The cost of a fast food restaurant project in Dubai and its feasibility –

The cost of a fast food restaurant project in Dubai and its feasibility –

The cost of a fast food restaurant project in Dubai, there are many people who find it difficult to obtain healthy food in their homes due to their inability to prepare food or for some circumstances that prevent them from preparing food, so you find them resorting to fast food through which they can save time in Preparing food From here, the idea of ​​fast food, or what is known as Tak away, emerged to spread that idea around the world. In this context, we address the cost of a fast food restaurant project in Dubai.

Feasibility study of a fast food restaurant project pdf

Many of those who are thinking of creating their own project are looking for the possible opportunity to create a feasibility study for their project, so they search online to get it. In this context, we discuss the feasibility study of a fast food restaurant project in pdf:

Fast food restaurant profits

Fast food restaurants are spread all over the world, and they help to save time by getting food in a quick way. In this context, we will discuss the profits of fast food restaurants:

  • The cost of a fast food restaurant project in Dubai, the average profit margin is around 15% – 25%. But it can range widely between 25% – 35%.
  • Like many variables in the industry, there is no definitive answer to what the profits of typical restaurants and cafes should be.

fast food kiosk project

The kiosks provide meals quickly to their customers, but most of these foods are unhealthy, which causes digestive problems for those who eat the food. In this context, we address the project of a fast food kiosk:

  • The cost of a fast food restaurant project in Dubai, the idea is based on providing fast healthy meals with great taste and the aim of it is to help people to be in the best condition and keep them away from eating foods that may infect them with diseases and at the same time aims to achieve profits.
  • Where it is possible to choose one of the areas with a higher standard of living than the average and rent an empty site in it from a female owner to place the kiosk in it.
  • This area should also be characterized by a large population and a lack of competition as well.
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My experience with a restaurant project

One works through the experiences of others. There are many examples that can be given through the implementation of some projects, which have proven successful to be success stories that benefit others. In this context, we discuss my experience with a restaurant project:

The first experiment

  • The cost of a fast food restaurant project in Dubai, the owner of the experiment says I got a sum of money so I wanted to take this opportunity to develop this money so after consulting my friends I wanted to open our own restaurant.
  • Then I started thinking about choosing the type of food to be served in the restaurant and I was confused about Syrian and traditional food as well as foreign food.
  • And then I decided to start a restaurant project for Syrian food and grill, provided that we define the dishes we offer.
  • I made my menu which revolves around grilled chicken and special Syrian cuisine in addition to a variety of salads of the customers’ choice.
  • It wasn’t easy at the beginning of the project because my friend and I were on our steady job and couldn’t keep working.
  • But after a while this order was assigned to a friend of mine who was working in an unstable company to work and approved by the restaurant manager.
  • And I had another problem where we don’t have a Syrian or Syrian chef who knows how to eat but we searched again until we found an outstanding chef.
  • Indeed, the restaurant was operating well, the project was completed, we were making a profit, and we thought of finding a place to expand next to the restaurant.
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Morning breakfast restaurant project

Breakfast is one of the most important meals that a person must have so that he can complete his day with full energy and vitality and without feeling tired. In this context, we take up the morning breakfast restaurant project:

  • The morning breakfast project is considered one of the most successful and profitable projects.
  • Where there is absolutely no competition and it can be implemented in any city and in any country.
  • The cost of a fast food restaurant project in Dubai, which can easily attract a lot of regular customers.
  • Benefiting people by providing them with healthy breakfast.
  • As well as the possibility of making large profits.

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Cost of setting up a fast food restaurant in Dubai

It is very natural that any restaurant needs a certain cost in order to be completed in the fullest manner, and all of these things require effort and diligent work in order to reach what you want. In this context, we address the cost of establishing a fast food restaurant in Dubai:

  • Cooking machinery and appliances, food ingredients, necessary kitchen utensils, insurance procedures, and labor costs range from approximately $5,000 to $100,000.
  • Not forgetting the cost of equipping the restaurant in terms of lighting, decoration, tables and seats.
  • Employees who deliver groceries to customers and deliver meals to customers also are around $7-10 per hour.
  • Also, the acting manager of a fast food restaurant earns between $25,000 and $55,000 a year.
  • The restaurant accountant category also receives between $35,000 and $60,000 annually.
  • About $500 to $1,000 per month should be prepared for the marketing process only.
  • In addition, there are restaurant rental costs and various utility bills in the form of electricity, water, gas, etc.
  • These costs also include the annual maintenance cost of equipment and appliances used to cook the food.
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Fast food restaurant project supplies

The feasibility study helps determine all the needs that must be met in any project, by identifying all the project requirements in all respects. In this context, we address the requirements of a fast food restaurant project:

  • Potato fryer.
  • Burger press.
  • Shawarma machine.
  • Also a saj grill for burgers.
  • Heater for toasting sandwiches.
  • Deep Fries are the good kind.
  • Stainless steel cooking tables.
  • Also a fridge for Coca-Cola and another for ice cream.
  • Cashier device.
  • Also a variety of kitchen utensils.
  • Cost of fast food restaurant project in Dubai, air conditioner.
  • Presence of surveillance cameras.
  • A mobile or landline phone to receive orders.
  • In addition to a refrigerator for soda water and canned juices.

Restaurant Project Description

Most of the projects that prove their success are through dealing a lot with people, so food is considered one of the things that cannot be dispensed with, so this type of project is considered one of the most profitable. In this context, we discuss the description of a restaurant project:

  • It is a fast food restaurant that serves soft drinks and healthy water.
  • The cost of a fast food restaurant project in Dubai, where the project targets all segments of the restaurant to suit university students, corporate workers and residents.
  • It has become necessary to provide these services near workplaces and human gatherings, and hence the need for the presence of restaurants in areas with large human gatherings. Hence, the establishment of the restaurant will contribute significantly to providing places for entertainment for all segments of society.
  • Where the restaurant provides food and drinks of all kinds in modern ways and at prices that suit the general level of the target customers in the region.

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Finally, in this article, we have provided everything related to the cost of a fast food restaurant project in Dubai, as well as the requirements of a fast food restaurant project as well as a healthy breakfast restaurant project.

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