The cheapest hotels in Doha: 5 tried-and-true budget hotels

The cheapest hotels in Doha: 5 tried-and-true budget hotels

The cheapest hotels in Doha for 2022 We present it to you in the topic of our article today. Welcome, dear visitors of the “” website, in this new post, through which we will learn about Cheapest hotels in Qatar Specifically in the Qatari capital, “Doha.” With the World Cup 2022 approaching, which will be held in Qatar, which is considered the largest event in the world, many football fans are looking forward to witness this historical event in person, and therefore they need hotels for housing throughout the period of the end of the World Cup, and due to the different prices Qatar World Cup hotels, a lot of cheap hotels in Doha are looking to save the most money loss.

Therefore, in this article, after a long search for the best budget hotels in Qatar and after knowing the prices of Qatar hotels according to the location of the hotel and the services it provides, whether from a private pool or meals … etc., we have collected for you in this article 5 of the cheapest hotels in Doha for the year 2022 and 2023.

The cheapest hotels in Doha: 5 tried-and-true budget hotels

Cheapest hotels in Doha

Doha is one of the major cities in Qatar as it is located in the middle of the eastern side of the Qatar peninsula to the shore of the Arabian Gulf, which gave it great importance as a destination for tourists. There are also many hotels in Qatari Doha at the local and international levels, where we will read them through this article where we will remind you Aziz The reader is the cheapest and the highest, with various entertainment services and luxurious facilities. The hotels in Doha provide the room with a luxurious and beautiful design, and the cleanliness is one of the finest that leads to psychological comfort for the person staying in their hotels.

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As we said, we will highlight the cheapest hotels in Doha, and for each of them, we will mention a simple overview of each hotel in Doha to choose the guest with what suits him, which, as we mentioned, is frequented by many tourists and provides its services in an optimal manner and at appropriate prices.

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Strato Hotel by Warwick Doha

The Strato Hotel by Warwick Doha is one of the most important and cheapest hotels among the large number of hotels in Doha.

Brilliant guest councils under its supervision over the city. Guests are also available for fun times to eat meals in the restaurant, in addition to the free Wi-Fi service and the provision of car rental service. The hotel is close to vital sites, about 3 km from Souq Waqif and about 6 km from Hamad International Airport.

Green Garden Hotel Doha

If you are looking for the best cheap hotel in Doha, this hotel is considered one of the most popular accommodations as it is one of the cheap hotels in Qatar as it is close to the tourism and trade areas in the city.

It is less than 2 km from the National Museum in Qatar, 2 km from a market called Waqif, less than 4 km from the Amiri Diwan, the Royal Palace, less than four and a half km from the Arab Sports Club, and 5 km from Barsky View. All units feature air conditioning and screens. Flats and offices with a private bathroom. The hotel also has a wellness and spa center, where free Wi-Fi services are available, in addition to free private garages for cars.

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Victoria Hotel Doha

It is one of the finest hotels, and the Victoria Hotel Doha is also one of the cheapest hotels in Doha and works to provide accommodation on four levels of stars. It includes a spa and fitness center, all at reasonable and thoughtful prices, free Wi-Fi, and includes a swimming pool and a restaurant.

It offers its visitors a continental breakfast and buffet, as it includes a room with air conditioning, flat screens and a coffee machine, which distinguishes the service in the hotel, and a private bathroom enjoys its proximity to vital areas. 30 minutes in the car.

Msheireb Hotel Doha

One of the low-priced hotels in Doha, although it is of a three-star level, but it provides air-conditioned places in the residence and includes modern furniture and carpeted floors and spacious rooms that include TV screens. It also contains a minibar, a private bathroom with a shower, and a restaurant that serves continental breakfast à la carte, in addition to To a fitness center, wellness center, spa, free private garages and free Wi-Fi.

Also, the hotel is located near the vital areas. It is five minutes away from the Corniche by car, and the city center is also the same distance. It is also a five-minute walk from Souq Waqif.

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La Villa Doha Hotel

La Villa is also considered one of the cheapest hotels in Doha, and it is the ideal hotel for anyone who wants to stay in a hotel whose accommodation prices are cheap. It is also close to vital sites such as the Gold Market, where it is located right next to the hotel and the banking area located on Grand Hamad Street and Souq Waqif, where all of these are far from the hotel The hotel is only a five-minute walk, and the corniche and the marina on the beach are only one kilometer away.

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Delicious food is also available on the local and international levels. The villa restaurant at La Villa Doha Hotel serves breakfast on a daily basis. The rooms in La Villa Doha Hotel are equipped with air conditioners and flat screens that include the most luxurious satellite channels, a minibar, a private bathroom and a bathtub, not to mention that the hotel is serviced. With free Wi-Fi, car rental, and airport transfers.


We have known, dear reader, dear readers, about the cheapest and best hotels in Doha, Qatar, and we have provided you, my readers, with all the necessary details for each hotel separately. This is what hotels contain, despite their accommodation licenses, as they provide enjoyment and comfort for everyone who likes to stay in them. We hope that you will like it and wait for us in every new thing.

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