The cheapest shipping method from China and what is the shipping cost

The cheapest shipping method from China and what is the shipping cost

We introduce you through Masary site The cheapest shipping method from China, what is the shipping cost, and information about the shipping cost, as China currently occupies a prominent economic position among the countries of the world, as it witnessed a revolution in the field of industry and trade in recent decades, and the People’s Republic of China was founded and was able to overcome the low living conditions on China when it transformed from A vast country that is unable to nurture its population into a world-famous industrial country that is able to compete with and overcome the strongest economies, China can be considered the number one exporting country in the world today.

The cheapest shipping method from China

Freight forwarding is an important aspect that a retailer has to think about and plan for.

Shipping is complicated and expensive and a successful deal is achieved when the price of the goods and the shipping cost are less than the purchase price in the importing country.

This can be achieved by searching for the cheapest shipping method from China with the least possible damage. It should be noted that the shipping value per piece is inversely proportional to the quantity of shipped goods. Among the best and cheapest shipping companies, we mention:

  • Ship Tao: located in Shenzhen, China. and enjoy company ShipTao With a reliable reputation and a long history along with its cheap wages and excellent services. Which makes many merchants and importers deal with and trust them. Ship Tao offers many free and convenient services for importers to deal with as shipment consolidation service. So it can be said that Ship Tao is the cheapest shipping company from China.
  • MYCN: It is based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where it handles shipping matters from China to Arab countries. This company is also distinguished by its organization and provision of shipment collection service for shipping, but its cost is higher than the Chinese Ship Tao company.
  • Aramex Service: It provides the service of collecting shipments and repeating shipments from China through the Shop and Shop Flex service. Which prefers the express mail service, the service fee is only $ 119 annually, and the service offers advantages and discounts in shipping services and prices. It is the best choice for frequent shipping, as it is the cheapest way to ship from China wholesale.
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Shipping cost from China

As for the shipping cost, it varies according to many things, such as:

  • The experience and skill of the importer in choosing the best and cheapest company to ship his goods without trouble.
  • Customs duties on shipped goods.
  • The quantity and volume of goods shipped.
  • Fines for delaying shipment of goods due to carrier error, goods problems, or delay in completing customs procedures, as these fines range from $50 to $100 per day.
  • Also, the types of shipping from China greatly affect the shipping cost.
Shipping cost from China
Shipping cost from China

Types of shipping from China

To determine the cheapest shipping method from China, you must know the shipping methods from China, which are as follows:

  • Sea freight: It is called container shipping, which varies in types, sizes and prices cheap For quantities, it is recommended to use it for shipping large quantities.
  • This type of shipment faces multiple difficulties, such as delays in the arrival of shipment, as it takes an average of sixty days.
  • And its need for many customs transactions and registrations, which also take time, and its unsuitability for shipping small quantities. There are two main types of container shipping:

LCL: It is used to ship a limited quantity of goods, we mean shipping by leasing part of the container. The other part can be rented by other traders for different purposes.
FCL: It is used to ship large and large quantities of goods, as the importer rents a full container commensurate with the size of his goods.

  • Air Freight: It is considered easier, less complicated and time consuming than sea freight, but the maximum weight of goods shipped in this way is 100 kilos on average.
  • Therefore, huge quantities are divided and transported in many batches, unlike sea transport, which takes place in one step, and its cost is medium, not large and not small. And it takes an average time between sea shipping and express shipping.
  • Express Shipping: There are many express companies where goods are delivered in a relatively short time, about two weeks.
  • But its cost is high and exceeds the cost of sea and air freight, and the cost increases with the increase in the shipping weight of the goods. The maximum weight of goods shipped in this way is about 50 kilos, and customs procedures for this type of shipment are simple and fast.
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Types of goods shipped from China

The Chinese industry is known for its many advantages that attract merchants from all over the world. It is characterized by its acceptable prices, high quality, flexibility and ease of dealing with Chinese companies and factories:

  • Various electrical machines such as laser printers, vacuum cleaners and electric heaters.
  • Handmade watches, as China is famous for this type of industry.
  • Apparel and Fabrics Chinese textiles are among the most sought-after textiles around the world.

To know the cheapest shipping method from China, you must know the factors on which the cost of products is determined:

  • Product purchase value
  • Quality, health and fumigation certificates, or other required certificates, along with the cost of their documentation, if any.
  • The value of international freight, whether by air or sea.
  • Unloading and delivery charges.
  • Presentation expenses to the regulatory authorities, if the commodity so requires.
  • Customs tax value.
  • The estimated value of sales tax.
  • Bank commissions.
  • Domestic shipping cost.
  • Customs broker fees.
  • Payment of administrative expenses.
  • Fees for sending postal documents if they are by mail and paid by the supplier.

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Types of goods shipped from China
Types of goods shipped from China

What is the importance of a bill of lading when shipping from China?

  • The bill of lading is the key to your receipt of your shipment that you imported from China, and it is the document that will guarantee your right to receive this shipment.
  • This is the policy that contains all the data about the shipment, such as the shipment reference number, and the number of the container in which the shipment is located.
  • It also contains supplier and importer data and the value of the fine for delay in receiving the shipment, in addition to all laws related to the shipping process.
  • The date of shipment of the goods is recorded on the bill of lading after the freight charges are paid.
  • Upon receipt of the shipment, the recipient must sign the bill of lading, acknowledging that he has already received it.
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Advantages of importing from China and the cheapest shipping method from China

After we clarified the cheapest shipping method from China, you should know the advantages import from China, which are as follows:

  • Get cheap prices on items, as the prices of items sold in China are very cheap, and you can even bargain for an item for a cheaper price than the quoted price.
  • Access to unique and rare goods, suppliers or product manufacturers in China always make their own innovation of the products or goods they made. The market demand for them is increasing all over the world, because they are unique goods or have an unprecedented design and shape.
  • Get a high profit margin, if you get very cheap prices for products or goods imported from China, the margin will increase greatly. And you can also set the price of the goods yourself without worrying about the losses you will incur.
  • Possibility to grow your online business faster, if you want to work in e-commerce.
  • You can import Chinese products or goods, create an online store and start displaying those products on them, and you will also get extra revenue for shipping these products to customers.

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