The best types of incense in Saudi Arabia 2023, their prices and uses – platform

The best types of incense in Saudi Arabia 2023, their prices and uses – platform

The best types of incense in Saudi Arabia and their prices, The use of incense is not born in the era, but has existed since ancient times, and its use has emerged in many ancient cultures such as the Chinese and Egyptian civilizations, and far from delving into the history of perfumes, as it gives positive energy to the body and stimulation to all cells of the body, noting the use of poor industrial incense that releases substances It is toxic and therefore reflects negatively on the body, and all that and more we review by getting to know the best types of incense in Saudi Arabia and their prices.

The best types of incense in Saudi Arabia and their prices

Incense is a solid substance that grows abundantly in tropical places and highlands. When it burns, a pleasant smell comes out of it, which gives the body a lot of psychological and physical benefits. Recently, many substances have been mixed with it to give a wonderful aromatic substance. It is used for clothes, homes and many uses. Below is a list of the best types of incense. In Saudi Arabia and their prices:

Blue oud incense

  • The finest and most expensive types of incense in the Arab world, especially in the Gulf countries.
  • It is called the Super Double.
  • Despite the high price, it is very popular.
  • Especially since the scent lasts for several days and is installed at home.
  • It is a piece of heavy weight, black in color, and does not drip for greasing.

Sandalwood incense

  • It is included in the composition of many international perfumes.
  • It is extracted from the finest types of sandalwood, which are widespread in the countries of East Asia.
  • It is used in many Arab cultures as well as Indian.
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Cambodian oud incense

  • It is very rare and difficult to obtain in large quantities.
  • It has a strong relationship with the security and political situation in India and Cambodia, the main place of its spread.
  • Its price reaches 800 Saudi riyals

Laotian oud incense

  • The most suitable type of incense for clothes and homes.
  • It is distinguished by its strong stability and smart scent.
  • It may be restricted to the wealthy class.
  • It is distributed exclusively in Laos, Southeast Asia.

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The best incense for occasions

Wonderful and distinctive smells evoke a positive reaction in the brains, and may bring us back to the memory of people and good emotions and good feelings, as it raises the level of serotonin in the brain, and acts as an alternative to drug abuse, and sometimes pharmacological methods may not lead to raising the level of serotonin in the brain, but This is possible when using incense, which in turn leads to an improvement in mood without having side effects. Below we learn about the best oud incense for occasions:

Anti-stress incense

  • It has a wonderful blend of resins, musk and floral notes.
  • It is usually used in many religious rituals of the Indians, and is also used for relaxation, anxiety and stress.

Lavender Incense

  • It is used to perfume the air, as it is well ventilated.
  • Lavender incense also refreshes the body and mind.
  • It is also used to perfume homes and for various meditation purposes.

eat hem

  • A smart choice for a unique experience of amazing scents.
  • A good choice for all occasions, whether religious or social.

Satya ng champa incense

  • Mainly used for yoga or meditation.
  • It also features a rich, earthy scent that refreshes the atmosphere with the harmony of exercise.

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The best types of incense for the bride

The types of incense for the bride or the house must be purchased from reliable sources and stores, to ensure the quality and not to cause any negative damage, with a focus on the quality and good smell that lasts the longest, especially with the industrial additives to the incense and mixing it with harmful materials, and below we mention the best types of incense for the bride:

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Areen incense

  • One of the favorite types of incense for many brides.
  • It smells good and fragrant, and can stay longer in the atmosphere.
  • It is the first choice for the bride in the event of a beautiful appearance among the invitees.

Indian incense for the bride

  • It is used to perfume halls and places where weddings are held.
  • It leaves a very fragrant scent that lasts for a long time.

Daqqa Marouki incense

  • It can be used to change the scent of the bride’s house.
  • While welcoming friends and relatives with a beautiful view.
  • It helps soften the air and get rid of any odors as quickly as possible.
  • Where its smell remains stuck in the air for a long time.

Oud al-Dar incense for the bride

  • It can be presented as a special gift within a group of perfumes of high quality and unique scent.
  • Contributes to cleansing and refreshing the atmosphere.

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Types of incense and their uses

Inhaling incense improves concentration and raises mental abilities, as well as eliminates infections and fungi that spread in clothes and the body, and many types improve respiratory problems, and the matter is not limited to that, as the list goes on to mention the benefits of incense, and the following are the types of incense and their uses:

Frankincense incense

  • It is extracted from frankincense trees, and is widely used to perfume clothes and homes.
  • It is a resin that is mixed with other materials such as amber and saffron to reach a distinctive scent.
  • This incense is made by preparing frankincense grains from the apothecary, then burning them on a piece of charcoal, and a refreshing scent is emitted.

musk incense

  • Mentioned in the Holy Quran, there are two types of white and black.
  • It is used in perfumery and gives an attractive and striking scent.

Amber incense

  • One of the favorite types of many.
  • Where it is extracted from the intestines of whales.
  • It is characterized by its high price.
  • Fif is included in the composition of other types of incense because of its strong smell.
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The best types of incense for the home

Although the houses are cleaned on a daily basis, the lack of a fresh smell makes the atmosphere in a state of gloom and sadness. Many may resort to using chemical smells, but they quickly disappear, so the only option for them is to use the best types of household incense, and we mention the most prominent of them as follows:

Vietnamese incense

  • Its scent is stable and lasts for a long period of time.
  • It is also affordable for many people.
  • It has a distinctive scent that attracts large numbers of customers.

Incense benzoin

  • It is extracted from the trees of the island of Java, which is why it is called Java
  • One of the cheap types of incense, but its scent lasts for a long time.
  • It is included in the installation of many industries, most notably the manufacture of medicines, sterile materials, as well as analgesics and many medical fields.

white camphor

  • It is extracted from the bark of camphor trees. It is white in color and fragrant.
  • It is used in the manufacture of cosmetics and fungicides.

Red Mercury

  • It is usually in liquid form.
  • It is used by some in the preparation of the jinn or the extraction of buried antiquities.

Types of Indian incense

It is very rare to get a pure Indian agarwood with a degree of purity of up to 100% or natural Indian agarwood, and the reason for this is the spread of the phenomenon of cheating in the original Indian agarwood, where the agarwood is poured with cement with the addition of a simple wax layer on it, as well as colors extracted from natural materials For the appearance of the oud in its natural state, we mention the following types of Indian incense:

  • Royal Indian incense
  • Like the Indian blue oud
  • Also Indian Triple Super Oud
  • Also, Indian Oud Double Super
  • Super Indian Oud
  • Assam Indian vows

The best types of incense in Saudi Arabia and their prices, perfumes play a vital role in stimulating the brain towards doing positive actions, and it also has the ability to raise the level of stimulation in the brain and mental abilities, so you must search for the best types of incense and bring them home.

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