The cost of a children’s playroom project – platform

The cost of a children’s playroom project – platform

The cost of a children’s playroom project. Play plays a necessary factor for the development of the cognitive, physical, social, as well as emotional aspects for children and adolescents. It is an ideal opportunity to fully engage with society. Therefore, the importance of establishing these projects has emerged to satisfy these aspects, as the search for sports and entertainment halls for children is frequent, especially on special occasions. And holidays, as well as school holidays in the summer, investing in these projects is feasible and fulfills the wishes of the investor, and in this article we explain the cost of the children’s playroom project.

Feasibility study for a children’s playroom project

The main objective of establishing a children’s playroom project is to satisfy the child’s play, entertainment and enjoyment, away from electronic games and mobile devices that negatively affected children. The existence of these games is to break out of the closed circle that parents set for their children, so that the place is equipped with the most plastic toys. For the safety of children, as well as allocating a resting place for parents and children’s escorts, and perhaps allocating a place for practicing cognitive and cultural activities that develop mental abilities to acquire wonderful skills, which is a real gain.

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The right place to create a children’s playroom

Study the place well, especially since this project targets children, and therefore the presence of the place becomes more complicated than other projects that target adults such as cafes, so one of the conditions for choosing a children’s playroom is that it be in a vital area that abounds with shops and parks with large areas. We explain the rest of the conditions Choosing the right place to create a children’s playroom is as follows:

  • The place must have something to do with children in terms of designing the decor, as drawings and shapes that children love and cartoon characters are drawn.
  • Also put cardboard tiles or ground rubber to protect children from sudden falls.
  • The place is also fully secured, so that plastic or pneumatic, as well as rubber toys that do not harm the child when they fall are chosen.
  • Placing a sign on which children’s safety standards are written, the first of which is that there is no smoking in the place.
  • Dividing the place into several sections, one section includes eating, another for sitting and resting on it, as well as a section dedicated to recreational and cognitive play through reading stories and coloring.
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Requirements for a children’s playground project

One of the most important benefits that children get through games of all kinds, except for passive electronic ones, is the development of creative abilities while developing their imagination, dexterity, physical, cognitive and emotional strength, and this is an important factor for a healthy brain, instead of that interaction at an early age and an attempt to explore the world around it, so it must Parents must realize the importance of playing and that it is of great benefit and does not waste their time. The investor must also keep these goals in mind in order for the project to succeed. We explain the following as the requirements of the games hall project:

  • Licensing and legally registering the place and commercial activity in order to prevent the closure of the project.
  • Lighting must be provided and all project facilities should be illuminated.
  • It provides many services that are essential to the success of the project, including clean drinking water, a small kitchen, and the presence of bathrooms.
  • The place is equipped with safe plastic toys for children, and a place for mothers to sit and pray.
  • The project also includes the availability of kiosks selling juices, corn and pastries, which are very popular with children, especially since they spend a long time in the place.
  • Also a kiosk selling entrance tickets to customers.

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Supplies and equipment for a children’s playroom project

The place is an entertainment par excellence, so it must include games that are safe for children, as well as suitable for their ages, so that they are not dangerous and need an adventure like adult games, and we explain the following the most important supplies and equipment that must be available in a children’s playroom:

  • hammocks.
  • As sliders.
  • Bouncy Balls Room.
  • Also train and bumper cars.
  • Also Lego blocks.
  • Note that the purchase of these games is by importing them from major companies, or from local factories.
  • There are small and large chairs and tables.
  • Special learning methods must be available, i.e. drawing, coloring and reading useful stories
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Labor required for a children’s playground project

Instead of the need to provide the physical component of devices and equipment, the provision of manpower is the basis for the success of the project, especially since many games depend on the presence of a coordinator for them so that all children take their right to play without limiting it to specific people.

  • The project also needs an interesting specialist to provide some snacks for children and mothers, with drinks, whether cold or hot.
  • There is also a person responsible for calculating the daily costs and receiving the account from the customers.
  • Cleaners to maintain the cleanliness of the place, especially the Kids Area.
  • The presence of the project owner in the place to manage the place and supervise the progress and organization of the project without any obstacles.

The cost of a children’s playroom project

The project relies heavily on equipment and devices for children’s games, and therefore the project needs capital and we do not exaggerate when we say more than 300 thousand dollars, especially with the development of children’s games and the constant search for a place that includes many games so that it is not limited to bouncing, knowing that children’s games It must include two categories, the first from 2-5 years, and the other from 6-12 years, with full compliance with safety standards and the highest quality.

Marketing a children’s playroom project

Choosing the right place contributes greatly to the marketing of the project to a larger number of customers, and in addition to that, some successful marketing plans are added, and we explain the following the successful marketing mechanism for the children’s playroom project:

  • Designing large and eye-catching banners by lighting them in a smart way at the gates of the gymnasium.
  • As well as announcing the opening of the project in newspapers and magazines, as well as using television and radio channels.
  • Announcing the opening of the project so that the first day is free for children, and this is a proactive step for the success of the project.
  • At the opening, the largest number of promotional papers were distributed and distributed to children and parents as well as passers-by in the neighboring areas.
  • Optimal use of social networking sites and publishing photos and videos, including children playing with great pleasure and pleasure.
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Factors of success of the children’s playground project

Conducting a comprehensive marketing strategy for all elements of the project, such as free prices, games and offers, contributes to the success of the project in an amazing way. Therefore, the success factor here is good management with organization for all stages of the project.

  • He also set reasonable prices that do not harm the project and do not constitute a great burden on parents, especially if there is more than one child.
  • It is good that the workers in a children’s playroom are unified with standards for dealing with customers.
  • In the event of reaching the stage of large profits, it is necessary here to get out of the closed circle towards large investment, expand the project, increase the number of games, and perhaps open other branches in several vital places, and this is the real success of continuity.
  • Evaluation and improvement should be done with project feedback.

The cost of a children’s playroom project. In this article, we have touched on the elements of a feasibility study for a children’s play project, while examining the success factors of the project strongly, with a focus on the most important requirements that must be met for the success and continuity of the project.

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