The best project with a capital of 50 thousand riyals –

The best project with a capital of 50 thousand riyals –

The best project with a capital of 50 thousand riyalsWhen one of us wants to start his own project, he chooses a project that is commensurate with the amount of money he has, in order to avoid falling into the trap of debts or loans, and everyone knows the limits and material capabilities that he has and accordingly moves in the world of projects and trade, and there Lots of suggestions on different projects, and through our topic we will learn about the best project with a capital of 50,000 riyals.

The best project with a capital of 50 thousand riyals

Some people who want to enter the world of trade by starting a project determine the amount they will start their own project with, and through our topic for today, we will learn about the best project with a capital of 50 thousand riyals through the following lines:

  • There are a number of projects through which a capital of up to fifty thousand riyals is paid, such as: an aromatic project for the sale of consumables of all kinds, a project for a shop selling detergents, and a project for a shop for accessories and gifts
  • It is also possible for people to establish various projects for profit, such as: the packaging project, the project of a shop selling kitchen appliances, the project of the merchant selling paper cups, and the project of buying and reselling used washing machines.
  • In addition to other ideas recommended by people who have experience in this field, such as: the project of buying and reselling used plastic barrels, a project to trade in cement, iron and building materials, a car wash project, a fresh market project, a shawarma restaurant project, and a coffee kiosk project.
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A project whose monthly income is 30,000

People who open their own project in order to generate profits for them expect a certain amount of money to earn from this project, and through our topic for today, titled The Best Project with a Capital of 50,000 Riyals, we will learn about a project whose monthly income is 30,000:

wall printing machine

  • Every day, new technologies appear in various areas of life, and everything that attracts attention is sought after by all segments of society.
  • And the wall printing machine is one of the projects that have been well received by people in recent times, especially as it prints everything that a person desires accurately and clearly.
  • Various studies say that the wall printing machine project is one of the successful projects in the Arab world as a whole, and many people have recently been thinking of opening a similar project.
  • The main idea in this project is to provide sufficient capital to purchase the printing machine, and then choose good means in order to market the project well.
  • These machines print different types of drawings or paintings, no matter how accurate, on the wall, on wood or on plastic walls.
  • The various studies that have been established on this project say that its profits are good, as it has reached thirty thousand Saudi riyals, and there are some people with whom the profits have reached forty thousand Saudi riyals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

paper cup trade

  • Paper cups are well-known products that are widely used by all people and in various places, so that some people have recently started using them in their homes during times of spells and others.
  • This has made the Digital Cups project one of the most profitable projects in the recent period, and it is recommended to everyone who wants to start their own business.
  • We mentioned these details within our topic, the best project with a capital of 50 thousand riyals.
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A very successful project with a capital of 12 thousand riyals

A person may have a large amount of money as a result of something that happened to him in life and he earned this amount from behind it, such as retirement in which the person gets an amount called the end of service, the first thing he thinks about is setting up a project, and we will now discuss the idea of ​​a very successful project and head His money is 12 thousand riyals.

  • It is possible to open a good project by paying a capital of up to twelve thousand riyals, such as: a rabbit breeding project, a site design project, a food preparation project, a childcare project, and a delivery car project.
  • Also, among the ideas proposed in this regard are the establishment of an online store, a photocopy or printing machine, a project for selling accessories, a perfume production project, and a writing and writing project.

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$50,000 projects

Not all newly created projects are a small project, but sometimes many people participate in a project, and we find them paying huge amounts for this project, and we will now learn about projects worth 50 thousand dollars:

  • A development company project This is a large project that requires a large capital, so experts advise that the person initially starts the project with a small company and then expands.
  • The goal of this project is to develop various projects that have proven their worth in the labor market, and then are developed, so that the return will be good for the project owner.
  • Anyone who wants to invest his money in a project has to know the conditions well and invest in what brings him benefit and interest, in addition to great money and profits.
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Project with 70 thousand riyals

The sum of seventy thousand riyals is not a simple amount, but there are those who are willing to sacrifice such an amount in order to secure his life and start a project that will return to him with huge profits. Through our topic for today, we will learn about a project worth 70 thousand riyals through the following lines:

  • Electronic product project.
  • Also, a person with this large amount of money can create a local online shopping platform.
  • Try selling your handicrafts online.
  • The field of writing and creating content has become a popular field that costs its owner a lot of capital, so it is recommended to start a content creation project.
  • Commercial cleaning services.
  • Providing private training services.
  • Beekeeping and honey production project

Project for 500 thousand

Five hundred thousand Saudi riyals is half a million, and if we look at this number, we will find that it is very large, but there are people who have the courage to start a large project commensurate with these large sums, and through our topic for today we will learn about ideas for a project with 500 thousand:

  • One of the large projects, whose cost sometimes reaches half a million riyals, is the project of a spa and massage center for women and men.
  • Food Foundation.
  • Supervising the production of television programs for children.
  • Delivery company project.

Here we have come with you to the conclusion of our article for today, which is titled The best project with a capital of 50 thousand riyalsThrough it, we got to know different proposals for commercial projects.

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