The most important services of the Amazon site – Masary

The most important services of the Amazon site – Masary

we present to you Amazon’s most important services Which is considered one of the largest global e-marketing sites due to its coverage of many countries around the world.

Amazon’s most important services

Amazon is one of the biggest websites in the world and is very popular and trusted by many customers all over the world.

Despite the emergence and expansion of many different websites, Amazon remains on top of the overall websites.

It has been able to maintain the great position it has achieved, by offering many different features and services to customers everywhere. Through our topic today, we will present to you the most important Amazon services in detail.

Today’s Amazon Show

Today’s sale is an Amazon highlight because it’s a hugely discounted product, so it’s called Deal of the Day.

After logging in, please click on Today’s Sale, after which you can navigate between the different tabs to see the products and the discount percentage on them.

For example, when you click on the Warehouse Offers tab, offers about used electronics, which are new, appear.

You can then switch between tabs on your PC, flat screen TV, etc.

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International Shipping from Amazon Global

It is a shipping service provided by Amazon to buyers outside the US, there is a large listing on Amazon with a lot of countries available to ship to.

However, when purchasing the product, you should pay attention to the statement “This item is also available for shipping to select countries outside the United States.”

In the Product Details section, under the Shipping Details tab, Amazon also calculates customs taxes for the product and then performs the customs clearance process on behalf of the buyer.

Send and receive money from Amazon Payment

A new payment service similar to PayPal, Google, Wallet, Skrill, and others, and for the possibility of data penetration, the percentage is zero, “according to the site statement.”

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The buyer can pay through any website (other than Amazon) that accepts payments through Amazon Payment.

The service does not require the creation of a separate account, but it is the same as the regular account used to purchase through the Amazon website. Only when you add the product to your cart, you click on Pay with Amazon.

This feature can also be placed on a seller’s store after following the instructions for an Amazon merchant account.

Most Important Amazon Services Amazon Cloud Drive

If you want to get Amazon cloud storage services, you need to login to your Amazon account first. Then login to “cloud drive”, then sign up to get it.

Amazon makes about 5 GB available for many different types of files, media, and videos, for a monthly fee of $11.99 per month. On top of that you can pay around $59.99 per year, but it should be noted that the space in this case becomes unlimited on all files.

In general, Amazon cloud storage service can be considered one of the best if the customer is limited to images only.

But if the client needs to do more backup and synchronization of files, in this case this service does not work with many scientists.

In addition, this service only shares files, and it has a very simple desktop destination. It does not have a large number of applications, so many people see that Amazon needs to be developed.

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Warehouse Offers

Through our knowledge of the most important services of the Amazon website, which is a user group that is marketed through the site to customers. And it is represented in a store that contains many different electronic devices. Including types of monitors, phones and computers.

They are used but in good condition and at the same time their prices are reasonable, and the site offers discounts of up to 60% of the original price of the products.

Amazon Gift Cards

 Amazon Gift Cards

This service is distinguished by being available to many friends, relatives and users in general. And who can buy through the use of gift cards. It is a group of different cards that have many different numbers, and these numbers are written when paying for the product.

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This service is similar to credit card services in general. But in this case it is provided by the account holder to friends and family. Who can’t buy through Amazon in many different ways, like using email.

It is also possible to purchase a plastic card, and the account holder works to purchase it and then load it using a Visa or MasterCard with the required financial value.

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The most important Amazon services Amazon affiliate service

One of the most important Amazon services is that it offers a great program for content creators around the world. It is the affiliate program, and this service is characterized by the fact that the products can be marketed through the channels related to the dissemination of content, whether written or visual. In order to get it right. Commission when one of your users buys these products.

Advantages of using Amazon

Within the scope of our talk about the most important Amazon site services, we present to you through this paragraph the most important features that occur on the Amazon site and make it one of the most important marketing sites in the world, and these characteristics are as follows:

  • It is very easy to buy from Amazon because it offers many flexible methods, thanks to the fact that it contains many different products.
  • Amazon offers many different prices at which you can get the right price for you.
  • He enjoys the trust of many customers from all over the world, which increases his e-marketing process.
  • Amazon also has a competitive price list that is in high demand.
  • It offers many different product lists and thus helps in identifying the most popular products in the world.
  • Amazon also offers free shipping to customers, or the so-called “fine” service, through which products that are well written and contain a lot of information can be reviewed.
  • Amazon also gives many sellers a set amount, a “shipping credit” they can count on to cover the cost of shipping on the total balance.
  • Amazon distinguishes itself by offering a fulfillment service, through which you can save a lot of effort and money for sellers. Shipping can be done free of charge for customers with a premium account.
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How to buy on amazon

How to buy on amazon

Within the scope of our talk about the most important Amazon services, we offer you, through this paragraph, a set of steps through which you can register and purchase through the Amazon website, by following the following:

  • At first, you can enter the Amazon website by visiting the official website of over here.
  • After that, the customer completes the registration process by entering his username and password.
  • It is also possible to add a MasterCard or Visa on the site.
  • Verify that the user data is correct.
  • Various addresses related to customer shipments as well as phone number and email are added to ensure shipment arrival.
  • The process of buying on Amazon begins, by entering the name of the product, and starting the search process on it.
  • Then the search process begins among the many products available. The customer chooses the price that suits him best, then adds it to his favorites or his shopping cart.
  • It is better before a customer chooses the product from his favorite basket, that he sees the opinions about the product through other customers. And to know the questions and answers related to this product in general.
  • The customer must also review and verify the specifications of the product and know the shipping cost and the weight of the shipment in general.
  • After that, the shipping address is confirmed.
  • The customer must verify all the above data, and then confirm the purchase.
  • The site provides a service for tracking shipments and knowing where they arrive first.

Thus, we have finished presenting the most important services of the Amazon website, with an explanation of the advantages of the global Amazon website.

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