The cost of a cleaning company project – platform

The cost of a cleaning company project – platform

Cost of a cleaning company projectResearch indicates that workers in various sectors usually feel more motivated while focusing on their work if there is a clean and tidy environment, especially since dirt and chaos contribute to greatly distracting employees, and this in turn is reflected in the productive process, so there was a great need for a project based on Cleaning, and this is the same for homes, gardens, and all residential areas, and we explain below the cost of a cleaning company project.

Feasibility study for a cleaning company project

A feasibility study is an existing element in all projects. It contributes to knowing the needs of a successful project in terms of the existence of costs and resources, while predicting its success rate in the short and long term. It is not enough for that, while the feasibility study helps to know all the points of opportunity available for the expansion of the project. Determining the expected risks in the future with the development of alternative plans in the event of any sudden changes. The feasibility study includes the technical, financial, as well as human elements, of which we mention all the details in those lines.

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Choosing a site for a cleaning company project

Always the right choice for investment projects, specifically commercial ones, is to choose vital sites that contain population centers and shops. If you own a house, you can use an area of ​​it to be a strategic location and the headquarters of the company. Otherwise, it requires renting a place in a strategic location. Equipping it with all the necessary decorations for the project that are compatible with the project.

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Equipment needed for a cleaning company project

Preparing the place so that it includes the presence of a suitable and qualified site for the establishment of the project and its launch from it, as well as the preparation process that requires the work of decorations and designs that are compatible with the objectives of the project, and we explain the rest of the necessary equipment for opening a cleaning company project as follows:

  • There must be a project management office through which the project executor will head it.
  • There are also places to receive and sit customers.
  • Selection of manpower that has professionalism and specific specifications capable of implementing the project objectives.
  • The owner of the project is required to have all the legal papers related to the project available at the project site and to extract them when necessary.
  • Strong lighting so that it is comfortable for the eyes and does not cause inconvenience to customers and workers.
  • The most important thing is to take care of the cleanliness of the place and the appearance of the company so that the customer feels that he is dealing with a company that has a good reputation.
  • A uniform for cleaning workers must be designed for the company and contain the company logo.
  • Striving towards obtaining the trademark, as this makes it easier to reach the largest number of customers, as well as reaping more profits, then expanding and extending towards establishing other branches in different regions.
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The papers needed to start a cleaning company project

Working in a legal manner grants the project continuous financing by government agencies through the Social Development Bank, as well as preventing legal prosecution of it and continuing to carry out all activities related to the project, taking into account security and safety standards. As for the papers necessary to start a cleaning company project, we explain them as follows:

  • A permit to practice the activity is required.
  • As well as submitting identity papers proving the personality of the project executor to government agencies.
  • A health certificate is also issued by the Ministry of Health, which confirms that all workers are free from chronic diseases.
  • Also specify the name of the company in order to promote it.
  • Existence of insurance for the company and workers.

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Labor needed for a cleaning company project

The project of a cleaning company requires the presence of the human element, as it is a requirement for the success of the project, especially since the project is based on the duration of the competence of people in achieving the desired goal, which is obtaining financial gains as a result of providing a high-quality service, so it requires the presence of a receptionist with previous experience in the process of communicating with all Customers and receiving them, while answering all their inquiries perfectly, whether direct response or on social media platforms.

  • In principle, the project requires the presence of 10 workers from different nationalities such as the Philippines and India, if the project is within the Gulf countries.
  • It also relies on local labor and dispensing with foreign labor, bearing in mind that many Gulf residents do not wish to practice this profession because it does not correspond to their desires and aspirations.
  • Note that obtaining workers is by displaying an electronic advertisement or a well-known local magazine on a large scale.
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Cost of a cleaning company project

Standing on the cost of the project is through preparing sound plans so that they are flexible and subject to modification in the event that any urgent situations arise that change the course of the project and close it, and according to preliminary estimates and a feasibility study of an executive project on the ground, the cost of establishing a comprehensive cleaning company for institutions and homes ranges between $1,000 And $5,000, which is a small amount compared to small investment projects, as this amount includes office furniture, house cleaning equipment, and others.

Marketing a cleaning company project

Marketing is considered the backbone of success for the project in light of the presence of a competitive strength for many investment projects that are largely replicated in the same region, with the diminishing market shares of each project in the same field. Therefore, the solution to this problem lies through a successful marketing plan, and in the following lines we present the mechanism of marketing a project cleaning company:

  • A means of promotional advertising to inform all customers of the services provided by the project.
  • Advertisements printed on papers are also made and distributed to passers-by.
  • Perhaps sending delegates to institutions and companies and offering them cleaning services is an idea on the right track in project progress.
  • The most important thing is to make electronic advertisements, through which it will reach many segments of society.
  • A banner is made bearing general information about the project, which includes the name of the project, contact numbers and direct contact, the services provided by the company, and possibly displaying the percentage of discounts.
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Factors of success of a cleaning company project

Each project differs from the other in achieving its objectives, so the success of one project may depend on the devices used to display and obtain products, and another project on the human and administrative element, bearing in mind that both are prerequisites for the success of all vital projects, and an explanation of the following are the success factors of the cleaning company project:

  • Availability of a place for the establishment of the project in a suitable and vital location, and the space is suitable.
  • Prices should not be raised so much that customers’ pockets are depleted.
  • The need to pay attention to the element of cleanliness and decorations, and this contributes to raising the rate of psychological comfort when choosing them in the process of cleaning homes and companies.
  • The project is also characterized by a high demand for it, especially in social events and holidays, especially in large apartments and villas.
  • Special discounts and offers are made for customers who continue to use the service.
  • Adding appropriate development to the project, especially cleaning devices and cleaning materials.
  • E-marketing is an important factor in attracting customers, especially in the initial stage when establishing a project.

The cost of a cleaning company project. In this article, we talked about the most important detailed information about the mechanism of establishing a cleaning company, as well as talking about the success factors of the project, and studying a successful marketing plan to manage the project and progress according to specific goals.

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