The most famous 8 bike shops in Egypt

The most famous 8 bike shops in Egypt

In this article, we will learn about The most famous 8 bike shops in EgyptWhere bicycles are considered one of the most individual means adopted by many in Egypt, especially after the increase in severe congestion in the streets of Egypt, so there are many Calf shops in Egypt Whether in downtown Cairo, Ataba, or Alexandria, and other places selling bicycles in Egypt.

Also, the prices of bicycles are suitable for all groups, so if you are looking for the cheapest place to sell bicycles and are wondering about the prices of bicycles in Egypt 2022, then certainly these stores or places dedicated to selling and maintaining bicycles are the perfect place for you, so follow us to learn about these stores.

The most famous 8 bike shops in Egypt

Bicycles, or what is known as (Niger), is one of the most famous and oldest sports in Egypt. Some of us take it as a means of transportation due to its light weight and speed in moving between streets and narrow places that are difficult for cars to enter. It also works on self-control and making the body in a state of constant activity. And it has several other benefits, as it is environmentally friendly, does not consume gasoline, and does not affect traffic jams.

But after the high prices of bicycles in Egypt and the large number of types of bicycles, whether Chinese or imported in general or national ones, many people started looking for bicycle shops in Egypt, which are the best types of bicycles available in Egypt? What is the best place to sell a calf in Egypt? Therefore, we prepared a whole article for you on this subject

The most famous bike shop in Egypt

The bicycle has spread significantly in the recent period, due to its lower costs in terms of price, maintenance and consumption compared to the car, and it is considered an easier means of transportation in light of severe traffic congestion.

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In this article, I will discuss the most famous bicycle stores in Egypt, after noticing the high demand for them by people.

Biscuit shop

This store is one of the most famous shops in Egypt specialized in selling bicycles, as it includes many European and local brands and brands of bicycles. It also contains all bicycle accessories, including accessories, helmets, water bottles, and a riding elbow.

It also allows those wishing to buy spare parts for their bicycles the possibility of obtaining a guarantee for these parts in the event of damage or malfunction. The types and prices of bicycles vary according to demand and age. For example, the prices of medium-sized bicycles range from about 2900 pounds and above.

The shop has several branches, including in Heliopolis, Al-Aadi, Mohandessin, and Al-Rehab.

For more information, you can contact us via the number 01002168006

Trail rocky Berg vortex

This shop offers the best types of European bicycles with wheels in Egypt, and it includes the most famous bicycle importers in Egypt.

It also includes a special section for children’s bicycles, in addition to distinctive and imported accessories. It also includes a number of spare parts for bicycles.

  • You can contact us via the following number 010012020263.
  • To visit the shop at 71 Street 9.

Hurry Misr shop on 6th of October Street

Calf Misr is considered the best bike shop in Egypt on the 6th of October Street. This shop was opened in 2010 and is distinguished from others by having the best types of bikes in the world. It also provides repair service to the door of the house and also has a good maintenance staff. You can easily Communicate with them in the event of a malfunction and they will come to your home to carry out maintenance, and it also contains a large number of accessories.

The bikes are distinguished by their diversity, as they include street bikes, exercise bikes, and mountain climbing bikes. They are characterized by high quality and competitive prices, as prices range from 2,600 EGP to 22,000 EGP.

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You can contact them on the number to request maintenance service or to inquire about what you want 01006653393 or visit the center in Arkan Plaza Mall in Sheikh Zayed.

Ain Bicycle Shop

Ain Bicycle is also considered one of the famous bicycle stores in Egypt, as this store is characterized by the fact that it designs and manufactures the bicycle according to the customer’s taste, as it can be considered a manufacturing workshop, you can order the color you want and the size you want, as well as choose the type and quality of the wheels according to the prices, this factory or The workshop specializes in local brands only, and includes a large number of spare parts, accessories, and everything needed for bicycles.

You can contact them at 01283317770

Abu Al-Joukh store

This store is the sole agent in Egypt for the American international company Nibro, which specializes in the manufacture of bicycles and all their accessories.

In addition, local brands of bicycles are available, with prices ranging from 1,000 Egyptian pounds to a maximum of 15,000 for foreign brands. As for the local brand, the maximum amount does not exceed 1500 Egyptian pounds.

You can contact them via the number 0223911391 or visit the center on Rushdie Street.

El Mishwar on 6th of October

Al-Mishwar store, which is located in the 6th of October district, specializes in first-class Chinese grades. It also includes a group of special and safe accessories, such as locks and special clothing suits for the degree.

Prices vary according to size and height, for example, size 20 is available at 450 pounds. Size 16 is available at 674 pounds. Size 12 is available at 620 pounds. It also contains a very modern type of bicycle, which is BMX, and the price of one is 950 pounds.

You can visit the store in Al Motamayez neighborhood near Taiba Center, or call 02110651960

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Wheels Egypt store

Wheels bicycle store in Egypt specializes in bicycles with international brands, the most famous of which are Portuguese, American and Turkish brands. It also provides all accessories, which are also imported and of high quality. It also contains a section for spare parts and third parties, and with a guarantee in the event of malfunctions. Each bicycle has a guarantee for a specific time, and Wheels provides its repair. And maintenance in the event of damage within the warranty period.

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Prices vary according to the veil. For example, size 16 ranges at 790 Egyptian pounds, size 20 ranges at 2025 Egyptian pounds, and can reach up to 3900 pounds.

You can contact them via the number 01200005983 or by visiting the center located in Mall of Arabia or Silver Star Mall in New Cairo and Heliopolis.

Rodeo Bike

The specialized Rodeo Bike Center has been opened to sell all bicycle accessories since 1997, and since its inauguration to this day, it seeks to provide the best types of international bicycles at very competitive prices.

It has about thirty branches and places of distribution in each of Cairo, Alexandria, Sharm El-Sheikh and the Hurghada region. Its branches include all well-known brands, and they are present in sports stores as well, such as Sports 2000 and Sports Mall. It also has activities in hotels interested in the field of sports and sports activities such as the Sheraton Hotel and Movenpick Hotel.

The Rodeo Bike Center in all its branches provides maintenance services for bicycles, and prices range from 790 EGP up to 4200 EGP for medium bikes, depending on the quality. And between 450 and 850 pounds for children’s bikes.

  • For more information and to know the numbers, please contact 01001635784
  • Or visit their main branch in the third industrial zone in the twenty-sixth plot, Street 16.

With this, dear esteemed ones, we have come to the conclusion of this explanation, through which we got acquainted with the 8 most famous bicycle shops in Egypt, which are specialized in manufacturing, repairing and selling bicycles in Egypt. I hope that you like the article, hoping that everyone will benefit from it.

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