The best types of wallpaper 2023, their prices and features – platform

The best types of wallpaper 2023, their prices and features – platform

The best types of wallpaper and their prices 2023, Most people use wallpaper often to hide the cracks in the walls and to make the room more attractive, and the paper consists of rough materials and fabrics, industrial fibers and plastics, so that it is pasted using adhesive paste that is painted on the side adjacent to a wall and leads to its fusion, and the wallpaper is sold in the form of large sheets wrapped in different lengths This method is considered an alternative to paint and is more practical to be removed and installed without any complication, and in this article we review the best types of wallpaper and their prices 2023.

The best kind of wallpaper

Wallpaper was discovered in the sixth century to give brightness and elegant aesthetic touches to the walls, as well as to manipulate the space of the rooms in an amazing way, and wallpaper is available in different colors and patterns, and the preferred shape and type can be chosen according to personal tastes and inclinations, especially for lovers of change and elegance without the need to use somewhat expensive paint, Here are the best types of wallpaper:

vinyl wallpaper

  • It is the most popular and used adhesive paper. It contains adhesive materials designed behind the paper completely, which contribute to its adhesion easily after removing the tape covering the adhesive material. It is also attached to the walls according to the design or the direction of its inscriptions. There are several types of vinyl paper, which is divided into:
  • Whereas, fabric-backed vinyl
  • Moisture-resistant vinyl is also intended for bathrooms and basement floors that are more susceptible to moisture
  • Hard vinyl
  • Moreover. Paper backed vinyl

Grass tissue leaves

  • It is often made of natural herbs woven with thin cotton threads.
  • It is affixed with a special technology to the wallpaper, which makes it an environmentally friendly product.
  • This paper is characterized by its elegant and modern designs.
  • It can be hung on walls with ease, all it takes is a strong glue tool.
  • The disadvantages of grass wallpaper are the possibility of knots forming in the grass.
  • Add to this the high prices of some types of it, such as glass fabric.

Wallpaper with inscriptions and patterns

  • The wallpaper with vertical inscriptions is characterized by its aesthetic and attractive appearance, as the person feels through it that the ceiling of the wall is higher than it is in reality.
  • Despite the difficulty of installation, it gives a unique elegance to the place.
  • It is also characterized by the presence of a large number of different shapes, patterns, and elegant inscriptions, as it fits with the dimensions and decorations of rooms and walls, and its most famous forms are vertical and horizontal inscriptions.
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metallic wallpaper

  • The paper is pasted using very thin metal foil, and this gives it the properties of reflective metals that give a kind of illumination to the dark space of the place.
  • It is also distinguished by the diversity of its shapes, designs and types, most notably gold, silver and copper.
  • Walls give elegance and luxury, and it must be hung and kept away from electrical and lighting circuit breakers, due to the properties of metals that conduct electricity.

mural designs wallpaper

  • This paper is one of the most beautiful and best types of wallpaper.
  • It is good to focus on the most important elements of decorating the walls with paper, which is to be suitable for the general decor.

Washable wallpaper

  • Naturally, wallpaper gets dirty over time.
  • Therefore, the importance of this type of paper is that it can be washed and cleaned within specific criteria.
  • It is also very suitable for people who want to cover the walls of living rooms, children’s rooms, or places that are more prone to stains or dirt.
  • It is also reasonably priced compared to the benefits it has.

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Wallpaper prices with installation in Saudi Arabia 2023

Changing the home decor and its elegance has become an important topic that occupies a large part of the thinking of many, and this is what prompts them to search for new and modern ways, the most prominent of which is changing wall designs and replacing the traditional colored paint method, as well as making hand-carved inscriptions by it, in an attractive manner. Below we review the prices of wallpaper With installation in Saudi Arabia 2023:

Paper type and size price
Ikam Marble Wallpaper, 5m x 60cm, self-adhesive, water and moisture resistant. At a price of 89 Saudi riyals
3D self-adhesive wallpaper 45cm x 10m. At a price of 49 Saudi riyals
Ayam Marble Pattern Wallpaper, size 10 meters x 45 cm, water and moisture resistant, self-adhesive At a price of 99 Saudi riyals
10pcs LPA Foam Self Adhesive Wallpaper for Living Room. At a price of 71 Saudi riyals
3D Black Stone Wallpaper, waterproof and moisture-proof, removable and self-adhesive. At a price of 84 Saudi riyals
Arthome Wooden Wallpaper, size 43 x 300 cm, self-adhesive, removable vinyl. At a price of 59 Saudi riyals
Shardo Marble Wallpaper for Kitchen and Desktop, PVC, 60 x 200 cm. At a price of 36 Saudi riyals
White Marble Wallpaper, Size 140 x 300 cm, Removable and Waterproof, Decorative Kitchen Wallpaper At a price of 57 Saudi riyals
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Wallpaper prices on Amazon Saudi Arabia

Paper type and size price
Mi Home Wallpaper – Story Pattern At a price of 14 Saudi riyals
Camouflage wallpaper, measures 26 by 107 inches by 19.3 feet. At a price of 178 Saudi riyals
Peel and Stick Wallpaper, 17.72″ x 118.74″, Removable Custom Wallpaper for Bedroom Walls. At a price of 57 Saudi riyals
3D wallpaper designed with tulips for the living room At a price of 22 Saudi riyals
Wood grain pattern wallpaper, wood-look, can be pasted. At a price of 156 Saudi riyals
Removable and installable waterproof wallpaper, 10 meters long, from Dedell. At a price of 135 Saudi riyals
Multicolored wallpaper from iOS 4 At a price of 11 Saudi riyals
Fish Tank Background Wallpaper 30 x 42 cm At a price of 52 Saudi riyals
Marble pattern sticker paper 500 x 40 cm, made of waterproof PVC. At a price of 76 Saudi riyals
Mosaic wallpaper, geometric wallpaper for bedroom At a price of 55 Saudi riyals
14.5 sq.ft. self-adhesive wallpaper/roll. At a price of 95 Saudi riyals

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Wallpaper features in the decor

Perhaps the most important advantage in using wallpaper is to get rid of the trouble of painting, which leads to inhaling unpleasant and annoying fumes, and waiting for a period of time for it to dry before touching it, so the ideal solution for those cases is to use wallpaper, the most prominent features of wallpaper in decoration, we explain them as follows:

  • It gives the wall a completely different look than using paint, and gives a lively look.
  • The most important thing is that wallpaper contains vinyl, and therefore it is easy to clean by wiping it with a wet towel only, especially when used in kitchens because they are exposed to a lot of fat and dirt more than other places in the house.
  • It is one of the safe methods that do not harm health, as the harmful fumes that cause nausea and allergies to some people are not inhaled.
  • An ideal way for people who are constantly seeking change.
  • It is easy to remove the old wallpaper and replace it with a new one, as it does not require much effort to replace it.
  • Also, wallpaper is available in different colors and shapes to suit all tastes, and each type has its own price.

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Wallpaper defects in decoration

Despite the advantages that wallpaper enjoys, especially in its installation due to its ease of use, and with its many attractive designs, it has many defects that appear clearly with the progress of the days. As for the most prominent defects of wallpaper in decoration, we explain them as follows:

  • Some voids appear and bubbles form when covering the wallpaper, due to the entry of air under the paper during its installation.
  • Also, the color will fade and change after being exposed to intense light.
    If exposed to direct sunlight, it causes cracks in the wallpaper, so you will be forced to close the curtains to preserve the wallpaper.
  • It is difficult to apply wallpaper in the kitchen and bathrooms, as the cooking gas will damage it due to the great heat, while the humidity of the bathrooms will cause the paper to quickly deteriorate.
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Kitchen wallpaper

Wallpaper is a contemporary and unique way, and it adds elegance and distinction to the walls. It also contains attractive drawings, engravings, and colors that attract and attract attention, and are in harmony with the various colors and types of furniture in it, whether in the kitchen or living room, knowing that the wallpaper for kitchens is different from Other types of paper due to the nature of the kitchen, which requires water-resistant paper and is easy to clean from oils. In this table, we mention wallpaper for kitchens with the price:

wallpaper type price
Marble wallpaper, self-adhesive, with the ability to remove, from Home, waterproof, made of plastic material PVC, size 60×500 cm 118 Saudi riyals
Wooden wallpaper, self-adhesive, oil and water resistant, by Home, made of PVC, size 45×600 cm 88 SAR
Floral wallpaper, waterproof, made of vinyl 25 Saudi riyals
Self-adhesive wallpaper, water and oil resistant, with a lining layer that covers cabinets and tables from the upper part 30 Saudi riyals
Vilayk Peel and Self-Adhesive Marble Surface Wallpaper 100 Saudi riyals

3d wallpaper price

Despite the multiplicity of wallpaper with good materials, it is preferable not to put it in places that the sun enters permanently, as it causes fading in color and cracks occur in the paper, and do not be fooled by cheap prices, as they do not last for a long time, and negative effects quickly appear on their surface, so this approach About to buy good quality and high quality, the following is the price of 3D wallpaper:

wallpaper type price
Wallpaper in the form of a golden flower, 3D 22 Saudi riyals
Wallpaper in multiple colors, with many different geometric patterns, removable, moisture and water resistant 100 Saudi riyals
3D stone wallpaper, self-adhesive and peelable. 56 Saudi riyals
13 pieces of 3D bookshelf wall mural wallpaper 332 Saudi riyals
Planets and space wallpaper, 3D 54 SAR
3D reflective wallpaper, high quality 17 Saudi riyals

The best types of wallpaper and their prices 2023. In this article, we mentioned many types of practical wallpaper, while identifying its advantages, general disadvantages, and prices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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