The cost of an integrated chocolate shop project –

The cost of an integrated chocolate shop project –

The cost of a chocolate shop project, chocolate is one of the food products and the most preferred by many people, and the matter is not limited to a specific region or country but all over the world, and sometimes it comes to addiction and excessive consumption, and the idea is to open a new capable chocolate shop On the intense competition in light of the acceleration and the great crowding in the number of shops that sell chocolates of all kinds and sizes, and in this article we discuss the cost of a chocolate shop project.

How do I start a chocolate business?

The first step when opening a chocolate shop is to get acquainted with the feasibility study of the shop project, then take organizational steps and arranged according to a specific mechanism studied from all dimensions, and we explain below how to start studying a successful chocolate project:

  • Choosing a suitable place through which you will sell chocolate, this place should also have a large proportion of the population, with the choice of medium places.
  • In principle, stay away from high-end places where rent is required to rent the shop.
  • While staying away from remote places and far from the population.
  • It doesn’t have to be big, and it’s best to choose a medium enough space to sell chocolates.
  • With the packaging done so that it takes an aesthetic shape to be a valuable gift.
  • Whereas in the case of selling many other sweet products, it is preferable to choose a slightly wider store.

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Wholesale chocolate shops in Egypt

Chocolate is a luxury, so despite the recent economic recession, it has remained strong and competitive, and this has led to the presence of many branded shops selling chocolate, and the following is an explanation of the most prominent chocolate shops Wholesale in Egypt:

  • Mahmoud El-Far: One of the oldest shops that sold imported chocolate. The shop opened in 1970. It also sells chocolate at good prices.
  • Passional: It is one of the most famous places for selling imported wholesale chocolate, offering reasonable prices for its type and quality, noting that the shop was opened for the first time in 1996.
  • Le Carnavale: It can be accessed quickly and has many branches.
  • Symonds: specializes in selling baked goods and sweets, as well as imported chocolates, offering reasonable prices and high quality.
  • Patchi: The Patchi shop sells international chocolates and offers the right price for its quality.
  • Mishmish, the merchant of happiness: The address of this shop is easily accessible, and it is located in the center of the country on Ramses Street branching from Bab Al Bahr.
  • Alloush Bazaar: One of the most popular sites, especially on social media, where discounts and offers are offered, and discounts may reach 75%.
  • Choco Chocola: This place opened in 1997 and has many branches that sell wholesale imported chocolates inside Egypt.
  • Coca Chocolate: It is one of the best places to sell wholesale imported chocolate in Egypt, and it has many branches located in Egypt.

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Home made chocolate project

The home chocolate manufacturing project is one of the most successful projects that can be entered into if the desire and capital are available, and when doing it requires taking into account several factors that contribute to the success of the project.

  • Define the production line clearly
  • Knowing competitors’ markets
  • customer identification
  • Define private space
  • As prepare tools
  • Preparing packaging supplies.
  • with acceptance of criticism.
  • As for the raw materials needed for the project, they are as follows:
    • Cocoa is the main ingredient.
    • Cocoa Butter.
    • Sugar.
    • the milk.
    • nuts.
    • marshmallow.
    • Small candy.
    • biscuits;
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Marketing for the chocolate shop

The marketing process requires the achievement of several elements, the most important of which is obtaining the famous brand, and then the marketing task is based on the company producing chocolate, as it has become one of their branches or one of the approved places through them.

  • While in the case of obtaining chocolate from wholesalers and manufacturing it for yourself, here the matter is completely different, and then you need to market yourself by following several steps that we explain below:
  • Printing extensive advertisements for your project and then distributing them in places near you, and at weddings and gatherings.
  • The major supermarket is also contacted and your products are distributed to it.
  • Also, the use of social media platforms in the marketing process for the chocolate shop, with pictures of products before packaging and after packaging.

The cost of opening a chocolate manufacturing project

The cost of starting a chocolate business varies according to several factors. If the cost of starting a home-based chocolate business on a small scale, then the investment should be in the range of $4,000 to $10,000, and this amount is sufficient, while if you plan to start operating on a large scale. On top of an exclusive storefront, the costs go up dramatically, given that the investment, in this case, exceeds $100,000.

Chocolate making supplies

Knowing all the trends in the chocolate industry is very important, as well as recognizing the popular taste of customers. Also, the tools are not limited to providing trays of thin plastic to put products on, but there are many requirements and we explain them as follows:

  • Melanger (wet stone grinder)
  • As chocolate molds
  • Thermometer
  • Also a toaster
  • kitchen scales
  • Also tempering machine
  • Water bath chocolate melting pot
  • There is also a candy thermometer to measure the appropriate temperature of the chocolate and avoid burning
  • As a funnel to facilitate pouring the melted chocolate
  • Spatula to scrape the bowl
  • It also provides a cookie tray with a silicone mat to spread the chocolate pieces on
  • Dipping Tools
  • Also a cooling rack for the chocolate after it has been dipped
  • Also an optional decorating tip kit.
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The labor required to implement a chocolate project

At the beginning of the project, it is necessary to appoint a very small number of workers, but with the passage of time and the increase in the withdrawal of the product and the availability of a large financial return, as well as the fame of the project, a large sector of employment must then be appointed, with the availability of special conditions in the people who are chosen to work, such as the availability of experience in If he is appointed as a cashier, he also works by packing chocolate and delivering it to customers after cash payment.

Chocolate shelf life

The shelf life of chocolate varies from 9 to 24 months, and this is due to the difference in its type and storage conditions, and the types can be divided according to the shelf life, and the following determines the shelf life of chocolate types:

  • Dark chocolate: It has the longest shelf life, as it can be stored for two years.
  • Milk chocolate: can be stored for 16 months.
  • While white chocolate: The storage period is only 6-12 months.
  • As for the chocolate with cream filling: the storage period is from 12-18 months.
  • Then chocolate with nuts: they are stored for 9-12 months.

The cost of a chocolate shop project. In this article, we discussed many details about the establishment of a chocolate project, whether home or commercial, while identifying the financial cost of successfully establishing the project.

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