The most famous countries that grant residency and citizenship to those who buy a house in it

The most famous countries that grant residency and citizenship to those who buy a house in it

get to know me The most famous countries that grant residency and citizenship to those who buy a house in itRecently, it was noticed that there are many people looking for better living opportunities for their uncles and their families, and this demand was accompanied by many offers for residency and citizenship programs that many countries put forward to revitalize their economy.

The most famous of these offers was the possibility of obtaining citizenship or residence in exchange for buying a property or real estate investment in general, as it enabled many to obtain residence and nationalities in just a few months, such as many countries, including the Caribbean country, through which they can move between countries with ease..

Therefore, if you are wondering what countries grant residency when buying a property, or what countries cover citizenship when buying a house in them, here are the most famous countries that grant residency when buying a property for the years 2022 and 2023.

The most famous countries that grant residency and citizenship to those who buy a house in it

Many European countries offer residence permits to immigrants who invest in business or if the investor buys homes and property in Europe. Therefore, many individuals intend to travel to European countries, work in them, and obtain residency in order to have freedom of movement in the European Union countries, as many countries guarantee European countries such as Spain, Greece, Portugal and Ireland give them freedom of movement between the countries of the European Union. In this article, we will present to you the most famous European countries that grant residency or citizenship to those who invest and buy homes in them.

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Countries that grant residency to investors

Below we will show you the most famous countries that grant residency by purchasing a property for the year 2023, as follows:


Lithuania grants residency and citizenship to those who buy a house in rural areas with a value of 71,000 euros, or by purchasing in major cities at a value of 143,000 euros, in addition to that Lithuania grants the right to move and travel between the countries of the European Union.


Some may ask, does buying a property in Spain grant residency? Yes, the Spanish state grants residency to investors who buy a house worth 160 euros.


If there is a company that you will open, it must have 100 thousand euros in its account in order to be granted permanent residence, in addition to that it is possible to travel to Canada and enter it without obtaining an entry visa.


Portugal grants residency to those who buy real estate worth 200,000 euros. Portugal also guarantees the granting of citizenship to those who invest and open a business, provided that it guarantees at least 10 individuals.


The Macedonian government grants citizenship to businessmen after they invest 150,000 euros in financial efficiency after spending the period of residence.


Also, Greece is one of the countries that grants residency by purchasing a property in it, where a residence permit is granted to anyone who buys a property in Greece at a value of 250,000 euros.


Buying a property in Germany grants him permanent residence and even grants him citizenship after 5 years have passed. If the investor opens an investment project with a capital of 250 thousand euros with at least 10 employees employed, he is granted residence for a period of 5 years, and then he is granted citizenship in the part the last one.

United States of America:

The United States of America provides easy procedures for project investors with a capital of $500,000 in the areas specified by the US government, or for those opening projects with a capital of up to one million dollars, as the government grants them open residences in the country, and then they are granted citizenship after 5 years.

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What are the requirements and conditions for obtaining an Italian visa?

The Italy visa is classified among the list of visas in which the Schengen system or what is called the single entry system is applied to European countries. According to this paragraph, we will talk about the most important conditions and requirements in order to obtain an Italian visa:

  • A Schengen visa enables its holder to move and enter all European countries. For example, the holder of this visa is allowed to enter France in addition to all Schengen countries.
  • If the visa is rejected, the applicant can object by sending an appeal to the judicial body, and the appeal must be submitted before 30 days have passed since the rejection of the application was received.
  • With the rejection of the application, a letter will be sent in which all the errors for which the application was rejected will be clarified, provided that the applicant amends them again, in addition to clarifying all the reasons that prompted the applicant to write them instead of the correct ones. If one of the documents has expired, the applicant must replace the document. old document with a new validity, explaining the reason behind submitting the expired document.
  • If the person does not submit an appeal for a Schengen visa before the lapse of 30 days of rejection, he will be forced to wait again for a period of 6 months in order to apply for the visa again at any of the Schengen embassies.

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What are the basic requirements for obtaining an Italian Schengen visa?

  1. The person must possess a passport that is valid for at least 6 months.
  2. The person must have a highly qualified bank account or have a valid credit card in order to obtain a Schengen visa from Italy.
  3. Providing valid health insurance, and the insurance must be acceptable in all Schengen countries, and its value must be $30,000, as the health insurance company is responsible for all types of treatment.
  4. To have a temporary hotel reservation in Italy, and the applicant can change it upon his arrival.
  5. It is necessary to submit personal photos with a white background, where the shadow of the head does not appear, and that the photos are intended for travel.
  6. The data and information required in the visa form must be filled out.
  7. The applicant should submit a return flight ticket to ensure that the person returns to his country.
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What are the European countries that signed the Schengen Agreement?

27 European countries have signed the Schengen Agreement, which allows all citizens of the European Union to have freedom of travel and movement, as European countries have agreed to cancel the internal borders between them, in accordance with standard visas between European countries, including the following countries:

(Netherlands – Germany – Czech Republic – Greece – Estonia – Malta – Finland – Iceland – Slovakia – Lithuania – Portugal – Sweden – Spain – Croatia – Liechtenstein – Austria – Poland – Hungary – Italy – Norway – Spain – Luxembourg – Denmark – Belgium)

In conclusion, we have provided information about the countries that grant residency and nationalities to their investors, in addition to the most important conditions imposed in order to obtain the Italian visa, in addition to the most important procedures that the investor must take in the event of a refusal, in addition to presenting all European countries that have signed the agreement Schengen that allowed citizens to enter its territory.

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