The most beautiful beaches in Amsterdam are recommended to be visited on your 2023 vacation to the Netherlands

The most beautiful beaches in Amsterdam are recommended to be visited on your 2023 vacation to the Netherlands

If you intend to travel for vacation in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, you will definitely think about malls, museums, parks, landscapes…etc. But we advise you to add to it the beaches of Amsterdam, because the beaches in Amsterdam are very close to the city and they have a stunning beauty and provide you with the enjoyment and relaxation that you are looking for.

As many do not know that there are beaches in Amsterdam and do not know where the beaches of Amsterdam are or are the beaches of Amsterdam active throughout the day? Therefore, through the website, we will get to know the most beautiful and beautiful beaches of the Netherlands, Amsterdam, tourism, which we recommend that you visit.

The most beautiful beaches in Amsterdam are recommended to be visited on your 2023 vacation to the Netherlands

Amsterdam is an integrated pleasure with wonderful beaches, and you wish not to return home from the intensity of its beauty. Most people when thinking of spending a vacation, the Netherlands and the beaches of Amsterdam come first. There is also the city beach in Amsterdam, which is tempting and attractive to tourists and visitors. We also watch the beaches of Amsterdam in many international and Indian films. We will mention to you the favorite beaches of Amsterdam, which are:

  1. Bloemendaal aan Zee Beach
  2. Zandfort aanzea beach
  3. Wiggin Beach
  4. Strand Zuid Beach
  5. Slaughter Place Beach
  6. Castricum aan Zee Beach

The best beaches in Amsterdam

It is impossible to close your vacation without going to the beach, and in the city of Amsterdam there are many different sites available for you to sunbathe for some time, which we mentioned above, where you can spend the most enjoyable times and get complete rest and relaxation.

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And when you decide to travel to Amsterdam, you are allowed to see its services. In Amsterdam, there are more than 2,000 five-star homes and hotels, and there are less than five-stars. We will learn about its features and ratings.

1- Bloemendaal in Zee Beach

Bloemendal in Zee Beach is a wonderful beach in beauty as it is close to Amsterdam, where it is located next to Zand Fort Beach, in which you will meet a welcome, beautiful atmosphere and celebrations. It is one of the wonderful beaches in Amsterdam, as it includes many wonderful bars and clubs, and it has the best food and flavors, and it is characterized by a wonderful view at sunset In Zand Fort, you will also find live bands and regular DJ parties until late at night. There are also nude sunbathers on Zand Fort Beach on the northern side of the beach.

2- Zand Fort Ann Zee Beach

One of the best beaches in Amsterdam and the first thing that comes to mind, as it will be a trip of a lifetime because of its beauty and comfort through the extensions of its beaches to the waves and sand. Rest on the side of the road where every hundred meters you will find a restaurant.

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3- Wijk’n Zee Beach

One of the wonderful and amazing beaches and one of the widest beaches in the city of Holland, as there are a lot of wide and vacant spaces, and the beach there is famous for kites and windsurfing for common storms there, so it is available for you to spend fun and beautiful times, and you will also find live music on the beach, which takes place every Saturday And Sunday yoga sessions every week, as it is a recommended beach for everyone.

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4- Strand Zuid City Beach

Amazing is this beach and dazzling because you will spend pleasant times in it accompanied by family and loved ones. You will also find the most beautiful things. You will also find there the finest drinks, the most beautiful wedding parties, the company and the collective dinner ceremonies, because Strand Zuid Beach is famous for all that. If you want to get rid of boredom and anxiety, there are sunbathing, food and drink and some Sports that you can do.

5- Solitaire Place Beach

One of the most important and wonderful beaches of Amsterdam, as it is considered one of the wonderful heavenly and artistic masterpieces. You will also find pure and cold water. Solitaire Plus Beach includes a special school for learning to sail. There is also a special center for water sports, through which you can rent tools and register to attend lessons in it because of the benefit and entertainment it contains.

Solitaire Plus is a family friend, as it combines grass and sand, and it includes rental chairs and tools for playing volleyball and enjoying the best times with the family.

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6-Castricum aan Zee Beach

A beach far from the villages, as there are no villages nearby, and it is far from typical compared to the coastal beaches near Amsterdam. It has a large audience of urban residents, and there are many clubs located along the wonderful sand dunes, which allow you to spend the most enjoyable times, so it is recommended to visit it.

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We have provided you with a comprehensive overview of the most beautiful and best beaches in Amsterdam to spend your vacation on one of them. We have also mentioned its beaches and the wonderful features and services they contain, and we have detailed each beach separately to benefit as much as possible and let you have full access to the services and advantages when making the decision to spend the holiday there.

Where it will be a rather long vacation because of the beauty, magnificence, comfort and relaxation that you will see, to the point that you do not want to leave what you see of the magnificence of the magnificence, so Zand Fort Anne Zee is the beautiful and wonderful beach with its waves and sands, and Blomendale Anne Zee Beach near the city.

And what distinguishes it from the extraordinary magnificence, as it is fully filled, and the amazing Wijk an Ze Beach, which is distinguished by its wide and empty area, as well as its storms and its famous kites and enjoyment of its windsurfing, Strand Zuid Beach, the sunshine and the warmth of its beach in addition to its delicious drinks and its wonderful parties and Solitaire Plus, the heavenly masterpiece, the wonderful and amazing art, and Castricum Anne The beach outfit is far from typical and the destination for the majority of urban residents. All of this we have detailed for you, dear reader. We hope you like it.

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