The costs of obtaining a passport – our business

The costs of obtaining a passport – our business

The costs of obtaining a passport, each country sets the special conditions for issuing a passport, as well as the costs that are approved for the citizen, bearing in mind that the passport is an official national document for travel approved by the state in which the citizen is located and subject to all its laws, so that this document allows entry to any A country in his capacity and nationality, and with regard to the Saudi passport, it contains 48 pages that include a photo of the passport holder, the type of document and other details, and in this article we provide details about the costs of obtaining a passport.

Conditions for obtaining a Saudi passport

The importance of having a passport is not limited to being an ordinary document to prove identity outside the borders of the country, but its importance has become of the importance of the personal identification card, and obtaining it is a foregone conclusion, especially for new students and those coming to university studies, as well as travel and tourism around the world, enjoying tourist holidays, and so on. A lot, so we present the requirements for obtaining a Saudi passport:

  • Pay the fees required to obtain a passport
  • It also pays traffic fines.
  • As well as the presence of a fingerprint of the citizen.
  • The citizen must be present in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • The citizen shall not have a passport.
  • Note that the passport includes both single and married.

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The costs of obtaining a passport

Millions of people wish to hold the Kingdom’s passport, due to the strength of this passport, which continues to progress rapidly in the list of the most powerful passports in the world, as it is possible for those who hold this passport to enter 79 countries without the need for a visa, and the rest of the countries through an electronic visa or a visa from the airport takes time It takes a few minutes to obtain it, and as a result, we explain the costs of obtaining a passport:

  • 300 SAR: Obtaining a passport valid for 5 years.
  • Also, 600 Saudi riyals: Obtaining a passport valid for 10 years.
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How to obtain a Saudi passport

The Saudi passport enjoys unique immunity and strong power, based on the strength of the country it represents and its political and economic standing. It is worth mentioning that the Kingdom is one of the twenty largest economies in the world, where it enjoys high credibility, as well as being a member of international and regional organizations, and most importantly, it leads The Islamic world and its views are imposed on many countries. We explain the mechanism of issuing the Saudi passport as follows:

  • The Absher platform is logged in
  • Click on the passport issuance service.
  • pressure on individuals.
  • Also enter the name of the applicant for the passport.
  • Add the required data, including:
    • personal photos.
    • nicknames.
    • The names are in English.
  • Add advanced city.
  • Passport issuance fees must be paid.

Online passport extraction

One of the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 is the digital transformation of all government services received by the resident or expatriate citizen, so an electronic passport was launched on February 10, 2022 for the purpose of international travel, as this passport contains an electronic chip in order to raise the level of security protection for data and personal photos of the passport holder. Electronic travel, and an explanation of the procedure for obtaining a passport as follows:

  • First, you must enter the Absher electronic platform by clicking on the following link: from here.
  • Log in with your personal account.
  • Book an appropriate appointment, according to the Passports Department of the region in which you are located.
  • It is followed by going to the Passports Department on the predetermined date, then submitting an application for the issuance of the electronic Saudi passport, at which time it is necessary to bring the old passport.
  • Two personal photos with a photo of the ID card are also attached to the application.
  • Waiting for three days for the passport to arrive by Saudi Post.
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Passport fees for children

The fee for issuing a passport for a child is 300 Saudi riyals, so that the validity period for using the passport is for a period not exceeding five years, and in the event that this period is exceeded, the passport loses its eligibility for use, knowing that the payment of passport fees is done automatically through the payment system, and we explain the details More on people under the age of 15:

  • Through the Absher application, an appointment is booked at the Passports Directorate.
  • It is noted that children who do not have a national identity attend in person by the guardian, and it is not accepted that the authorization is given during the application submission.
  • You must bring your national identity card
  • The passport issuance form is required to be filled in so that all the fields designated in Arabic and English are to be filled in.
  • Signature by the guardian with his name written correctly, according to the filling form, in case he is not registered on the Absher system.

The period for obtaining a passport

The General Authority of Saudi Passports specified that the process of preparing all passport procedures and then handing them over to the applicant, takes a period not exceeding three days, at which time the citizen is notified of the need to receive the passport through the Saudi Post.

Documents required to obtain a Saudi passport

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has not included any changes in the papers and documents that are attached to obtaining the Saudi passport, as they are fixed, but the mechanism for applying and obtaining the passport is carried out in several ways, including the traditional, in which one must go to the Passports Directorate, as well as submitting electronically, and the selection is according to the appropriate, The following is an explanation of the documents required to obtain a Saudi passport:

  • The national identity for those over the age of 15 must be valid and valid.
  • As well as the presence of the original family card.
  • Also a copy of the family card for minor sons and daughters.
  • Two photographs measuring 4×6 colours, with a white background, in Saudi dress.
  • It is required to fill out the form and enter data in Arabic and English.
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Expedited Passport Fee 2022

It is clear that the issuance of a passport takes place in several stages, and each stage takes enough time to complete it, and then move on to the stages that follow it. Therefore, the issuance of the passport takes place within 5 days so that it is not extracted in a hurry, as is common among many citizens, with the possibility of extracting it with the same Today, therefore, we are wary of those responsible for issuing rumors and may be promoting the purposes of fraud and defrauding many. As for the fees for obtaining an Egyptian passport, we explain the following:

  • The fees for obtaining a passport are 400 Egyptian pounds for those inside Egypt, while 110 US dollars for those outside Egypt.
  • As the shortest period for obtaining a passport, whether urgent or otherwise, is 4 or 5 days.
  • The Egyptian citizen receives the passport on the fourth day after submitting the required documents and identification papers.
  • While Rasul replaces lost or damaged ones, it amounts to 485 Egyptian pounds.
  • Knowing that the electronic registration process for Egyptian citizens wishing to obtain an urgent passport by going to the PSM portal by clicking on the following link: From here.

The costs of obtaining a passport, the travel document is the achievement of each country and obtaining it is the pride and pride of the country that the citizen follows, so the pursuit of owning that document requires paying the costs, as well as attaching many supporting documents that we explained in this article.

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