The cost of setting up an online store for the year 2023

The cost of setting up an online store for the year 2023

Do you want to know? How much does it cost to set up an online store?? Congratulations, you are in the right place, in this article we will get to know you together How much does it cost to set up an online store? Professional online, what are the most important things you need to create an online store, and how to choose the best online store design platforms.

As the idea of ​​creating your own online store has now become very easy, you do not have to be familiar with designs and programming languages ​​in order to be able to set up an online store, and the cost of creating an online store is no longer as expensive as it was in the past, due to the development The greatness that we see in e-commerce and the desire of many companies and shop owners to move their stores on the Internet, and display their products to the largest percentage of customers and the public.

But a question has spread a lot recently about this topic, which is How much does it cost to set up an online store in 2023 Whether in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, or in US dollars? Are there conditions for opening an online store? So, follow us to find out how much it costs to set up an online store.

The cost of setting up an online store for the year 2023

Who among us does not think about investing money and inflating capital? We all think of either trading or investing money in technology-related fields. I consider its ease, low capital, and widespread use in our time. Most of those who think about investing their money invest it in creating an electronic store, selling and displaying products in them and marketing them. The cost of creating an online store varies according to the design and the complexities that were designed. It is for the store and in this article we will explain in full about all the specifications and costs of the store to be established.

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The cost of setting up an online store

The cost of designing the store varies according to different store design companies, where for the design there are many options, either for design companies or by choosing a freelance designer, as designers offer different prices for designing electronic stores, where companies offer designs, features and templates that the customer can choose among them and apply them to the private store However, these options are already used by many other users.

But these options are suitable for beginners in setting up the store due to their cheap price and speed of application on the website, and their cost reaches $ 60 per template. But if you want a custom design, it is a little expensive, as the price of designing a custom appearance ranges from $ 10,000 up to $100,000 and varies This varies with the required specifications and the difficulty of designing the appearance. Therefore, most users tend to buy ready-made templates. Finally, we point out that the features required by the customer lead to an increase in the price of creating the store.

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The cost of setting up an online store through e-commerce platforms

Creating an online store through commercial platforms is one of the good options for many users, due to the low cost of creation, as the store is not completely yours, but rather by registering a subscription to the electronic platform, either a monthly subscription or an annual subscription based on the customer’s desire and it also varies The costs vary according to the services, features and characteristics that the platforms launch when creating the store, based on the request of the customer or the brand.

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As for large companies and famous brands, where these companies require many features and features for their websites, these costs start from $100 or more per month, depending on the company’s need for additional features.

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How do I choose the best e-store design platforms?

There are many conditions and criteria that must be put to the fore when choosing the platform for designing the online store and the best assets among them:

These criteria are classified according to:

1. Limitations

These restrictions are placed by the company designing the product so that these restrictions are imposed on the customer, as these restrictions are imposed on many items such as determining the number of times to upload images to the store or limiting the number of products displayed in the store. Therefore, the customer must determine the well-designed company.

2. Advantages

The advantages are classified among the most important items when creating an online store, and the advantages include many characteristics such as:

  • Develop a cloud point of sale system.
  • Offer many free templates.
  • There is no commission on sales.
  • Marketing on social media channels and managing their own channels.
  • Logo design.
  • Large or unlimited storage space.
  • Promotional ads and professional designs.
  • It contains Android and iOS smartphone applications.

This is a set of important features that must be present in every electronic platform that creates electronic stores.

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3. Integration and partnership with other companies

Integration with the third-party company provides many services related to e-commerce and sales on the Internet. This subscription provides many services and features from payment gateways and companies to ship products in a safe and secure manner, software systems and many other services that you need in your online store. This item is one of the most important Items when you start comparing and choosing a designer company.

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4. Shape design and templates available for store

Attention to the external appearance and design of the template is an essential criterion for the success of the online store, as the design is an important factor to attract customers to your online store, where you can choose the features and characteristics of the store design, in addition to choosing between free templates, through the options available by the platform.

5. Prices for monthly subscription packages

To choose a platform in order to create an online store, you should see the prices of monthly subscriptions in all the platforms you are searching in, as many platforms offer quotes on monthly subscriptions in addition to offers on the features and features offered by the platform, and you must also know the commission rate imposed by the platform on Product sales + know the cost of the store additives.

6. Ease of use

Ease of use means how easy it is to use the main interface of the store for the customer and how to use the control panel of his brand in addition to the possibility of adjusting the store settings without the need for technical support from the customer service team or waiting for them, so you must search between the platforms that provide you with these matters and make it easier for the customer use process.

In conclusion, we hope that you have benefited from this article, as the article seeks to achieve a single goal, which is how to create an online store in various ways.

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