The cost of the entire home appliances store project –

The cost of the entire home appliances store project –

The cost of the home appliances store project. The home appliances store project is one of the profitable small projects, through which it can be started with a small or large capital, depending on the financial ability and the circumstances surrounding the business owner, and this project can be implemented without experience or special qualifications, with the availability of Knowledge of market requirements, and how to obtain the goods to be purchased, as they are indispensable in any home and the amount of consumption on them is very large, and in this article we explain the cost of a home appliances store project.

Features of a home appliances store project

Success can be achieved in every project as long as the foundations are sound, and one of the most important of these foundations is a good feasibility study for the project, in order to determine the steps that must be adhered to, and taking them into account when implementing the project on the ground. The following are the most important features of a home appliances store project:

  • It is easy to get all the goods in various shapes and sizes on deferred payment.
  • It is also characterized by great purchasing power, as the number of consumers on these tools is beyond imagination.
  • Note that the sale of household items for the bride’s groom brings a lot of profitable returns.
  • Also, the employer does not need experience and qualifications, and experience lies through experience in the labor market.
  • It is also good to use social networking sites for marketing and advertising.

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Cost of a home appliances store project

The factors for the success of the home appliances trade project are that the products are of high quality, especially made of plastic, and a good feasibility study must be conducted to ensure that things are going on the right approach, taking into account the proportionality of prices with the surrounding environment and the social level of the population. The following explains the cost of starting a home appliances store:

  • Whereas, fixed cost: the cost of licenses and shop decorations.
  • While the variable cost: It includes the price of goods, electricity, rent and labor wages.
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How to obtain a home appliances trading project license

The business owner needs several documents that he needs to submit to the official and project organizers, such as the municipality and others, and an explanation of how to obtain a home appliances trade project license:

  • Where the licensing phase begins after renting the shop and before it is equipped, and the required documents that you need to obtain a license are as follows: (notarized lease contract, electricity connection from a commercial meter to the store, your identity card).
  • The tax office is also contacted to open a tax file for the specified activity.
  • And wait for several days to get the tax card. And with it with the rest of the documents.
  • Go to the Chamber of Commerce to open a commercial registry and register the activity.
  • Then followed by obtaining the commercial register and joining legal business ventures.

home appliances store design

The design of the store requires a special experience in interior design, as well as a person who has information about the tools that are required to be present in the store, knowing that the design of the store is one of the factors for its success and the increase in the public’s demand for it significantly. The following is how to design a home appliances store:

  • A facade should be made of Securite glass, and two facades should be placed if the project is on two corners.
  • Also a securit glass door inside the main facade.
  • As well as placing glass shelves behind the glass facades and on the wall.
  • Gondola shelving units are placed in the middle of the shop and merchandise is displayed on it.
  • It also requires a small desk and no more than 3 chairs, as it does not occupy a large area of ​​the shop.
  • In addition, the presence of lamps distributed throughout the store in order to provide a suitable view for customers.
  • The presence of air conditioners covering the entire area of ​​the shop.
  • It is also important to have surveillance cameras inside and outside the store, which are necessary for licensing purposes and to monitor any suspicions.
  • There is also a computer and invoice printer for the accounting system.
  • In addition, there are some decorations and luxury additions.
  • A plaque is placed on the facade.
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Marketing and advertising for a home appliances store project

One of the most important factors for the success of a project to sell household appliances is the factor of marketing and advertising through the exploitation of social networking sites, as well as following several steps that will contribute to the success of the marketing process, and the following is an explanation of the process of marketing and advertising for a project that sells household appliances:

  • The process of marketing is through social networking sites, by creating a page for the store and displaying the store’s products on it.
  • The sale is also available through the Internet via the Facebook page and delivery to the door of the house.
  • It is a good idea to make advertising cards with the name of the store, contact numbers, email and Facebook page.
  • As well as making strong offers and discounts, whether inside the store or on the Facebook page.
  • One of the factors of marketing success is meeting the customer with a smile, and good dealing is one of the most important factors in attracting the customer.
  • The decor is well stacked and the showcases are eye-catching with strong lighting.
  • It may be good to print special bags and bags for the store with the name of the store and contact information.
  • In addition, pay attention to the shop sign on the front so that it is eye-catching and luminous.

Online home appliances sales

Going into the online experience in order to save a lot of costs such as a place to set up the project and other things that generate a great financial return, and then you must contract with one of the existing and highly successful projects, in order to obtain a reduced price, in order to obtain a return for selling each piece, Several steps must be followed and implemented to make this project successful, and we explain them as follows:

  • The exhibits are professionally photographed with excellent lighting and the images are modified to make them attractive and attractive.
  • It is good to use the product image available on the Internet, if any.
  • Also search for a video of how to use it and attach it to the photos.
  • It also requires opening a group or page on social networking sites in order to publish photos and videos attached to an advertisement, as well as the price of the product.
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Tips to increase sales and increase profits

Following the licensing procedures while providing the product of high quality is one of the most important factors that contribute to increasing sales, as well as making sure to choose the store in the right place. We also explain the most important tips to increase sales and profits through the following:

  • Dealing with customers in an elegant manner, and this has a major role in not losing customers.
  • Obtaining customer satisfaction by offering high quality product at appropriate prices.
  • And it may be to conduct several different offers and in order to stimulate sales, so that a discount banner is placed on the products for a limited period.
  • As well as making different gifts for customers who buy in the event of purchasing more than two pieces.
  • Also understand everything that is new in the market world.
  • Monitor what competitors are doing, while training the sales team.
  • Do some interviews or put up opinion polls on social media

The cost of a home appliances store project. In this article, we discussed many details about establishing a business related to the sale of household appliances, as well as identifying the marketing and advertising process for the success of the project.

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