The most important types of e-commerce, E-Commerce, to achieve a high source of income –

The most important types of e-commerce, E-Commerce, to achieve a high source of income –

The most important types of e-commerce E-CommerceAll information has become available with a single click without exerting any fatigue and effort. This matter lies in the connection of our lives with the digital electronic revolution and the practice of economic activity based on the exchange of services and products between companies and individuals, so that the benefit comes to all parties participating in the trade exchange process. Currently, training courses are held. To help young people to penetrate this field, we mention in this article the most important types of e-commerce, E-Commerce, to achieve a high source of income.

What is electronic commerce

It is exactly like real-world trade that relies on the exchange of goods and services in exchange for money, but the method of communication is completely different. E-commerce enables customers to conduct transactions using smart phones and computers through stores and websites on the Internet, as well as making financial transfers and data transfer. Using an electronic medium without any significant time or geographic barriers.

Types of e-commerce The most important types of e-commerce are E-Commerce to achieve a high source of income

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What are the types of electronic commerce?

Thanks to the technologies in our lives, the ability to buy and sell products has become available to everyone with one click. It is very simple. The customer needs to move between electronic stores, shop between products and services, and buy what he wants without the seller pressing him. In fact, the virtual world deals with several types of trade. We explain it in some detail in the following lines:

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Types of e-commerce The most important types of e-commerce are E-Commerce to achieve a high source of income

B2B e-commerce

  • This type of electronic commerce includes all transactions for goods or services that take place between companies.
  • This type of trade is often dealt with by producers of goods and wholesalers.

E-commerce from business to consumer B2C

  • The relationship takes place between companies and final consumers.
  • Various consumer goods such as electronic and digital devices, clothes and shoes are sold, as well as foodstuffs.

C2C electronic commerce between consumers

  • This type includes a third party that is able to provide an electronic platform for conducting transactions between consumers.
  • The system is based on completing transactions of goods and services between consumers.

E-commerce from consumer to business C2B

  • In this system, a large number of individuals offer products and services for sale to companies that need such services.
  • Perhaps the most prominent of these services are graphic designers who offer various distinctive designs for major companies.
  • At that time, the company chooses its remarkable design and purchases it, as well as buying photos and videos.

E-commerce from business to management B2A

  • This type of trade contains services related to social security, or tax services, as well as legal records and much more.
  • This term and its services have spread in the recent period, especially with large investments.

E-commerce from consumer to management C2A

  • This type of electronic commerce exists for the ease of use of related services between government, citizens and businesses.
  • The information and communication technology sector is also working to promote and support this type in many aspects.
  • Such as the education sector, social security, as well as providing taxes and payments, rather than the most important sector, which is health, around disease awareness and paying health care costs.

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What are the benefits of e-commerce

E-commerce affects individuals and companies and in turn affects countries, as it serves as an economic force that works to raise the value of the local currency and increase exchange and trade and a lot of benefits that benefit everyone. We explain the benefits of electronic commerce in detail as follows:

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  • It contributes to raising the standard of living, as it is a source of income for many, as a result of making profits without capital.
  • The benefit also accrues to housewives in terms of providing them with job opportunities, such as commission marketing and selling electronic products.
  • It also works to save time and effort for companies, due to the employment of a segment that deals with customers and works to attract them to buy goods.
  • It also works to increase exports due to raising the marketing efficiency of the learners.
  • Work to expand the practice of activities, perhaps on a global scale.
  • Add to this the reduction of stocks and not overcrowding, by withdrawal by the consumer in the presence of an intermediary.
  • Reducing and eliminating the need for wireless and wired communications, because the Internet is much cheaper than other network communications.

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Disadvantages of electronic commerce

The complete closure due to the Corona pandemic helped in the expansion of e-commerce, and transactions became completely completed via an Internet connection. Later, the majority of people found that dealing with the matter was easy, possible, and comfortable, better than real shopping. However, the matter is not without disadvantages and disadvantages of e-commerce, which we summarize. With the following points:

  • Perhaps the most serious problem facing customers and store owners is the hacking of accounts due to negligence and the withdrawal of cash. This problem exists even in the most famous stores, so the website owner is required to take necessary steps to protect the website and customer data.
  • There is no opportunity to try the product, and the fear customers have is not meeting the standard for fit or wanting a service or good.
  • Late delivery is one of the common defects, as the recipient waits for long hours before receiving.
  • Instead, government censorship and follow-up and Internet laws are not effective in a way that increases confidence in commercial websites.
  • Also, problems are faced with shipping operations, and in the event of any error, it causes huge losses.
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Types of e-commerce websites

In the world of insane speed and tremendous development, we are facing on a daily basis a rise in applications and programs as well as websites. Professionals seek to create and innovate everything that is new in this technical world. In these points, we review the most prominent types of electronic commercial sites that are in great demand:

  • Websites for selling products: The seller through the online store displays the products without the presence of any intermediary, and it is related to all the necessary and luxury supplies.
  • As a website for the sale of services: a form of e-commerce, which is the sale of services, such as training courses.
  • In terms of websites for selling digital products: they target e-books, graphics, pictures and other such things.
  • Also, wholesale websites: the products are presented in large numbers and at special prices, as they are on the ground.

Advantages of e-commerce

Employers are always thinking of doing extra work to get out of the routine and boredom that prevails over daily work, so the tendency has become for them to deal with e-commerce, as the matter is not limited to the youth segment, but women have become a percentage of that segment, we learn about the most important advantages of e-commerce:

  • No need for large capital, so creating an online store will not cost exorbitant money as in the case of a traditional store that costs thousands of dollars.
  • The ability to complete transactions of buying and selling products, services, or information without being bound by any geographical barriers or a specific time.
  • The ability to display thousands of products or services in one place.

The most important types of electronic commerce, E-Commerce, to achieve a high source of income. We have reviewed more about the commercial field, bearing in mind that it is a self-contained science that requires effort and time to be studied and to find out its advantages and disadvantages.

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