The required professions in Spain 2023 available job opportunities, salaries and work locations

The required professions in Spain 2023 available job opportunities, salaries and work locations

Professions in demand in SpainMany people want to immigrate to Spain to work and improve their financial and social situation, especially Moroccans and Algerians, as Spain is considered one of the European Union countries with great economic powers, and this is what made it an important destination for immigrants looking for a prosperous future.

The Spanish labor market is also very active and thousands of vacancies are available. Job opportunities in Spain can be found easily, whether through job search sites, through friends, or by registering for seasonal work in Spain.

There is also a group of professions, jobs that are in great demand, and the wages in them are high compared to other professions, so we find many wondering: What did I work in Spain, or what are the most required professions in Spain, and how much are the salaries for work in Spain? And several other questions about working in Spain Therefore, this article is directed to you, in which you will learn about Jobs in demand in Spain.

Professions in demand in Spain

Spain is considered one of the most important immigration destinations that many people from different countries of the world come to to work and settle there. In order to secure job opportunities, they search through job search sites in Spain through acquaintances and friends residing in Spain.

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In this article, we will talk about the most important jobs and professions required in Spain for the year 2023, the conditions for applying for them, and the best job search sites in Spain.

Before traveling to Spain, you must secure an employment contract in Spain through a Spanish company or institution or a Spanish employer.

This is somewhat difficult due to the difficulty of the skills and capabilities required by companies, which many may not possess.

But if you do not have capabilities or skills, you can work within private projects (restaurants, cafes, or hotels), as this type of business does not require the skills and capabilities required by companies.

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What are the working conditions in Spain 2023

There are several conditions that must be met in order for an immigrant to be able to work in Spain, and these conditions are:

  1. A work contract notarized by a Spanish employer, under which the immigrant undertakes to work for himself in Spain.
  2. A document indicating the place where the immigrant will reside during the first period of his stay in Spain.
  3. The reference number of the immigrant’s sponsorship certificate.
  4. A passport for immigrants, and it must be valid during the entire period of residence in Spain, and it must also contain two blank pages.
  5. He must have a bank statement for his account during the last three months, and there must be more than 945 euros in it
  6. Certificate of good conduct and no judgment
  7. In some jobs, a Spanish language certificate may be required.
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What are the advantages of working in Spain?

  1. Working hours are not very long, about 40 hours per week.
  2. Most of the major Spanish companies have many different nationalities.
  3. Spanish labor contracts guarantee employees relatively good occupational rights and protection.
  4. Employment contracts guarantee paid vacations of up to one month annually.

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What are the required professions in Spain 2023?

There are many professions that provide job opportunities in Spain, including:

  • Medicine with different specializations.
  • Architecture.
  • Electrical Engineering.
  • Aviation Engineering.
  • mechanical engineering.
  • Information engineering and technology.
  • Workers in the field of health services and nursing.
  • Human Resources Management and Marketing.
  • Accounting.
  • Teachers and financial managers.
  • Drivers, cooks, musicians, data analysts and social assistants.
  • Workers in the field of computer development.
  • Health workers.
  • Workers in the field of legal mediation.
  • legal professionals.

What job opportunities are available in Spain 2023?

In Spain, there are many job opportunities that suit men and women, and some of the job opportunities that suit men are:

  • construction workers.
  • Firefighting workers.
  • Jabasin.
  • Carpentry technicians.

Among the job opportunities in Spain that are suitable for women are:

  • House Nannies.
  • cleaning ladies.
  • nurses.
  • Hospitality, reception and services workers.
  • Beauticians and hairdressers.

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What are the most important professions in demand in Spain 2023?

  • Farming business
  • Electrical technicians
  • Carpentry technicians
  • Dyers
  • for protectors
  • Plumbers
  • Aluminum carpentry technicians
  • construction workers
  • plasterers

The best job search sites in Spain 2023

There are many sites that help find job opportunities in Spain, and some of them are specialized in job opportunities for those who are fluent in the Spanish language, and the most important of these sites are:

  • beBee website
  • Infojobs website
  • Monster site
  • Oficina Empleo website
  • Site
  • Cpatjobs website
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Among the most important job search sites for Spanish speakers are:

  • Bolsade Trabajo website
  • Busco Jobs website
  • Expansion y Empleo website

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What are the salaries of the required professions in Spain 2023?

Approximately, the price of an hour of work in Spain is 16 euros (sometimes the price of an hour of work is determined and included in the terms of the contract)

The price of hours varies between professions, and we will now give an example of the wages of some professions:

  • The salary of a primary school teacher in Spain: approximately 23,800 euros annually.
  • Technical Director: approximately 32,800 euros annually.
  • Customer Service Manager: approximately 45,500 euros annually.
  • Graphic designer salary in Spain: approximately 22,600 euros annually.
  • Pilot: approximately 56,200 euros annually.
  • Electrical engineer: approximately 34,400 euros annually.
  • Accounting manager: approximately 47,300 euros annually.
  • Secretary: approximately 17,300 euros annually.
  • Architect: approximately 40,500 euros annually.
  • Flight attendant: approximately 23,600 euros annually.

What are the best Spanish cities to work in?

  • Madrid.
  • Huelva.
  • Morse.
  • Valencia.
  • Almeria.
  • Cuenca.
  • Alcant.
  • Barcelona.

Thus, we come to the end of this article, and we have provided a full explanation of work in Spain, its wages, the most required professions in Spain, and the most important sites that help you find job opportunities in Spain.

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