The cost of an integrated beauty center project –

The cost of an integrated beauty center project –

Beauty center project costWomen are not obsessed with cosmetic operations and follow up on everything new in this world, and there is no doubt that every woman loves to appear in her best appearance, and this needs to go to beauty salons on an ongoing basis, as she spends a large part of her money For hair care and styling, as well as skin lightening and moisturizing, and nail trimming, all of this and more makes opening a beauty center project successful and bringing a lot of financial return, and in this article we explain the cost of a beauty center project.

Location and project space of a beauty center project

The success of the project depends mainly on choosing the right place, and it does not matter whether the project is in a high-end or popular area, and it depends on the availability of a large number of residents, knowing that high-end areas the price of cosmetic works is high, unlike popular areas that provide low-cost services, taking into account Considering the physical conditions surrounding people.

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Tools needed to open a beauty center project

Projects represent a fundamental and pivotal role in the production process, income generation, innovation and technological progress. They also play a role in achieving economic goals that help the development of the state and society. With regard to the beauty center project, it needs many tools necessary for its success, and we explain them as follows:

  • The project needs to purchase two sets of large mirrors and install them on the large wall, as well as a set of small mirrors for each chair so that the customer can sit on it.
  • Buy a lot of comfortable chairs and leather swivel chairs, so that the hairdresser can control them, and chairs to wait for customers.
  • It also requires the work of simple and attractive decorations, with the use of lighting in all aspects of the shop.
  • Buy an iron or two for curling hair.
  • Also, there is a set of durable scissors for cutting and trimming hair of all sizes and shapes.
  • Buy a range of hair accessories, such as hair clips and ties, as well as brushes of various sizes and shapes.
  • Also, there is a set of towels of different sizes and shapes, in various colors and of good quality.
  • Buy hair dryers and air conditioner, as a fan.
  • Instead, there is a set of cosmetic and cleaning products such as shampoos, various types of creams, and hair dyes.
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Services provided by the beauty center project

In the event that the decision is made to invest in a beauty project, the urgent need is to know the requirements of the site and equipment, how to provide raw materials for work, how to market and increase profits, and for that we offer the services provided by the beauty center project:

  • Providing hair dyes of various colors while keeping up with the latest fashion and products.
  • It also provides a service for skin care, moisturizing, and removing black spots, acne and dead skin, while adding a special luster to it.
  • As well as providing henna decorations on the feet and hands.
  • In addition, providing nail care services, painting them in attractive colors, or installing nails according to the client’s desire.
  • There must also be services to provide sessions for the care of dry and brittle hair or even hair falling, for example, sessions for protein, keratin and Botokos.

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Labor needed for a beauty center project

If the shop is large and able to attract a large number of customers, then a female worker must be available to receive customers, as well as 3 qualified female workers to do hairdressing and make-up service, while if the salon is small, the owner of the project can manage it himself and with highly skilled and experienced help With sleight of hand, it is better that she have previous experience in the same field, especially in the work of all hairstyles, dye mixtures and hair care.

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How to market a beauty center project

Marketing is an important component of the success of any project, so strong and effective marketing strategies and methods must be used in marketing for the women’s salon. The marketing process can make a big difference and support the work in a clear and continuous way to attract the largest number of customers. The following is an explanation of how to market a beauty center project:

  • Giving discounts to loyal customers who frequent the place and love the services provided to them.
  • Activate appointment booking cards
  • Activate salon appointment reservation online.
  • Marketing through social media by doing the following:
    • Publishing photos of the salon’s hair, makeup, and other services.
    • As well as posting photos of clients after their approval to show the real works for people to see the amazing result.
    • Also, customers are encouraged to publish their photos of themselves on the salon’s page, by providing a special corner in the salon for them to take pictures in.

The main factors for the success of a beauty center project

In order to achieve the project, it is necessary to plan and then study the methods of investigation with their realization, and if no actual steps are taken, the matter remains just useless ambitions, so any project requires taking into account the factors of success and failure, and the following is an explanation of the basic factors for the success of a beauty center project:

  • Choose the right place.
  • As well as choosing decor, furniture, products and shaving equipment with the latest technology and fashion.
  • Also choose cosmetics with quality products so as not to harm the customer.
  • As well as ensuring the employment of workers with sufficient experience in the field of hairdressing and beauty.
  • Monitoring market prices and competitors in this field on an ongoing basis.
  • Provide a hygiene worker, especially towels related to drying hair.
  • Tools must be sharp, especially scissors, to facilitate the proper styling.
  • Lightness and speed of service performance are essential.
  • Organizing work, especially in times of congestion.
  • Good customer handling.
  • Keeping the salon clean and fragrant at all times.
  • Marketing availability.
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Beauty center project cost

The cost of opening a women’s salon depends on the availability of capital, as well as the size of the project, whether it is small or higher, and the approximate cost of purchasing equipment varies in price and according to quality. The following is an explanation of the cost of a beauty center project:

  • The price of the hair dryer is between 300-500 Saudi riyals.
  • As a hair iron 200_ 400 Saudi riyals.
  • Also, a machine for cleaning the skin, and it is estimated at 1300-2000 Saudi riyals.
  • While a medium-sized quality conditioner ranges from 1200-1500 Saudi riyals.
  • Hairdressing chair and hairdos ranging between 3100 – 4000 Saudi riyals.
  • As for the waiting chairs, it is estimated at 1800 – 3200 riyals.
  • The cost of creams and cosmetics is about 7500 riyals.
  • Other expenses and supplies: 5000 Saudi riyals.
  • In addition, the cost of renting the shop and licensing the project and working legally.

Beauty center project profits

Obtaining profits will only come after a period of starting the project, and in general, the profits range from 3000 to 5000 pounds every month, after deducting expenses and costs, and later the profits increase according to the salon’s ability to attract the largest number of customers and make it more successful.

The cost of the beauty center project. In this article, we discussed many details related to the beauty center in terms of cost, and to study the feasibility of the project and know the profits that the center derives.

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