The cost of the coffee diwaniya project – platform

The cost of the coffee diwaniya project – platform

The cost of the coffee diwaniya project, it was not just a human mood or a commercial economy, but it formed many deep social bonds through its entry into the Arab councils until it became the first and sacred drink of their councils and an authentic symbol for them, and because of their intense love for it they wrote poems in its name, so drinking coffee has become a ritual Social influenced by the community and their personality was clearly drawn, and it became a standard for cultures and social customs, so it was necessary to establish a coffee diwaniya, and in this article we learn about the cost of the coffee diwaniya project.

Advantages of the Diwaniya Qahwa project

There are thousands of types of coffee around the world, but Arabic coffee and cardamom constitute a wide acceptance of it. Many drink it as a morning drink and perhaps a reward after a hard day’s work to get active, and some follow special rituals in drinking it so that it mixes it with the aesthetics of a place or memories to escape from the noise of reality. We learn about the advantages Diwaniya Qahwa project is as follows:

  • The project is characterized by its low cost compared to many small projects.
  • Getting daily profits from this project is rad and strong.
  • This project is witnessing a wide turnout from all age groups.
  • It does not require the availability of a large number of scientists, and perhaps the owner of the project, with the presence of an additional assistant.
  • If managed properly, a high percentage of profits can be achieved in a short period.

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Feasibility study of the Diwaniya Qahwa project

The Diwaniya Qahwa project comes from the successful and strong projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and as an important element of the rich culture, as it possesses deep connotations of originality and hospitality, as well as cultural diversity and the unique privacy of Saudi culture, so standing on the establishment of this project requires a comprehensive feasibility study for all basic requirements Which is supposed to be part of the authentic Arab customs and traditions, and therefore its success depends on providing the most luxurious coffee, especially Saudi coffee.

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The right place to implement the Diwaniya Qahwa project

Establishing a coffee diwaniya is not limited to a specific place, but rather to any area in which there is the largest number of people and a gathering of them, and perhaps next to government institutions and universities, or even inside and near social clubs, with regard to the important area that it is sufficient for several small tables and chairs, and customers can get They drink coffee in paper cups and sip outside the diwaniya.

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Equipment and supplies for the Diwaniya Qahwa project

In a nutshell, the coffee diwaniya can be described as Arabic sessions to serve authentic coffee. It needs equipment that is related to the ancient originality and mixed with the new civilization. Therefore, we present the following the most important equipment and supplies for the coffee diwaniya project in those lines:

  • Having a suitable place and renting at a reasonable cost.
  • As popular decorations to be suitable for popular sessions, it may have been a system of popular tents and dividers.
  • The presence of large screens so that everyone can see what is being shown.
  • Placing a sign bearing the name of Al-Diwaniyah, which should be distinctive and attract customers.
  • The place is equipped with tables and chairs that are at a good level for the customer’s comfort while sitting on them.
  • There are also paper and plastic cups, and we do not forget the cups mixed with the Saudi heritage.
  • stove.
  • Also a good quality coffee machine.
  • Shelves to place coffee preparation materials on.
  • The most important thing is the availability of the best types of coffee, and many projects resort to making it themselves, especially cardamom coffee, as it witnesses a great demand for it.
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The cost of a coffee diwaniya project

Any project requires comprehensive cost management through which the costs of a specific project are estimated, allocated and controlled. Expected costs are calculated during the planning phase of the Diwaniyah project and approved before project implementation. When the project is completed, the expected costs are compared in advance with realistic costs. Below we explain the cost of the Diwaniyah project. coffee:

  • The cost of renting the place is taken into consideration
  • As, the costs of tools and hardware
  • Also, costs of raw materials needed for the project
  • Add to that workers’ payroll costs
  • With the costs of operational services for the Diwaniyah, such as water, electricity, and others.

Manpower for the Diwaniya Qahwa project

This project is characterized by the fact that it dispenses with manpower, or is limited to 2 workers, so that one of them prepares the coffee using the machine or on the stove, and the other worker serves the coffee. Instead, there is an administrative presence for the project that carries out the task of following up the progress of achieving the goals in the correct manner, as well as conducting financial accounting And calculating expected costs on a daily and monthly basis, while identifying and strengthening weaknesses.

Good marketing for the coffee diwaniya project

When carrying out the marketing process, this requires attention to all elements of marketing, which include the product, price, place, promotion, as well as people. We explain the following how to properly market the Diwaniya Qahwa project:

  • Through marketing on social media platforms, most notably Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it is related to the most popular platform and making the best use of it.
  • Also advertising through search engines such as Google and Bing.
  • And perhaps direct sales by communicating with the targeted customers of the advertising process.
  • Also distribute printed leaflets in the target market places.
  • Exploiting various media such as TV channels.
  • Attending trade fairs through which the product is promoted and free samples are provided to visitors.
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Factors of the success of the Diwaniya Qahwa project

The success factors are a set of foundations that are laid down by the project owner and through which the success or failure of the existing project is known, taking into account that the factors are flexible in changing and modifying them, especially in emergency circumstances that change the course of the project. Below we mention the most important success factors of the Diwaniyah project. coffee:

  • The place should be equipped to the fullest and make it distinct from other strongly competing projects.
  • It also requires that the Diwaniyah be properly divided from the inside, to regulate the movement of clients and workers.
  • Choosing a more advanced machine with great performance and good flavor, that is, being able to produce several varieties of coffee.
  • Choosing the location of the project in a planned manner and avoiding slums that scatter the objectives of the project.
  • Regulating product prices, so that they are neither high and costly to the customer, nor low and harmful to the project.
  • The most important thing is to make a great effort for the success of the project, at least at the beginning of its establishment, with the presence of a cooperative team.
  • Do not forget the good marketing and all the elements of the project to reach the largest broad base of the public who loves authentic Arabic coffee.
  • The need to pay attention to cleanliness with a good scent so that the customer feels comfortable and enjoyable when drinking morning or evening coffee.
  • Also speaking with customers in a pleasant manner, listening to complaints and inquiries and resolving them as soon as possible without delay.

The cost of the Coffee Diwaniya project. In this article, we mentioned many details about the feasibility study of the Coffee Diwaniya project, taking into account the success factors of the project, as well as discussing the most important advantages of the project, which achieves a high percentage of satisfactory profits.

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