The reasons for the delay in archiving your site’s topics and explaining the increase in indexing speed –

The reasons for the delay in archiving your site’s topics and explaining the increase in indexing speed –

Reasons for the delay in archiving your site’s topics and explaining the increase in indexing speed, Having a strong content strategy is considered a road map that leads to fruitful success. Of course, the site builder will not be able to reach its goals without setting a correct path and knowing all the information related to Google. It also requires some steps to configure the Blogger blog for search engines and for your blog to start appearing on search engines, In this article, we learn about the reasons for the delay in archiving your site’s topics, explaining the increase in indexing speed.

Reasons for the delay in archiving your site’s topics

One of the things that website owners care about most, and they always face anxiety and fear due to the delay in the appearance of links in search engines, and then they resort to searching for a way to increase the percentage of Google crawling their site. We learn about the reasons for the delay in archiving your site’s topics:

Do not update topics on your site regularly

  • Usually when your website or blog is not updated regularly
  • It will be offset by the failure to provide regular content on a regular and consistent basis, so that the regular and new crawling of search engines will take place.
  • So when search engines realize that you don’t regularly put new content on your site.
  • It automatically reduces the crawling of your site by its search engines
  • This delays the archiving of your site’s topics.

Low number of backlinks to your website

  • As the decrease in the number of backlinks to your site and perhaps their quality leads to a delay in archiving the topics of your new site or blog.
  • Then you must strengthen the backlink to your site.
  • This will increase the backlinks to your site and thus increase the speed of your site being archived.
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Explanation of indexing speed increase

Perhaps the most exciting question for all webmasters is the mechanism for accelerating indexing, and this can be done using paid and free methods to obtain a guaranteed result. We explain in a broader way the following to explain the increase in indexing speed, especially for beginners in this field:

Use Google Webmaster Tools

  • It is important to know that Google Webmaster provides all the necessary tools to control the appearance of your website or blog in search engines.
  • This is by controlling the rate at which Google crawls your site in order to increase the archiving of your site.
  • Through the Fetch as google tool, or Fetch as Google, this comes after writing a new topic on your site.
  • You should also go to this tool and add the link to the new topic.
  • By following the steps above, you ask Google to navigate to your site and archive the new topic.
  • Thus increasing the speed of your site or blog topics being archived on Google.

Build a strong backlink to your website

  • There are many web pages that are archived by Google and other search engines, after you type them in less than five minutes
  • As it provides great speed in archiving and building backlinks through these sources and sites that are archived very quickly.
  • You will then crawl these sites by the search engines, as they do regularly, and that is when you will find the link to your new topic.
  • Accordingly, it moves to your site or blog and archives new topics on your site or blog.
  • Accordingly, it leads to no delay in archiving your site’s topics.

New content added regularly

  • If you post new content on a regular basis, search engines will crawl your site regularly.
  • This leads to faster crawling by search engines.
  • And when you regularly write topics for your site or blog.
  • Google makes your site archive faster.
  • Bearing in mind that the content of your site is definitely new and not duplicate.

Ping the site’s topics

  • If you do a ping on your site, then it tells the search engines that a new topic has been added to your site.
  • Accordingly, search engines crawl your site and archive new topics on your site.
  • You can also use Ping-O-Matic to ping your new website or blog posts.
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Does Google’s treatment differ from site to site?

Logically, the answer is, indeed, the Google engine does not treat all sites on the same level. Many factors that search engines rely on in evaluating the importance of sites and the rate of crawling them play, and let us mention a simple example of that. A site on a large scale has thousands of daily visitors and generates Dozens or hundreds of pages on a daily basis, it cannot be treated by Google as a site with limited visitors that generates a page every day or every several days, and from here we find the difference in the strength and popularity of indexing one site for another.

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How long does it take for Google to index a new link?

It is not possible to obtain a clear answer, as the matter depends primarily on the site itself. If the site is active and has many visitors, this leads to an increase in the crawling rates of Google spiders to it greater, and therefore its new links are indexed faster and vice versa, while in the case of talking about an average situation For the period that Google needs to include a new link in its index, it can be said that it ranges from 24-48 hours, more or less, depending on the strength of the site.

How to improve Google crawling of your site

It is possible to increase the crawl rate of Google, but it will not happen as we imagine it and at an imaginary speed. Patience must be adhered to, and according to Google, the increased crawl rate will not necessarily lead to better sites in the search results, but it inevitably leads to the emergence of results, meaning that the matter is not a ranking signal, and we offer the most prominent Tips for how to improve Google crawling of your site:

  • It is important to link your site to Google Analytics.
  • Also, interest in improving your site, continuous publishing, and providing exclusive and distinctive content
  • Create a sitemap for your site and submit it on the webmaster platform
  • It’s a good idea to create an RSS feed, submit it and add it to directories and feed sites
  • Posting on various social networks is also one of the strongest factors to speed up archiving
  • Bing sites must be used to alert search engines of new links
  • Make an internal link between new links and old links of the same content
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Explain the reasons why the site does not appear on Google

Sometimes search engines take a long time to archive the site with the search results updated, and this mainly relates to new sites with little content. Critically explain the reasons why the site does not appear on Google at these points:

The site is not archived

  • Since archiving is not difficult to achieve.
  • In the beginning you need to actively fill the site or with unique content.
  • Then external links will greatly speed up the process.
  • It is possible to force a site to be archived in popular search engines using the tools available to webmasters.
  • Google will also archive pages automatically, but this may take some time.
  • Note that Google offers some methods to speed this up.
  • It’s a good idea to use Google Search Console to avoid your website not appearing on Google.
  • The solution might be to add your site to Google My Business.
  • After the site is archived, it will take some time.

You have no incoming external links

  • If the site is new, you need to increase the number of external links coming to it.
  • Note that the incoming links are links from external sites and are very important for imposing your authority on the Internet.
  • It is possible to get incoming links by creating content shared by users.
  • It may take some time, but it is the only effective way to get your website visible on Google.

Your keywords are very popular

  • Keywords must be specific and accurate.
  • You also understand which queries are about your topic and which ones you can focus on.
  • And according to a Moz study, trending keywords typically only make up 30% of all searches.
  • The remaining 70% also contain rather long and specific sentences.
  • Find keywords that your audience finds them by so you can keep your website from appearing on Google.
  • This can be done using SEMrush.

The delay in archiving your site’s topics is explained by the increased indexing speedthe most prominent details of the website archiving process that we got to know in this article, while presenting how to improve Google crawling of the site.

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