The best profitable projects in the countryside (11 profitable projects in the countryside)

The best profitable projects in the countryside (11 profitable projects in the countryside)

The best projects in the countrysideIn the event that you live in a small village and want to implement a small project that will bring you good profits and increase your income to live a decent life, you may be overwhelmed by the idea that there are no successful projects in villages or rural areas, and this is a very common mistake, in fact there are many successful projects in The countryside really has a great demand from the people of the countryside.

Here, through this article, we present to you these projects to make it easier for you to find a profitable project in the countryside or villages, so if you are wondering what are the successful projects in villages? Follow along with us to learn about the best successful projects in the countryside, which have met with great success in many villages.

The best profitable projects in the countryside (11 profitable projects in the countryside)
Profitable projects in the countryside

Profitable projects are not limited to cities only. All you have to do, dear reader, is to get out of this stereotype, and to continue reading the article to find impressive ideas for the best profitable projects in the countryside.

The best profitable projects in the countryside in the field of agriculture

Below we will show you the best agricultural projects in the countryside, as follows:

Sale of edible mushrooms

On average, you will harvest about 10 kilograms of mushrooms from every square metre. If I use a room of 200 square meters to grow mushrooms, we will get about 3 tons of mushrooms that can be harvested per crop, and about 14-15 tons per year.

Try to get regular buyers for your mushrooms, and in large quantities. As if supplying it to a restaurant that offers delicious mushroom recipes to attract its customers.

Selling crops (flowers, herbs, vegetables, fruits) all year round

Growing crops in the plastic house enables you to harvest all year round, and thus the continuous sale process and a decent income. From 1 square meter, you will be able to get up to 50 kilograms of products per year. You will need medium to large amounts of capital to start this project.

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Tip, decide which crops are most profitable to grow in your area, and then go.

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The best profitable projects in the countryside in the field of animal husbandry

Below we will show you the best projects in animal husbandry in the countryside, as follows:

domesticated project

Poultry farming is a good ongoing rural business, with quick returns. These revenues are distributed to: the production and sale of eggs, and the sale of chicken meat after its slaughter. You can also benefit from its waste either by using it as humus – a natural fertilizer – for your land, or by selling it to farmers who prefer it.

Owning a feather – a machine for removing chicken feathers after slaughtering – will save you an increase in demand and thus an increase in yield. Own it!


The number of equipment required for beekeeping is small and the cost is low. This project is characterized by the constant demand for honey, and the bees do not need additional care. The minimum costs are enough for you to move and gradually grow from a beginner beekeeper to an entrepreneur.

In the initial phase, consider having 5 hives, which will bring an average of 40 liters of honey each summer.

raising rabbits

The village is ideal for raising rabbits. Rabbit fur and meat are highly valued in the market, and the demand for them is constantly increasing. The rabbit breeding project is characterized by the fact that it does not require paying expenses for purchasing or renting land; You can use any free space you have in your country house.

To achieve a high level of stable income, it is necessary to keep at least 100 of them. Then gradually expand.

Breeding cows

Raising cows is a profitable and ongoing business. The financial return comes from selling fresh cow meat and milk directly to the consumer, or perhaps to a restaurant, bakery, or shops. You can also benefit from its waste either by using it as humus for your land, or selling it to farmers who prefer to use it for their lands. In addition to the possibility of manufacturing dairy and cheese of all kinds, and generating a wonderful income.

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The best profitable projects in the countryside in the field of trade

Below we will show you the best commercial projects in the countryside, as follows:

Land brokerage

If you have the skill of persuasion, negotiation, and presentation of offers and you have money, you will be able to buy land from farmers and then resell it to people who want to buy it for one reason or another. This project is characterized by high income based on the percentage of commission that you will earn from each sale and purchase.

Food trade

The human need and daily consumption of various foodstuffs will drive you to own a shop to sell these materials, whether in the local market or in any area of ​​your choice. You can also work in the field of wholesale trade, distributing goods to small shops.

Feed trade project

Pet owners such as chickens, birds, cows, etc. need fodder; To fatten their animals and take care of them, and then sell them. Your business as a feed wholesaler in the countryside will save farmers a lot of time and distances to go to the factory.

A shop selling cleaning supplies in the villages

In fact, some villages do not contain shops that sell cleaning materials, which is considered a small business that generates a lot of profits, especially since every home needs these materials in cleaning its home. The project needs many qualifications, which are as follows:

  • Choosing the location of the store so that it is suitable with the possibility of seeing it from all residents and easy access to it.
  • The store should have an attached place or store where you can store the goods in a way that meets the conditions of good ventilation and continuous availability of electricity.
  • Choose the types of cleaning materials most desired by consumers in the village.
  • Testing the location of the store in a place far from the stores that operate in the same specialty.

Oil extraction project (olive, sunflower oil)

Owning a field of olive trees may encourage you to own a machine to squeeze oil from it and sell it. You can not be content with only the crops of your field; Since you can guarantee fields from some farmers. You will have to store large amounts of oil under certain conditions to ensure the continuity of the flow. In addition to the possibility of using the machine to extract the oils of the rest of the farmers. In addition to the possibility of benefiting from the waste resulting from the pressing process in various industries, such as manufacturing industrial coal or using it for heating.

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Advantages and disadvantages of working in the countryside

Among the main advantages of working in the countryside:

  • Little competition, compared to the city and provided that the type of work is not yet busy or in a small amount.
  • Low to medium cost to start your project. For example, lower wages for production areas.
  • abundance of manpower; For one reason or another, rural areas suffer from a high rate of unemployment.
  • Proximity to natural resources necessary for the development of certain types of trade.
  • Financial support and legal facilities provided by official bodies to residents of rural areas; in order to develop it.

Do not make the negatives that you may face, such as the lack of qualified employees to occupy specialized positions, or the small income compared to the income of the cities or the low purchasing power of the rural population, an obstacle that stands in front of the hopes that you seek to achieve, and go out of the ordinary calmly, organized and planned.

Yes, dear reader, you can become a successful entrepreneur in your village. Just put your fears aside and start with the following:

  • Market analysis.
  • Develop an action plan.
  • Implementation stage.

With the correct organization of the stages of work, such a project would be the most profitable project in the village and perhaps the neighboring villages. It will be able to generate an income comparable to, or even better than, the city’s.

Here, my dears, we have come to the conclusion of this article, through which we got acquainted with the best successful projects in the countryside 2023. I hope that you like the article, hoping that everyone will benefit from it.

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