The Moroccan national team squad against Belgium in the 2022 World Cup

The Moroccan national team squad against Belgium in the 2022 World Cup

On Sunday, November 27, the Moroccan national team will play its second match in the 2022 World Cup against the Belgian national team, after a goalless draw with the Croatian national team, as the date of the Morocco match against Belgium will be at 4 pm Saudi time and 3 Cairo time, and in this report we will learn about The Moroccan national team squad against Belgium in the 2022 World Cup.

The Moroccan national team is preparing to meet its Belgian counterpart in the second round of Group Six matches in the Qatar World Cup 2022 on the grounds of Al-Thumama Stadium. The match included many attempts to hit the goals, but they failed, as the Moroccan national team entered strongly to pose a threat to the Croatian national team, after Ashraf Hakimi directed the free kick in the 65th minute of the match time, but this shot was blocked by goalkeeper Dominik Levakovic, who pushed the ball away from the goal area, but Of course, the Croatian national team was not watching what was happening, but had directed directives towards the Moroccan national team’s goal, in the first minutes of the start of the match in the calculated time, starting from lost, as goalkeeper Yassin Bono saved a goal that was achieved after he directed a cross from the left front, which was acquired by Nikola Vlajic and he By shooting it towards the goal, but Yassine Bounou was on the lookout and blocked it to keep it away from the Moroccan team’s net, and also in the 17th minute of the first half, B. A shot by player Ivan Perisic from the area outside the penalty area ended with the ball passing over the crossbar of goalkeeper Yassin Bounou.

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Morocco’s history and participation in the World Cup

Morocco participated in the World Cup for the first time in 1970, where it entered a strong group confrontation with West Germany, Bulgaria and Peru, which ended with the Moroccan national team leaving in third place after losing against West Germany and Peru.

After that, they participated in the Atlas Lions in the 1986 World Cup, where this tournament was one of the most prominent tournaments for the Moroccan national team, as after returning to the tournament after an absence of 16 years, the Atlas Lions managed to reach the round of 16.

Where the Moroccan national team fell into a difficult confrontation with the teams in its group, where the group included England, Poland and Portugal, in which the Atlas Lions were able to achieve victory over Portugal with three clean goals without any response from Portugal, and the matches with England and Poland ended in a negative draw, and the harsh response was to the Moroccan team It came after his confrontation with the West Germany national team, which lost the meeting with a goal without a response, to knock out the Atlas Lions after fierce confrontations from the 16th round.

Then the Atlas Lions returned to participate in the World Cup in 1994, but the performance of the Atlas Lions was somewhat deteriorating, after losing all the matches he played with the teams of his group, which included Belgium and Saudi Arabia, then returned to participate in 1998, where the Moroccan national team performed well at the aggregate level. In which he was, after the Atlas Lions were able to defeat Scotland and draw with Norway, but he received a loss during his meeting with the Brazilian national team, which prevented him from entering the round of 16, and concluded his last participation in the World Cup Russia in 2018, where he included the following teams Iran, Spain and Portugal, where He tied with the Spanish national team with two goals for both teams, but the Atlas Lions lost in the face of Iran and the Portuguese national team.

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The Moroccan national team squad against Belgium in the 2022 World Cup

The Moroccan national team will now return to the Qatar World Cup 2022 for confrontation, where the Moroccan national team faced the Croatian national team, and the match ended in a goalless draw, as we mentioned previously. The Atlas Lions are now preparing to face the Belgian national team, and the starting line-up for the team comes as follows:

In the line of attack:

  • Hakim Ziyech.
  • Amin Harith.
  • Sufyan Boufal.
  • Abdul Samad Al Zalzouli.
  • Abdul Razzaq Hamdallah.
  • Elias the poet.
  • Youssef Al-Nusairi.

And placed in the middle:

  • Sufyan Amrabat.
  • Abdul Hamid Sabiri.
  • Bilal Al-Khanoos.
  • Yahya Gibran.
  • Ezzedine Onahi.

In the line of defence:

  • Ashraf Dari.
  • Roman Sayes.
  • Yahya Atiyatallah.
  • Jawad Al-Yamaq.
  • Badr Bannon.
  • Naseer Mazrawi.
  • Ashraf Hakimi.
  • Nayef Kurds.


  • Mounir Al-Mohammadi.
  • Ahmed Reda Al-Taknawti.
  • Yassin Bono.

The date of the Moroccan and Belgian national team match

The start date of the match between the Atlas Lions and the Belgian national team is next Sunday, November 27, at exactly three o’clock in the evening Cairo time and at four o’clock Saudi Arabia time, which will be held on the grounds of Al-Thumama Stadium. If you are a fan of one of the two teams, do not forget to watch the match on BN Sport sports channel.

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