The most important 7 reasons for France’s visa refusal and ways to avoid them 2023

The most important 7 reasons for France’s visa refusal and ways to avoid them 2023

Reasons for France visa refusal Or a France Schengen visa, the search for it has spread recently, as France is considered one of the most countries that refused a Schengen visa to enter it, and then go to any of the 26 countries that organize the Schengen agreement and that you can move between them freely, so in this article you have to focus well In the following lines in order not to fall into those mistakes and then start wondering why the France visa application was rejected and looking for ways to appeal against the France visa refusal in order to re-apply for the visa after the refusal. .

The most important 7 reasons for France's visa refusal and ways to avoid them 2023

Many people suffer from the problem of refusal of Schengen visas to France, and the reasons for refusal vary between people, as many believe that approval and refusal come according to luck, but the matter is not at all related to this, as we have found many reasons for which the Schengen visa to France is rejected and the Schengen visa is short-term One of the most rejected types, knowing that this visa has a sole purpose, which is tourism, and yet it comes with rejection, and the reason is due to the large demand for the visa among travelers, which made it rejected by the French embassy or by other European embassies, and in this article we will present to you the most important positive reasons that lead to Visa refusal in order to avoid those reasons and learn from mistakes.

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The most important 7 reasons for refusing a France visa 2023

If you are wondering what is the reason for France 2023 visa refusal, here are the 7 most common reasons for France Schengen visa refusal, which are as follows:

1- Failure to submit a valid health insurance document

In order to obtain a Schengen France visa, the applicant is required to submit all the documents and papers required by the embassy, ​​and among these documents is the health insurance policy for travel, as this document is given in order to cover the full costs of the traveler’s treatment in case he is sick until he returns to his country .

The value of this document is approximately 30 euros, and it is possible for the traveler to obtain it from the offices concerned with health insurance inside the embassy. visa.

Therefore, the traveler must check the date of the document well, in addition to making sure that the information contained therein is sufficient and correct, as the traveler can verify this through the agency that grants the policy and purchases health insurance policies from the Internet at low prices.

2- Failure to provide sufficient evidence to guarantee the return of the traveler to his country

The embassies reject the Schengen visa application if there is not sufficient evidence for the return of the traveler after the end of his tourist tour to his country. There are many documents that guarantee his return, such as a work contract, registration at the university, or the traveler’s possession of some real estate in his country, which guarantees his return to it.

3- If the passport is damaged or expired

The embassies reject the Schengen visa application if the traveler’s passport is in a deplorable condition and has been damaged, or if the passport is not valid and its validity period has expired, as the embassies do not accept that the passport has a validity period of less than 3 months after returning from the trip. It is very important that you take care of your passport before applying for a Schengen visa to France.

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4- There are errors in filling out the Schengen application and the documents submitted

It is very necessary to verify all the information and check the filling out of the application for hanging, as one of the most important reasons for refusing a visa is the existence of errors in filling in the information, as any spelling errors in the date and name or any errors in translating the original documents into English or French lead to the result of rejection.

Many visa applicants also resort to offices in order to fill out Schengen applications, as these offices do not have sufficient experience and qualifications to fully serve travelers, as many mistakes are made in translating papers and filling out visa applications, which leads to the rejection of the visa application, including the rejection of the travel application.

5- Failure to provide the reason for travel and the conditions of residence

If the traveler does not specify the reasons for obtaining a Schengen visa and what is his purpose of travel, the embassy will not accept his request and he will respond with a refusal, as a full and detailed plan of the trip must be presented, as the traveler must present his purpose of travel honestly away from lying in order to avoid the visa being rejected, so be honest and do not Expose yourself to the risk of rejection.

6- Submitting an application for a Schengen visa to the wrong embassy

It is one of the most common reasons among people that lead to the refusal of the Schengen visa, where some people want to spend the holiday in several European countries, so they request a visa from the wrong embassy and ask why it was rejected? Answer: She was refused because the visa was submitted to the embassy of a country where she will spend a short time.

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If you intend to travel between several countries, submit the visa application to the embassy of the country in which you will spend the longest time, and if you submit the application to the embassy of a country in which you will spend fewer days than others, your application will be rejected. A small European visa will give them the opportunity to obtain it more easily than other countries without knowing that all European countries treat the Schengen visa in one way and do not differ from one country to another.

7- Submitting forged or expired documents and papers

If the traveler submits documents and text documents that have been forged or have expired, the Schengen visa application will be rejected by the embassy, ​​as the embassy accepts all non-original documents such as the marriage contract, birth certificate, or personal evidence that the traveler forges.

It is also possible for the traveler to submit bank accounts and health insurances that have expired. Therefore, care must be taken to provide all documents and papers completely correctly, provided that they are free of all human changes, and that the banking documents and health insurances are valid for the longest possible time.

And here we have come to the end of our article, my friends, after we gave you clarifications about the most important reasons that lead to the refusal of the Schengen visa to France 2023, with a detailed explanation about each reason. We hope that you liked the article.

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