The best types of chips with pictures 2023 with flavors and calories – platform

The best types of chips with pictures 2023 with flavors and calories – platform

The best types of chips with pictures 2023, Potato chips are the ideal choice, a delicious crunchy meal, and the best snack for everyone. Companies have competed for decades to produce the best and finest types and to create new unparalleled flavors. They are a major reason for greatly increasing profits in the field of fast food and snacks. Chips may give us several Benefits In the event of the correct selection of the type of chips and the quality of its production, we mention in this article the best types of chips with pictures 2023.

The best types of chips with pictures

Perhaps the most important health benefits when eating potato chips baked in the oven is their fat content, as chips can be cooked in a healthy way at home, and in this case it leads to enhancing cardiovascular health and reducing the chances of developing diabetes and some types of cancer, in addition to that there are Types that can be obtained are characterized by being less harmful and of high quality. The following is an illustration of the best types of chips with pictures:

Cape Cod

  • It has BBQ flavor, onion, sea salt, vinegar and sweet and spicy jalapeno.
  • It has been rated as the most popular potato in the world.

The original ruffles

The best types of chips with pictures 2023

  • Its ingredients include potato slices, salt, corn oil and sunflower oil.
  • As for the flavors, such as cheddar, pepperoni, sour cream, onion and cashew.

for any

  • Lay’s chips are among the best freshly baked chips because they are low in sodium, calories and 65% fat.
  • It also features a variety of innovative flavors such as onion, sour cream and flavored salt. Onion, bbq flavor, salt and pepper flavor.
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The best types of chips with pictures 2023

  • It is made from potatoes, rice and corn.
  • Pringles chips contain 42% potato and are ranked among the best potato chips.
  • It features our signature shrimp cocktail flavour, curry onion flavour, mozzarella flavour, and many other innovative flavors in a variety of flavours.


  • Doritos is a brand of tortillas founded by PepsiCo Frito-Lay
  • Its products are distributed all over the world. In this way ,
  • It is also one of the most famous manufacturers of fried chips in the entire world.

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New Lays potatoes

Lays is a distinguished trademark for varieties of potato chips, but the percentage of vitamins and minerals is very low, reaching 10 percent of the daily requirement per serving, and the salt content is particularly high, so the meal contains up to 380 mg of sodium, The following are the new Lays potato varieties:

  • Regular: It has delicious flavors, including salt, salt and vinegar, tomato ketchup, French cheese, hot pepper and others.
  • Max: This type of chips contains flavors of cheese and onions, cheddar cheese with cream, Mexican chili flavor, and others.
  • Forno: It comes in flavors of labneh, mint, black pepper, original cheese, and others.
  • Stax: Salt & Vinegar, Sour Cream, Mesquite BBQ, Pizza, Cheddar Cheese, Salt Flavor, etc. have been added to it.
  • Kettle (cooked): Produced in flavors of Salt, Mexican Chili, Mesquite BBQ and more.
  • Bubbles: It also contains the flavor of chili and lemon, honey and barbecue, and the flavor of cream cheese with dill and others.
  • Wavy: Available in salt, chocolate, ranch sauce, and others.
  • Scoops: Include spicy cheese flavors, herbal flavor, and more.
  • Forno Fusion (Baked): Includes Lebanese and Italian flavour.
  • Gourmet: Comes in classic cheddar cheese flavors with caramelized onions, sweet peppers with sour cream, lemon zest and black pepper, among others.

Tasali potato types

The Tasali name is given to the Saudi Company for Food Industries Tasali, as it is the second largest company in terms of snacks. Tasali chips are witnessing a wide demand for all their distinct flavors. Large quantities of them were also exported to neighboring Arab countries, because of its flavor and high quality. The following is an explanation of the types Fun potatoes:

  • Potato chips
    • ketchup
    • Chili pepper
    • Hot ketchup
    • Cumin and lemon
    • Spicy Nar: Black Lemon
    • Dates and tahini
    • Chili and lemon
  • Fun and people (corn puffs)
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The best diet chips with fewer calories

Types of diet chips contain few calories, and they are free from harmful substances such as preservatives. They are prepared by baking them in the oven as an alternative to frying them with hydrogenated oils. Most importantly, there are gluten-free types to suit those who suffer from gluten sensitivity, and one of their most important components Protein, fiber, some vitamins, and important nutrients, and we present the following The best diet chips with fewer calories

  • Healthy snack sticks
  • Also, a healthy snack with blue chips
  • Quest protein chips
  • So, Seapoint Farms chips
  • Healthy snack, cheese chips
  • Also, Atkins Diet Bar
  • Healthy chips from fresh potatoes
  • Also, healthy tortilla chips
  • Healthy snack bars
  • Diet Snack Kashi
  • Pringles chips reduced fat
  • Also, Oven Baked Original chips from Lay’s
  • Chipotle tortilla chips from Guiltless Gourmet

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The best healthy chips for children

Chips are fast and harmful food for children, especially since they are in a stage of growth and muscle building. The mother must provide healthy meals and stay away as much as possible from all kinds of chips, especially the bad ones. An alternative can be found by making healthy and useful chips at home so that it is difficult to differentiate between it and regular chips. We offer the best healthy chips for children:

How to make healthy chips for kids

the ingredients

  • A large cup of cornmeal.
  • One tablespoon of vegetable oil.
  • Half a teaspoon of salt.
  • Some spices for flavour.
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  • First, boil three-quarters of a cup of water, add corn flour and oil to it, and stir well.
  • The next step is to scoop a full tablespoon of this dough and spread it on the baking tray after greasing it with some oil, until the amount of dough is finished.
  • The formed dough is pressed until it becomes thin in size, like chips.
  • Then put the chips for ten minutes in an oven with a temperature of 200 degrees Celsius

The best healthy chips

Despite the damage caused by consuming ready-made potato chips, resort to eating the least harmful types that do not contain artificial colors, as well as small amounts of sodium and fat, which is an ideal solution to eliminate the problem of devouring chips and the inability to leave it, and the following are the best types healthy chips:

  • Lays Chips with Salt Baked in the Oven: It is one of the healthy types that contain small amounts of fat compared to other types, as it has less fat than the rest of the types by (65%).
  • Tostitos baked in the oven: it contains a small percentage of fat, as it is less (50%) than the fat found in other types.
  • Pop Chips with Sea Salt Flavor: It is prepared by pressure, and oleic acid is used in the manufacture of Pop Chips, and this helps a person reduce his appetite, and thus lose weight.
  • Pop Chips Sour Cream Cheddar Cheese Flavor: Produced using only natural colors, which are extracted from red pepper, turmeric, and more.
  • Raffles with sour cream and cheddar cheese: Raffles chips are prepared in the oven, without using any artificial materials, and these chips are characterized by their low calories.

The best types of chips with pictures 2023, we touched on listing many types of healthy chips, as well as the best types that can be consumed, but in specific proportions, especially because they contain sodium in a strong concentration, and we also learned about how to prepare shish kebab for children.

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