The project of opening a decorative shop, costs and feasibility –

The project of opening a decorative shop, costs and feasibility –

The project of opening a decorative shop, the fear of failure is a prominent factor in making all the ideas that we come up with from time to time prevent their realization, and statistics indicate the failure of a quarter of the projects after only one year of opening and launching into the labor market, while a third of the projects fail after two years And about half of the projects prevent them from continuing after five years, so planning, good management, and feasibility studies are essential factors before starting the decision to open a project, and in this article we attach to you the project of opening a decorative shop.

How do I start a design project?

In the event that you are determined to establish a new business, it is likely that you have an idea about the nature of the project and its requirements, as the matter will not come randomly, and when answering why I want to open my own project, this will help you in studying the feasibility correctly, and through the feasibility study The objectives of the feasibility study of the decoration shop project should be identified as follows:

  • The disadvantages and advantages and all its dimensions and aspects of the project must be identified.
  • The quality is also selected through which the project’s profit rate is studied.
  • Also helping to identify the feasible factors in achieving the project objectives.
  • The feasibility study is one of the most important elements that occur before starting the design and planning of any project.
  • The ability to achieve the highest profit rates, loss rates and obstacles to achieving it.
  • The feasibility study also contributes to knowing the suitability of the project to the financial conditions.

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Space needed to build a decorative office

Determining the required area is an essential element, and this step comes after defining the area in which the project is to be built, and a place must be chosen in an area with a population census. The most prominent details of the space needed to build the decoration office are explained below:

  • It requires renting a small apartment or an office in a building that has a large number of offices and is frequented by people.
  • It is also preferable that the area be 30 square meters to include the administrative headquarters of the project, as well as receive clients and complete contract transactions and work items.
  • As well as equipping with good quality furniture with a great appearance so that it is able to attract customers and instill confidence in them towards the services provided by the office.

Equipment required for the project to open a decorative shop

The place does not require a lot of equipment, and this helps not to raise capital costs, and it is better to make doors of Securit glass suitable for the store from the inside, as well as the presence of supplies that must be provided to customers on a permanent basis.

  • There should also be an office and chairs for the project manager and for the customers to rest to wait and receive the services provided to them.
  • As well as providing an air conditioner inside the shop.
  • Designing the latest decorations in the place for a sense of modernity and elegance, which indicates the quality of services.
  • It is better for the products to be modern and modern while not being available in other offices and at reasonable prices.

Features of a decorative shop project

The decor shop project is one of the golden projects in which many people work, and profit can be made through this project if it was planned in advance with the advice of experts and owners of successful experiences / and those who have decorative projects have become successful throughout its inception, and the following is an explanation of the most important features of the decor shop project:

  • It does not require the presence of hands, with only the owner of the project and perhaps the presence of one or more auxiliary workers.
  • The space is suitable without the need for large spaces.
  • As an initial stage, the project needs a small capital.
  • No need for equipment and devices.
  • Besides the design, the design accessories can be sold and thus make more money.
  • It is true that it is a successful project, but it requires advance planning.
  • Choose supplies very carefully.
  • It is also accepted by large groups of local or international institutions, as well as people.
  • The most important thing is that decorations have become a luxury in homes, companies and restaurants, and their presence contributes to attracting customers greatly.
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Documents and permits to implement the project of opening a decorative shop

In order for the project owner not to be subject to legal accountability, a license is required from the municipality with obtaining permission to open the project, as well as the presence of all documents and permits necessary to implement the project, which we explain below:

  • Go to the relevant department.
  • With the need to provide a valid national identity card.
  • The shop contracts must be submitted, whether it is a partnership contract, a simple partnership contract, or any type of contract in force in the country.
  • The contract must also be trusted by the Land Registry, or the court.
  • It is necessary to obtain a license to practice the profession extracted by the owner of the project, and this is done through the Chamber of Commerce available in the Commercial Register.
  • He also opened a social insurance file for the project.
  • The tax file, tax card and commercial registration must be registered with the Tax Authority.
  • Also working on registering the name in the Union for Construction and Building.

The labor required for the project to open a decorative shop

The matter depends on the extent of the project area and the services it provides. In general, the project requires the availability of experience, skill and complete knowledge in designing decorations, especially modern and modern ones that are compatible with the latest international trends. The following shows the number of workers needed for the project:

  • The presence of a person for sales, presentation of products and reception of customers.
  • As well as a responsible factor for the distribution of decorations to shops, companies and major institutions.
  • It also requires the project owner to work on the management, while providing new plans and distinctive designs for implementation and knowing everything that exists in the global markets.
  • It requires the appointment of an interior designer with extensive experience in the field.
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Marketing plan for the opening of a decorative shop

The store will not bear fruit without the presence of the marketing element, and therefore with the availability of electronic means and their presence in most homes, the matter has become available to reach a large number of customers, and the following is an explanation of the marketing plan that must be taken into account when opening a successful decor store:

  • In the beginning, a full advertising campaign must be run, perhaps through television ads or paid ads on various social media sites if the project is large and has several branches in other countries.
  • As well as creating a page on the Facebook site with the continuous download of images or videos indicating the success of the project.
  • He also made a large banner on the front of the store, especially with its beautiful decorations and colors that attract attention towards it, while placing the products that have discounts.
  • Make visits to new residential places and put cards on them with company details and direct contact number for reservations and ease of communication.
  • Determining competitive prices for products after studying the prices of neighboring stores, and it can be taken as a step to attract a larger audience, and later setting prices without harming the project.

The project of opening a decorative shop, the most important thing than opening a project is the person’s ability to withstand as long as possible to ensure success, and this comes by developing a comprehensive plan with requirements that measures the extent of the project’s success, taking into account the extent of its ability to withstand all difficult circumstances.

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