The cost of a poultry project in Saudi Arabia – platform

The cost of a poultry project in Saudi Arabia – platform

Poultry project cost in Saudi ArabiaThe investment project is a financial process through which money is spent with the aim of achieving profits, producing goods and services and offering them to the markets, and through that process, we find that the ultimate goal of the project is to move the wheel of economic development, which is witnessing great stagnation in developing and poor countries, in front of which the state must not stand It is unable to fulfill the demands of the owners of small projects, but rather provides them with various sources of financing. In this article, we explain the cost of a poultry project in Saudi Arabia.

Feasibility study of the Saudi poultry project

The poultry farming project is considered one of the most widespread projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, due to the consumption rate of poultry products such as eggs and meat in imaginary numbers, which are foods that are compatible with Islamic law. Instead, the profits are large for its investors, and from tender projects throughout the year, this can be started The project through a small site and gradation to a large project and larger revenues, to achieve this goal it requires a comprehensive study of the project and standing on the strengths and weaknesses with flexibility when developing plans.

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Conditions for establishing a poultry project in Saudi Arabia

Determining the location is one of the most important things that can ensure the success of the project, especially since many projects failed due to the inability to take the strategic location for the project. Below:

  • The site on which the project will be built must be far from population centers.
  • The distance between the site and the residential area was estimated at 10 km.
  • Note that the distance between a broiler chicken project and another project must be at least 5 kilometers, as stipulated in the laws related to these projects.
  • There should be a distance between hatcheries and slaughterhouses of at least 5 km.
  • Availability of water and electricity sources.
  • The project should also be close to the sources of fodder and chicks.
  • The area on which the project is located should be dry and have a moderate climate.
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Poultry project requirements in Saudi Arabia

The executor of the project requires the presence of a number of basic requirements that guarantee the success of the project according to its timeline. In fact, many young people who are about to establish projects do not have capital, and therefore there is a big obstacle in front of them. Financing small projects, as well as buying equipment in installments without paying the first installment except after running the project, and this matter is possible. The following is an illustration of the requirements for a poultry project in Saudi Arabia:

  • The investor needs a suitable place to put the poultry, through which the chicken can be seen so that the customer chooses the right chicken for him.
  • As well as the continuous and permanent cleaning of the shop, so as not to spread diseases and epidemics.
  • Automatic machines for slaughtering and cleaning must be available.
  • Source of water and electricity without interruption during the operation of the project.
  • As well as proper ventilation for poultry to keep chickens from suffocation and cold.

Labor required for the poultry project in Saudi Arabia

The number of workers depends on the area of ​​​​the place and the extent to which customers consume chicken per day. In the event that the consumption is large before this project, it requires a number of workers, but talking about a small-cost project and services, it is necessary to have 2 workers, where one is carrying out the slaughtering of poultry and cleaning And a factor responsible for the sale process, while the accountant must be managed by the owner of the project, at least as an initial stage.

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Poultry project cost in Saudi Arabia

Cost decisions are taken through a clear picture of the future obligations that must be included in the project, which are either fixed costs or variable costs periodically, and to obtain an initial picture of the cost of a poultry project in Saudi Arabia in these lines:

Fixed costs for a poultry project in Saudi Arabia

  • Include the project creation site.
  • Water and electricity facilities.
  • Drinking utensils and equipment.
  • Also batteries in the event of a power outage.

Variable costs for a poultry project in Saudi Arabia

  • cost of birds
  • Also, the cost of medicines and immunizations.
  • The cost of water, electricity and services.
  • Also labor cost.
  • carton cost.

Equipping a poultry project in Saudi Arabia

It includes the presence of a place on an area of ​​​​300 meters and a height of 4 meters, and the ventilation element is provided for laying hens, as well as the availability of feeders and drinking waterers, with continuous cleanliness to prevent the spread of germs and epidemics, to preserve the safety of poultry as long as possible, and to clarify more about the laying poultry project as follows:

  • Providing heating means in winter and fans for ventilation through large openings and a suitable roof cover to prevent moisture from entering the place.
  • It also lights to identify the location of food and water.
  • Farm follow-up by a trusted veterinarian approved by the Department of Agriculture.
  • The farm must be at least 500 meters away from the urban area.
  • Note that this project is witnessing great demand in all countries of the world, and it can be raised at home to benefit from eggs and sell them and their meat.

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Factors of success of a poultry project in Saudi Arabia

When thinking about starting to establish any successful project, it is certain that it requires the implementation of many steps and the study of the success factors of the project. This matter does not apply to large projects, but rather includes small ones, especially since the profit rate is high. We explain the following factors for the success of a poultry project in Saudi Arabia:

  • Conducting an economic feasibility study for the project, taking into account the market need for products and knowing the demand for them.
  • Seriousness and a firm desire to work and succeed, while standing on and strengthening strengths and weaknesses and addressing them.
  • The necessary capital must be available to operate the project on an ongoing basis.
  • It is also necessary to choose a suitable place for the work of the project and the appropriate time to start towards implementing the objectives.
  • The marketing process is a prominent factor in the management of investment projects.
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Marketing for a poultry project in Saudi Arabia

The marketing plan includes providing products or services that are able to meet the needs of customers, that is, knowing what the customer wants and matching the project’s products to meet the requests while making a profit through that process. Below we mention the marketing mechanism for a poultry project in Saudi Arabia:

  • Producing paper cards with the name of the shop and the address written in detail, with methods of communication and direct and electronic communication, as they are distributed to passers-by, gathering places and markets that are overcrowded.
  • It is also possible to make contracts with commercial malls and supermarkets to supply chickens to them, provided that they are clean and slaughtered.
  • And do not forget to supply slaughtered chickens to major restaurants and hotels based on the required quantities.
  • E-marketing, which is the exploitation of all social media platforms to promote the project, by placing pictures and perhaps a video showing the project’s website and the products it offers.
  • Providing home delivery service has become a necessity at the present time.

The cost of a poultry project in Saudi Arabia. The importance of this project comes as it is a large-scale consumption, and the demand for it does not stop. It is a successful investment project on a large scale, and it can be used in several ways, in terms of eggs, meat, and the sale of chicks.

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