The cost of the Riyadh Metro 2023 project, its features and the companies participating in it – platform

The cost of the Riyadh Metro 2023 project, its features and the companies participating in it – platform

The cost of the Riyadh metro projectThe Kingdom of Saudi Arabia works to provide all possible services to its citizens in order to facilitate life as much as possible for them, and to make access to all facilities and centers, as well as their government institutions, not need much time, as a result of traffic congestion or exposure to the inability to find transportation that enables them to During which they reach the places they want to reach, so they prepare all projects to serve their citizens. In this context, we discuss the cost of the Riyadh sector project.

Riyadh Metro Project

With the increase in population numbers inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the transportation crisis has become a need for more inventions that can contribute to solving this problem as much as possible. In this context, we discuss the Riyadh Metro project:

  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia seeks to provide all things that can make life easier for its citizens as much as possible.
  • This is what it is based on recently through the establishment of the Riyadh Electric Train.
  • It is one of the projects of King Abdul Aziz for public transport in Riyadh.
  • It consists of six main lines that go around Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Its speed is 80 km per hour.
  • It can accommodate 1016 million passengers during the day.
  • It also has 85 stations, with a cost of $2205 billion.
  • According to the plan drawn up by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it is estimated that this train will be operational by 2023.

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Features of the Riyadh Metro project

Many of the projects that are agreed to be carried out through the state are not completed except after extensive research on the extent to which these projects are useful to people, and determining the goal that can be achieved through their presence in the country. In this context, we discuss the advantages of the Riyadh metro project:

  • All projects that contain many technological technologies that are being worked on, the state works to make them consist of all facilities that can provide distinguished services to its citizens.
  • Where the train is equipped with wi-fi technology, which gives a sense of comfort to the passengers.
  • All trains are connected to a central control room that monitors and operates the train with great accuracy.
  • Also, the trains operate without a driver, but their work is done through the central control room.
  • It helps in providing job opportunities through the projects that can be set up around it, thus achieving the goal of sustainable development in the country.
  • According to the expected plan, the train will provide 7,600 job opportunities, as well as 2,300 job opportunities in the technical field.
  • This project contributes to the process of raising the professional level of university students through the various training programs that are launched and the process of transferring experiences that can take place.
  • The project is considered a qualitative shift in the world of transportation, which makes the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia move towards a qualitative shift, as it follows the example of the major countries.
  • The carriages can accommodate large numbers of passengers, and there are only carriages for families.
  • There is an area designated for parking cars in the vicinity of the train station, with about 25 spaces sufficient to accommodate from 400 to 600 cars.
  • The train also contributes to reducing the time, which provides access to workplaces with ease and the lowest possible speed.
  • It will play a major role in increasing the country’s income.
  • It can save the country from the problem of transportation and noise, as well as reduce environmental pollution.
  • It contributes greatly to solving the transportation crisis, and contributes to resolving severe congestion.
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How fast is the Riyadh metro?

The speed of trains differs from one region to another in the world, according to the operating power with which the train can operate, as well as the extent of technologies that can be used in the work of the train. In this context, we address the speed of the Riyadh metro:

  • The Riyadh Metro is one of the most important projects supervised by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which falls under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Transport and Communications in Saudi Arabia.
  • It has a speed of about 80 km per hour.
  • The train can accommodate about 1016 million passengers on a daily basis.
  • The train has 85 stations, of which eight are major stations.

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The cost of the Riyadh Metro project 2023

The projects that are supervised by the state are naturally among the projects that need large capital, because such projects have the main objective of alleviating the burdens of citizens. In this context, we discuss the cost of the Riyadh Metro project:

  • The Riyadh Metro is also known as the Riyadh Electric Train Project.
  • Its cost amounts to 2205 billion dollars, or an average of 86 billion riyals.
  • Where officials have stated that it will be one of the projects established in order to serve people, as the ticket price will be 25 riyals per week.

Riyadh metro stations

The Riyadh Metro project provides many stations, which facilitates the access of citizens to them, as the number of these stations is 85, including eight main stations that save cost and time. In this context, we address the Riyadh metro stations:

  • Palace of Government station.
  • Also the National Museum station.
  • supreme station.
  • Also the breeze station.
  • red station.
  • As well as the station of the Ministry of Education.
  • King Abdullah Financial District Station.
  • In addition to the spring station.
  • Imam Muhammad bin Saud University station.
  • Also Othman Bin Affan Road station.
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Companies participating in the Riyadh Metro project

The train project is considered one of the huge projects that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is implementing in Riyadh, so it needs a large capacity in order to complete this project so that it can see the light. In this context, we discuss the companies participating in the Riyadh metro project:

  • The American giant Bechtel, which has signed a contract worth 9045 billion dollars for the construction of two metro lines, also includes the American company Aecom, the Mayati company, and the Saudi Contractors Union.
  • As well as the Spanish company LC Construction.
  • The French company Alstom, and the Korean company Samsung C & T Corporation.
  • There is also the Italian company Ansaldo.
  • and Canadian Bombardier Corporation.
  • In addition to the Indian company Larsen & Toyro.

Tracks of the Riyadh Metro project

Some of the services achieved by the government through work help improve the standard of living for its citizens, and the biggest of these achievements that are designed is made available to everyone so that they can benefit from it. In this context, we discuss the tracks of the Riyadh Metro project:

  • The first track of the Riyadh Metro Project (the Blue Line) from the Olaya-Batha-Al-Hayer axis, with a length of 38 km.
  • As for the second lane (the red line), King Abdullah Road is 25.3 km long.
  • Likewise, the third lane of the same project (the orange line) is the axis of Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah Road – Prince Saad bin Abdul Rahman Al-Awwal Road, with a length of 40.7 km.
  • The fourth lane (yellow line) is the axis of King Khalid International Airport Road, with a length of 29.6 km.
  • There is also the fifth lane (the green line), the axis of King Abdulaziz Road, with a length of 12.9 km.
  • The sixth lane (purple line) is the axis of Abdul Rahman bin Auf Road – Sheikh Hassan bin Hussein bin Ali Road, with a length of 30 km.
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In conclusion, we presented in this article everything related to the cost of the Riyadh metro project, as well as the Riyadh metro stations as well, the routes that the Riyadh metro project will move along, and the features of the Riyadh metro project.

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