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The best types and prices of Kia 2023 tires, along with their most important specifications – platform

The best types and prices of Kia 2023 tires, along with their most important specifications – platform

The best types of tires and their prices are Kia, The automotive sector is witnessing an increasing rise every year, and this means that millions of tires and wheels are produced in various countries of the world, so there are different types of tires and a variety of quality between good and bad, and certainly this field will not be without attempts at counterfeiting and manipulation, and it needs then The buyer gets acquainted with the characteristics of the tire with the company that produces the best tires, as well as the speed at which it is possible to walk, and in this article we explain the best types of tires and their prices, Kia.

The best types of tires and their prices are Kia

Perhaps the most obsessive question that many car users ask is how is it possible to know that the car tire needs to be replaced and has been exposed to wear factors, and perhaps determining the level of car wear is not a complicated matter, and this may only require taking a quick look but accurately and with the help of a piece of metal to examine the outer layer At these points, we learn about the best types of Kia tires and their prices:

  • The price of a 16-inch car tire, model 275/70R16114H, is about 477 Saudi riyals.
  • The price of a 17-inch car tire, model 265/70R17113S, is 478 SAR.
  • While the price of a 20-inch car tire, model 265/50R20111V, is 524 SAR.
  • Also, the size of the tires and the price of the 13-inch Bridgestone tires ranges between 143.26 SAR and 191.49 SAR.

  • Bridgestone covers, 14 inches, 227.39 Saudi riyals.

  • Add to that the 15-inch Bridgestone cover, 287.23 SAR.

  • Bridgestone covers, 16 inches, 359.04 Saudi riyals.

The best types of Chinese tires in Saudi Arabia

Each car has a booklet dedicated to instructions that contribute to the correct handling of the car, as well as identifying the details of the tires suitable for the car, mentioning the size. The best types of Chinese tires in Saudi Arabia:

A3 type frame

  • These tires are characterized by their strength and durability, as they are made of the most luxurious and high-quality rubber materials.
  • It also makes the user feel safe and comfortable when using it.
  • One of the most popular and attractive types of Chinese tires.
  • Although the company producing it is Chinese, problems are rare.
  • The prices are affordable for many customers.
  • It also enjoys a five-year warranty.
  • When driving, the driver feels the advantages with no obstacles.

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Jinyu type frame

  • The best types of Chinese tires in Saudi Arabia.
  • The tire manufacturer has obtained more than 140 patents, which makes it widespread in the Arab and European worlds.
  • It is also classified in the first category in terms of quality in its manufacture, which is the famous G8A type.
  • Their prices vary according to their types, as the price of YU61 tires reaches 460 Saudi riyals.

Terra Max frame

  • It has the ability to walk in high humidity and dry areas with the same efficiency and long stability.
  • It can provide multiple ways to provide driver safe driving.
  • The company is constantly striving to provide tires with high strength and endurance for all roads.
  • It is also popular in SUVs.
  • The company also specializes in providing tires for crossover cars inside and outside the Kingdom.

ATRIZO ACU type frame

  • Do not consume large amounts of fuel.
  • It works with the same efficiency and speed while maintaining stability in all roads, whether dry or wet.
  • It prevents shocks and deviations from occurring, thus feeling safe and comfortable.
  • Also, it is spread in many countries, the most important of which is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • It is one of the most responsive tires to brakes and car steering by the driver.

Sailun type frame

  • The world’s best-selling tire company.
  • It has succeeded in being distinguished in more than 50 Arab, European and Asian countries around the world.
  • Note that it is the official agent of the company in the Kingdom is the well-known Mohammed Naghi Motors Company.
  • Its tires are also suitable for all cars and the various sizes required.

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The best types of Korean tires

The life span of the tire varies according to use and the region as well as the climatic conditions that play a major role in tire wear and destruction. For example, Mercedes and Nissan companies do not exceed 6 years of tire life, due to exposure to cracks in the tire, which makes it more fragile and unusable, so It is better to buy newly made tires, and below we mention the best types of Korean tires:

  • michelin tires
  • Also, Bridgestone tires
  • Add to that the Pirelli tire
  • Also, Continental tires
  • Hankook rubber
  • Yokohama Couch.

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The best Japanese tires

There are many companies that produce wheels with high efficiency and quality, such as German, French, Japanese, Italian, and American companies, and there are medium quality, and others are poor, and the most important thing is to stay away from cheap types of bad quality that cause road accidents and poor performance, and we talk about those The lines about the best types of Japanese tires:

Bridgestone tires

  • The company holds a trademark in the manufacture of high quality auto tires.
  • In addition, it is one of the best companies in the manufacture of rubber tires for cars in the world.
  • Tires are made from the best raw materials and natural resources, and this gives them high quality and great efficiency.
  • It contributes to reducing carbon dioxide emission rates and increasing the performance and efficiency of car tires.

Continental coach

  • Using the company’s tires for luxury cars such as Mercedes and BMW.
  • It also guarantees quality, distinction and comfort in cars along with luxury.

Yokohama Couch

  • The company relies on the use of modern technologies for tires in various forms.
  • It also uses anti-rolling technology for tires.

The best types of Turkish rubber in Egypt

Upgrading your car will only give you more power and grit, so drivers looking for precise handling and improved response with perfect grip while accelerating and cornering should get the best high-performance tires that are worth the mileage sacrifices, and we explain below the best types of Turkish tires in Egypt:

  • Where the Turkish car tire Milestone size 15 at a price of 930 pounds.
  • Turkish Milestone car tires, size 16, at a price ranging from 870 to 1100 pounds.
  • Likewise, the Turkish Star Max car tire, size 15, costs 900 pounds.
  • Likewise, the Turkish Star Max car tire, size 16, costs 915 pounds.
  • In addition, the Turkish Goodyear car tire, size 16, costs 1,000 pounds.
  • Turkish Star Max car tire, size 17, at 1380 pounds.
  • Likewise, Turkish car tires, size 17, at a price of 1320 pounds.
  • Turkish car tire, size 17, at a price of 1080 pounds.

The best types of tires, size 15

To prolong the life of the tire, it is good to check the tire pressure. Excessively inflated tires may lead to problems with the brakes, so once a month is sufficient, knowing that the newer cars have built-in systems to inform drivers in the event of low tire pressure, and we mention the following best Types of rubber 15

  • Car tires, size 15, range from 995 to 1275 pounds.
  • The car tire is Pirelli, size 15, at a price of 1470 pounds.
  • Bridgestone car tires, size 15, at a price ranging from 1290 to 1690 pounds.
  • As well as Michelin car tires, size 15, at a price ranging from 850 to 950 pounds.
  • Deepka car tire, size 15, at a price of 950 pounds.
  • Also, Hankook car tires, size 15, at a price ranging from 940 to 1295 pounds.
  • Eccles car tires, size 15, at a price ranging from 880 to 910 pounds.
  • Kumho car tire, Vietnamese, size 15, at a price of 930 pounds.
  • Also, Nexen car tires are Korean, size 15, at a price of 880 pounds.

The best types of tires and their prices are Kia, it is necessary that the periodic inspection be on the tires of the car to ensure the comfort and safety of the driver and passengers, while choosing the best quality and stable ones in all environmental and climatic conditions.

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