The cost of a cafe project in Egypt –

The cost of a cafe project in Egypt –

The cost of a café project in Egypt. It is easy to succeed in a café project, if there are many ideas that make the project successful, especially after conducting an adequate project feasibility study. The intention here is to see all competitors’ data and analyze it extensively, as well as spend a certain period of time gaining experience Administrative in any coffee shop, followed by the start of preparing the project by following the correct foundations, and in this article we learn about the cost of a cafe project in Egypt.

The cost of a cafe project in Egypt

Setting up a café project requires many factors, which are fixed and others that change from time to time, and all of them are essential to the success of a café project. The following is an explanation of the cost of a café project in Egypt:

  • Sufficient preparation and decorations: –
    • Where the rent: is from five thousand to seven thousand Egyptian pounds only.
    • Like the decorations of the coffee shop: it amounts to twenty thousand to thirty thousand Egyptian pounds only.
    • Also, a display screen with a minimum of 40 inches: it starts from two thousand five hundred and up to three thousand Egyptian pounds.
    • There are also tables and chairs: at the beginning of the project, the number is ten tables and thirty chairs, and this costs from 15 thousand to 20 thousand Egyptian pounds only.
    • Securit glass door: from five hundred to one thousand Egyptian pounds only.
  • Sufficient equipment and supplies: –
    • It requires a quick coffee machine: its price starts from only two thousand Egyptian pounds.
    • Food Processor: Its price starts from one thousand Egyptian pounds only.
    • As for cups of water, juices, hot drinks and coffee: it starts from three thousand to six thousand Egyptian pounds only.
    • Also, a medium-sized refrigerator: its price starts from six thousand Egyptian pounds only.
    • Five hookahs: from three hundred to five hundred Egyptian pounds only.
    • Also, ten kilos of coffee with various flavors: it ranges from five hundred to six hundred Egyptian pounds only.
    • As well as ten kilos of plain coffee without any flavors: from two hundred to three hundred Egyptian pounds only.
    • Also, twenty kilos of sugar to sweeten drinks: from one hundred and fifty to two hundred Egyptian pounds only.
    • Then ten kilos of skimmed milk: from one hundred and fifty to two hundred Egyptian pounds only.
    • Also, ten kilos of full-fat milk: from one hundred to one hundred and fifty Egyptian pounds only.
    • Side foods and sweets: from two thousand to one thousand five hundred Egyptian pounds only.
  • Adequate workers:-
    • With regard to workers, where it is initially from two to four workers and the worker’s salary ranges between one thousand and five hundred and two thousand Egyptian pounds only.
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Success factors of a coffee shop and cafe project

Good marketing of the project in the best way is considered a prominent work in the success of the project, as well as creating an advertisement card for the stores and setting the price of the product, and many ways that cause the success of the project. The following are the factors for the success of the coffee shop and cafe project:

  • Choosing a suitable place to set up the project in an important and vital area.
  • Also the choice of lights and decorations for the store.
  • Taking care of the cleanliness and smell of the place.
  • As well as taking care of customer inquiries and complaints.
  • Presenting quotations from time to time to attract clients and make the project a success.

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Reasons for the failure of the coffee shop project

Despite the great success behind the establishment of a coffee shop project, sometimes there are many obstacles that are committed by beginners, especially in this field, and we present the following reasons for the failure of the coffee shop project:

  • Prioritize the kitchen.
  • As double design
  • And focus on coffee only.
  • Great focus on wasting.
  • Also, focus on profit only.
  • The labor is unfriendly
  • And make a lot of offers.
  • The location is not suitable.
  • And the pricing strategy is weak.

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My experience in a coffee shop project

The coffee shop project has become one of the most popular projects, and it is accepted by many business owners and because it does not require extensive experience in project management. It is also a profitable project that can be established without a lot of money. We enclose in these lines my experience in a coffee shop project:

  • Where a person tells his story of founding a coffee shop project, the suggestion was made by a friend, and at first he thought that the situation was complicated and needed a lot of organization.
  • After taking sound and deliberate steps, things began to become clear and the increase in money.
  • Note that the project requires a lot of smooth and simple procedures to be implemented, as it requires

    Employment characterized by honesty, love of work and mastery, love of cooperation with others, and openness.

  • With a note to get the best name, and preferably if it is new and distinctive, also try to make the name you choose easy, distinctive and compatible with the social and cultural class of the surrounding people around you.

The cost of a cafe project in Egypt. In this article, we discussed the study of a cafe project in Egypt, as well as the study in terms of success and failure factors, with an extensive presentation of the project costs.

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