The Most Common SEO Mistakes Even Experts Make

The Most Common SEO Mistakes Even Experts Make

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There are many qualities that every SEO specialist must possess in order to be successful in this field and avoid SEO mistakes, but one of the most important of these qualities is Continuous learning and follow-up updates. Gaining more SEO experience is not just from reading articles. In fact, the best way to gain more experience is to try and fail many times until you learn the right strategy that works well.

However, when it comes to the field of SEO, you may go unnoticed by mistake. You may not even know that you are doing something wrong. There are dozens of mistakes you might make, such as forgetting to add the target keyword in the page title or building low quality backlinks.

E-Marketing It’s like playing the drums. Everyone thinks they can do the same. But if they think about the experience, they will discover that it is not that easy.

There is no problem for the average person to write content stuffed with the target keyword, and link the pages of the site together using the same keywords. But when a SEO specialist does the same thing, that’s a problem.

Unfortunately, we sometimes think that SEO professionals are infallible, even the best people in this field can make some mistakes without paying attention. Even me, yes, even I sometimes miss something that I should have done, but I quickly noticed that by reviewing the plan that I set for the project.

As Google’s algorithms continue to develop and integrate new search technologies, as well as our strategies between optimizing our content for voice search, and improving site speed and device responsiveness, it can seem like the task is impossible.

But here are some of the most famous modern SEO mistakes that many search optimization officials may make these days, and even experts still fall into them.

Creating a weak internal link structure

As some sites, especially news sites with all their content, get so big, you are bound to encounter some internal link errors ranging from mass producing duplicate content to having links that have become a 404 error.

Link Structure is largely ignored by webmasters, yet it is one of the most valuable factors in UX and SEO strategy.

Internal links provide four important factors to your site:

  • Provide clear paths to your conversion page links.
  • Passing the authority to vulnerable website pages.
  • Clearly organize website pages with keyword-optimized text.
  • Connect search engine crawlers to the most important site pages.

Submitting an XML sitemap to search engines is the best way for search engine bots to discover link paths to site pages that haven’t gotten internal links from other pages.

Along the same lines, it is important to use your robots.txt file and noindex code wisely so as not to prevent important web pages from being accidentally archived on your site or your customer’s site.

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Reevaluate your site’s structure with a new keyword research to start organizing your site pages by site sections.

Processing of non-existent pages referred to by backlinks

Broken (non-existent) page links are a major problem for websites, especially if they have backlinks pointing to them. Ignoring broken pages can cause a big problem.

John Doherty, founder and CEO of Credo, a portal connecting digital marketing experts to businesses, says it’s one of the biggest mistakes people make, as well as one of his team’s top priorities when optimizing websites.

So, in order to understand why this matter should be taken care of, we must first understand what broken links are. Broken links are simply a link to a page that was there and no longer exists. So, it is not the jealousy page that interests you, but the links that you point to from other sites or even internal links.

When Google crawls a website, it always starts from the root domain. For example, it crawls to and then searches for internal links.

SEO Stars 404 Error Page

When Google’s crawl bots find links to 404 pages, it’s a waste of time and resources, and Google doesn’t like this.

In theory, there are infinity of 404 error links, you can type anything after the site link and it will lead you to a 404 page, so a 404 page actually doesn’t pose a problem until there is another page with links to it.

If you have a lot of internal links not working on your site, Google will be annoyed because you are constantly wasting its resources. Therefore, you should always check the links on your site, and if your site is large, you can use some plugins on the WordPress platform that check links every few days and one of the best additions is to add Broken Link Checker. If a site does not use WordPress, you can use a site Find Broken Links.

Publishing too many poor quality pages

This is another issue generally related to large sites and that is the “poor content” issue.

If you have a small website it is very easy to submit some good pages. But when a site contains thousands of articles, the effort required to get useful content is much greater.

Poor content pages are pages that have no added value to what already exists on the Internet. Google has no reason to index the site, so you’ll either end up with deleted results or receive this message in Search Console:

Manual poor content

The message above is a manual procedure, which means that you will have to submit a review request and someone hired by Google will look at your site to determine if you fixed the problem. This may take a long time, so be careful! However, it is possible for the algorithm to “punish” your site without any warnings, simply by dropping the site’s ranking.

The important thing is that poor content does not always mean that the site needs text. Why do I say this? Matt Cutts previously talked about portal pages as an example but what if you had a site that offers the same service in 100 cities? Should you write “unique” content for each page?

The truth is that there is no alternative to portal pages. They are either weak or contain somewhat unique content. However, there are a lot more factors than content to consider when it comes to ranking. So if you have a car rental service, it is not necessary to add filler content to every page, but you do have to do other things in style. Build the site well, make sure the design is user-oriented and consider creating a blog to add relevant content to your site.

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Although adding original content to each page takes a lot of time, the idea is worth it if you really want to get results that you are satisfied with. Google has absolutely no reason to include you in search results if the information you provide already exists, and in the same way.

Exclusive content is a very big problem these days, especially for large e-commerce sites targeting many areas.

Frequent content

Duplicate content means very similar content on multiple pages within your site.

In general, duplicate content is content that does not add value to website visitors. Therefore, pages with little or no exclusive content are also considered duplicate content.

Duplicate content should be avoided, as it is not preferred by Google and may harm site performance and results. If there are dozens of pages with duplicate content on a site, it should be taken care of and fixed, but duplicate content will reduce the appearance of site pages in search results when there is a large amount of duplicate content (a ratio of more than 3 duplicate content pages for each page with exclusive content)

Is there a penalty for duplicate content?

Yes, having repetitive content within your site can hurt your SEO work, but it won’t get you a penalty from Google as long as you don’t copy content from another site.

But if Google finds a large percentage of content copied from other sites, you are subject to punishment. Here’s what Google tells us about it:

Duplicate content on a site is not a reason to take action on that site unless the repetitive content appears to be intended to deceive and manipulate search engine results. If your site has content duplication issues, and you don’t follow the advice above, we make a selection for a version of content to display in our search results.

Common Reasons for Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is often caused by incorrect site or hosting settings. This issue is a technical issue and will never result in Google penalizing your site. It can greatly affect your ranking, so it is important to make the problem a priority to fix it.

But besides technical reasons, there are also reasons that we ourselves: content that is intentionally copied and posted from another site, can cause Google to impose a penalty on the site if it is without citing the source of the original content.

Target keywords

Investing time crafting a piece of long content, it will not bring many visitors to your site.

Just as bad, your visitors will spend so little time inside the site that they won’t take any action you want them to.

So you are targeting the wrong keywords.

While most of us are aware of the importance of Long Tail Keywords, we sometimes encounter some common mistakes:

  • Failure to segment search rate and competition by geographic regions.
  • Relying heavily on keywords with huge competition.
  • Focus several factors on the main keywords through (external links, internal links, text links, etc.).
  • Ignore CTR.
  • Attempt to include exact match statements in the content.
  • Ignore the value of AdWords Trends.
  • Assigning target keywords to irrelevant content.
  • Choose keywords that are not relevant to your real audience.

It is important to analyze competitors, know what keywords they target and what global and local searches they bring to their target customers.

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Use keyword analysis tools like Google Keyword Planner and SEMrush to get ideas for relevant keywords.

Matt Cutts’ statement about the 5 most common SEO mistakes many of us make

This video talks about Matt Cutts, who is the head of the quality of search results at Google, and this video was published by the Google webmaster tools channel on YouTube, and Matt Cutts talked about the 5 most famous mistakes in the field of SEO. Simple, because they are common mistakes among website owners, which are:

The site must be crawlable by Google bots

Katz says that this problem is a big mistake and recommends that it is necessary for the owner of each site to check the links of his site’s pages to make sure that they are actually working, and you can do this with the help of the tools mentioned above or using a tool Chuck my links For Google Chrome, it checks all your site links and any link that has an error, for example, that it leads to a 404 or 301 page or does not work, so this tool indicates it.

Do not add correct keywords to your pages

Matt Cutts emphasized that it is necessary to test your keywords when you place them on your pages. For example, he said that you do not write “the height of Mount Everest” but write “How high is Mount Everest?” This is because this is the way visitors search for information, and he also said if you own a website for a restaurant, for example, make sure that the list of items is on your site in a way that makes search engines read it easily. Some restaurants display the menu as a pdf file and do not put the text inside the site and this Prevents Google spiders from archiving what is inside the file.

Don’t limit yourself to backlinks only

Because this will stop your creativity and make it limited. Instead of focusing all your energy on building backlinks only, it is better to think about writing content that attracts visitors to your site and think of a way to market your site.

Improving the appearance of the title and description of website pages in search results

You must make sure that the titles of your important pages are distinctive and draw the attention of visitors and express the content of your site, also the description of the page Meta Descritpion is of great importance because it will appear to the visitor in the search results in Google, so it is of great importance in attracting the visitor to your site and making him prefer you over the 9 Other results on the search results page.

Use webmaster tools

It is very important to use the Google Web Master service because it gives you important information and free tools that help you configure your site to suit the Google search engine.

And finally the video:


If you are an SEO or digital marketing professional and make any of these mistakes, take action immediately to fix them, as they affect your websites in a big way! We hope this list of common SEO mistakes to avoid in 2019 and beyond will be useful to you and your team.

What SEO mistakes have you made so far? Share with us in the comments section so we can all learn from them!

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