explain the following The best profitable animal project in Saudi Arabia:

sheep breeding project

  • One of the projects that young people turn to, especially the love of the Saudis for sheep and camels, so we find such projects widely spread throughout the Kingdom.
  • The project requires equipping the project completely, taking into account health and safety, such as ventilation and wind direction, as well as providing clean water.
  • Choosing the type of sheep, taking into account the age and gender, as well as the physiological condition of the sheep, and choosing the appropriate breed for the geographical area in which the project is to be established.
  • As well as the choice of nutrition, a program of vaccinations and preventive treatments.
  • Paying attention to hygiene to avoid the proliferation of bacteria and health problems, whether related to the herd or the worker.
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Best profitable bird project

Breeding birds at home is one of the profitable economic projects that many seek to do in order to achieve material gains, especially since the project works to save a lot of money. The empty spaces in the house can be exploited and thus abandoning the idea of ​​renting a suitable place. Profitable bird project:

Canary breeding project

  • One of the most famous birds around the world and one of the most sought after in the Arab markets.
  • As for choosing the canary bird because it is not sensitive to diseases compared to other birds.
  • The profit from this trade is great, but the effort expended in it is small.
  • In terms of profits, it can be calculated on average when a female canary lays 5 eggs in a mating season, then the chick price is 50%.
  • Initially, this amount is large, and the greater the profit, the more possible the expansion of the project.

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Feasibility study of a turtle farming project

The turtle is one of the pets whose presence with humans does not pose any danger to his life. This project needs to study and know the types of turtles and the appropriate environment for their presence in them, as well as to identify the foods they eat and how to treat them if symptoms of a disease appear on them. The following explains:

Types of turtles that can be raised

  • Hawkes Bell.
  • As, Kemps Ridley.
  • Well, Olive Ridley.
  • Locker Head.
  • vulgar
  • Leatherback.

turtle food

  • Where the turtle’s diet depends on food rich in water and natural fibers.
  • Also, small amounts of fatty sources, and sugars.
  • Cereals and legumes are prohibited.
  • It is also strictly forbidden to offer any kind of prepared foods or canned food for other animals.
  • Also, lettuce leaves are one of the best foods to serve.
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How to raise turtles

  • Turtles need green areas with a large area so that they can move freely without any obstacles.
  • The confinement of turtles for a long time in a cage or at home affects their psychological and health significantly and may lead to their death.
  • In winter, turtles are placed in a dry and warm place.
  • Also, the turtle’s skeleton needs the sun’s heat and for a number of hours, not less than 15 hours, in addition to the presence of light sources at night.

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Feasibility study of a dairy cow breeding project in Saudi Arabia

The idea of ​​a dairy cow breeding project is one of the most profitable projects, whether the investment is to sell milk and cheese or sell meat. In both cases, the profit rate is high and covers all costs, and such projects work to provide job opportunities for young people, as well as projects that benefit the state and the entire community.

The main factors for the success of the dairy cow breeding project

  • Good breeds should be selected from high quality and productive cows.
  • The sanitary conditions for the animals, the barn or the farm must also be met, and the hygiene component must be taken care of.
  • With periodic medical examination of cows.
  • It provides good nutrition for cows so that it is comprehensive in the elements and rich in fiber.
  • As well as the idea of ​​​​feed production to reduce the cost of feeding.
  • With the manufacture of milk produced or part of it for other products.

The financial costs of the dairy cow breeding project

  • The duration of the production cycle for dairy cows is one month, and an estimated 12 production cycles per year.
  • At that time, ten heads of cows must be purchased, as the price of one cow is estimated at 20 thousand pounds
  • Therefore, the total cost of the purchase is 200 thousand pounds.
  • The project owner also needs two foragers for cows of 5 m in length, and the price of one forage is 600 pounds, while the total cost of feed is estimated at 1200 pounds.
  • The project requires the purchase of veterinary medicines at about 2500 pounds.
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Profitable animal production projects in Saudi Arabia

The prevailing among owners of livestock projects is to rely on raising cows, sheep and camels, while many projects can be benefited from and profit can be made through them, and due to the technological and technical development and the availability of all devices that contribute to preserving livestock, especially in the summer and winter seasons, such as ventilation, air conditioning, pumps, and others, The following are the profitable animal production projects in Saudi Arabia:

  • Where is the ornamental fish farming project.
  • Also, duck breeding project.
  • raising rabbits.
  • Pet bird breeding project.
  • Camel breeding.
  • Thoroughbred horse breeding.
  • Silkworm breeding.
  • Also, oyster farming.
  • Cow breeding project.
  • Also, turtle farming.
  • and dairy production project.
  • Also, shrimp farming

Poultry farming project in Saudi Arabia

Carrying out this project requires taking into account many conditions set by the ministry, the first of which is to choose a land completely far from the whereabouts of the residents, as well as the distance of about 5 square kilometers from the slaughterhouses and hatchery shops, choosing the place three kilometers from the other project, as well as staying away from projects Breeding cows about 2 km, and other conditions that must be known before starting the implementation of the animal investment project. The poultry project is characterized by several advantages that we explain as follows:

  • Get big profits without complications.
  • Also make use of eggs and meat.
  • Note that the success of the project depends on the good breed, where the chances of success of the project are greater.
  • The fodder used for feeding is also widely available.
  • Heating, feeding and watering elements must be provided, as well as adequate lighting and ventilation, mattresses, and a program of preventive immunizations.

The best profitable animal project in Saudi Arabia. In this article, we talked about identifying the most important animal projects that bring more profits if all project requirements are met, such as ventilation, heating and the presence of appropriate nutrition with preventive immunizations against diseases.

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