The best small project in Egypt – platform

The best small project in Egypt – platform

The best small project in Egypt, Projects represent a major and pivotal role in the process of production and income generation, and their importance is not limited to investors, but rather contribute to achieving economic goals that would help in the development of the country, bearing in mind that most of these projects are productive, commercial, as well as service, so they reduce Unemployment rate for a large number of young people and job seekers to achieve their ambitions by exploiting the capabilities and skills they possess, and we present in this article the best small project in Egypt.

The best small project in Egypt

Before delving into mentioning the best profitable project, the investor must be aware of the reasons for the failure of the projects in order to avoid falling into them during the implementation of his project. Profit according to the timeline, and we explain the following as the best small business in Egypt:

Perfume shop project

  • This project needs to have empty bottles and different shapes, types and as sizes.
  • The crude essential oil is also available, and it is called the essence, noting that it is the highest cost in that project.
  • Salveon oil is also available and used in the installation of perfumes.
  • It is also distilled water, so that it is added to the mixture in a specific amount, and it can be purchased from a pharmacy or commercial store.

Car wash project

  • The project requires the existence of the shop with specific specifications, so that the average rent price in villages does not vary from 500 pounds, while in cities it is 2000 pounds.
  • Also, banners and some advertisements must be available for the laundry to distribute.
  • Also, it provides washing, lifting, polishing and drying tools, the value of which exceeds 5,000 pounds.
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Projects not found in Egypt

Entering the world of self-employment seems scary, especially in the event of engaging in projects that do not exist in Egypt, and it is natural that the projects are service-oriented so that all segments of society benefit from them, but engaging in unique experiences is a real investment, and this contributes to the establishment of such projects and is not limited to On clothing and food projects, which are estimated in imaginary numbers, the following is an illustration of projects that do not exist in Egypt:

Motorcycle project

  • Egypt imports a huge number of motorcycles.
  • Especially since many of them do not depend on it for transportation.
  • And with the provision of the delivery service, it has become necessary to provide it.

Solar panels factory

  • It is commonplace that all countries are moving towards the use of renewable energy in the production of electricity through the adoption of solar energy panels.
  • Where it is used in lighting homes, and in poultry farms for heating, especially with the large power outages in the winter.
  • Note that all solar panels are imported from abroad, and it usually takes a long time to ship them, otherwise paying customs duties and high shipping costs.
  • There are also a large number of specialists in Egypt who are able to produce such panels.

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Successful small projects for young people in Egypt

Despite the importance of youth orientation to establish their own projects and businesses, they need to develop their skills and build capabilities, as well as continuous education and training, so that they are qualified people to successfully enter the world of investment and establish projects with a large expansion in the future. Part of that responsibility falls on the state so that it By providing all training courses and financing, we explain the following successful small projects for young people in Egypt:

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Spice shop project

  • The most successful commercial projects, and the percentage of failure is not mentioned in the event of a sufficient and comprehensive study of the project.
  • This project requires herbs and oils, as well as ready-made products, foods, spices, and fodder.
  • The percentage of profits can be increased through the availability of hygiene and the quality of the products, as well as advertising and marketing of the products, and possibly providing a home delivery service.

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A profitable project in a popular area

Job opportunities and support for the entrepreneurial creativity of young people must be provided, as well as workshops capable of creating a generation that has the ability to excel and be creative instead of waiting in the ranks of traditional government jobs. Therefore, governments must not be devoid of their responsibility towards the youth and the unemployed, especially with the lack of a head. This segment has money, and this can be done through the provision of various financing sources such as loans and charitable institutions. The following is an illustration of a profitable project in a popular area:

grocery project

  • This project needs to rent a small supermarket.
  • So that it is in a vital place, and in an appropriate amount.
  • Shelves, goods and all the supplies needed by the projects are also equipped.
  • Offers and gifts can be created in case of purchase with a large amount.


  • This project needs a skilled barber who has experience in dealing with hair, how to shave, and knowledge of the latest fashion trends that young people are attracted to.
  • You can become a professional barber by attending the course and then it is easy to apply.
  • The place of the shop must be equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment, with the availability of a modern decoration design.
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of the tools and changing them continuously and the cleanliness of the place.

Profitable projects in Egypt with small capital

Projects of all kinds are the most important tributaries and components of the economic and social development process, especially in poor developing countries, which live in a poor state of managing natural and economic resources. Optimum utilization by the youth of economic, industrial and other projects helps move the wheel of economic development, and we explain the following Profitable projects in Egypt with small capital:

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Pepsi distribution project

  • The owner of the project distributes the products to various shops and malls, knowing that the company spends a lot of money on advertising for it annually.
  • The company also gives distributors a lot of gifts and bonuses, and this contributes to increasing the percentage of profits.
  • The entrepreneur can exchange or return damaged and expired products, so the loss factor is weak.

Successful projects with small capital

Confidence in the success of the project with the ability to excel in project management and avoid the word failure in the project, as well as identifying strengths and focusing on them in a large way, contributes to the success of the project to a large extent, and the following are successful projects with a small capital:

Library project to sell school supplies

  • A suitable place must be chosen so that it is close to educational institutions.
  • There is also a strong power source.
  • Choose a good space so that customers can walk around the library and see the shelves easily.
  • As for the costs of renting a shop, it ranges between 500 and 700 pounds per month in villages, while it reaches 1,000 pounds in cities.
  • Hardware must have a desktop computer, copier, and printer.
  • As publicity and advertising for the success of the library and access to the largest number of customers.
  • Also the works of decoration and equipment, and the control system.
  • The most important thing is licensing the library, noting that the licensing procedures are carried out directly through the city council in which the commercial store is located.

The best small project in Egypt, the real gain in exploiting the energies and capabilities of young people towards pioneering projects, and the state must provide all sources of funding, and provide training courses and workshops that benefit in leading themselves.

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