Top 20 wholesale sites in Saudi Arabia 2023 – platform

Top 20 wholesale sites in Saudi Arabia 2023 – platform

The 20 best wholesale sites in Saudi Arabia, There are many and different forms through which selling in the market and displaying products in order to obtain profit through them, as it is one of the important forms of shopping that gives customers the possibility to buy the largest amount of products in large quantities and at prices that differ from those that exist in stores in the markets, where the wholesaler sells different products, whether Whether it is clothes, food, or other items that merchants need to display in the market, in this context we discuss the 20 best wholesale sites in Saudi Arabia.

Directory of wholesalers in Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provides all the ways through which the country’s economy can be raised, especially with regard to markets and the exchange of various commodities and products that are produced in the Saudi market. In this context, we discuss the guide for wholesalers in Saudi Arabia:

wholesale clothing

  • Baskaran Gallery specialized in selling women’s fabrics: 9660114510991.
  • Al Yafei for selling clothes: 9660126453566.

Wholesale sanitary ware

  • Saud Al-Osaimi for sanitary ware: 0592403532.
  • Anfal Excellence: 0501292233.

Wholesale household items

  • Guevara for import: 0114574455.

Food fields

  • Taj Food Management Company: 0112546577.
  • Mackle International Company Limited: 0114633999.

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Online wholesale market

The process of buying and selling through the Internet has become one of the most famous things in the world, as everyone works on commercial exchange through the online method, which made it possible to obtain many products, in this context we discuss the online wholesale market:

  • stock.
  • wholesale market com.
  • quantities.
  • Lybrand.
  • supply.
  • Sweet ornaments.
  • Oud agencies.
  • wholesale stores.
  • Abu Hamama.
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Wholesale websites from Turkey

Technology has entered many things in our lives, which made it easier to access the various materials that exist around the world, and perhaps one of the most countries in wholesale trade is Turkey, in this context we deal with wholesale sites from Turkey:

  • It is considered one of the main online markets in Turkey.
  • It includes many international brands that specialize in the field of clothing.
  • The cost of these wholesale products is also considered low, as well as they are of high quality and raw materials.
  • The 20 best wholesale sites in Saudi Arabia, the company offers many distinctive modern designs that deal with a variety of clothes, including dresses, jackets and other fabrics.

Fimca store

  • Fimca is one of the online clothing suppliers in Turkey.
  • In addition to being characterized by its cheap prices and various products.
  • The company was established in 1984 and provides commodities that follow all fashion trends.
  • It is considered one of the most famous selling sites that deal with many countries around the world.

  • This company is specialized in women’s clothing in its various forms.
  • It is located in the Lalali district of the capital, Istanbul.
  • The 20 best wholesale sites in Saudi Arabia, and the company offers many sizes, large and small, that suit different women.

Turkopt Store

  • The online store offers many products to the Arab world as well as the West.
  • The clothes that you design vary and vary to include all segments of society.

Whocit website

  • What distinguishes this site most is that it offers clothes that are specialized for veiled women, as most of the clothes that it designs are characterized by modesty and are suitable for women who prefer modest clothes.
  • In addition to providing evening wear, which is suitable for parties and various occasions.
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Hipseborada website

  • One of the largest sites that offer different products for sale online.
  • It also has a large number of suppliers of up to 10,000 suppliers.
  • This is in addition to the large number of products that it offers, and it reaches 50 million products, and it sells through the wholesale and retail system.

shop dot com

  • Founded in 2012, it is considered one of the best e-commerce stores.
  • It is an open market that includes many products bearing international brands.

During the Dosso Dos fashion show

  • One of the sites that can sell a lot of different items in short periods.
  • It provides various products that include women’s gowns as well as men’s.
  • Services are delivered to customers within three days of ordering the product.

Clogs Clothing Supplier

  • This site specializes in men’s clothing in particular.
  • He sells tuxedos and jackets as well as shoes.

Website names for wholesale in Saudi Arabia 2023

Many merchants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are looking for the possibility of obtaining various commodities through wholesale, which contributes to saving the capital used for purchase. In this context, we discuss the names of wholesale sites in Saudi Arabia 2022,

  • Saudi nisnass people.
  • Saudi Amazon website.
  • Also bang good.
  • aliexpress site.
  • Also,
  • DH gate website.
  • In addition to the yoy buy site.
  • The 20 best wholesale websites in Saudi Arabia, noon.
  • Also aswaq saudia website.
  • She Inside Wholesale.

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Advantages of e-commerce

Everything in this life has its defects and advantages through which it is possible to identify the validity of this product or the project that you will undertake and whether it can prove its success or failure. In this context, we discuss the advantages of e-commerce:

  • The 20 best wholesale sites in Saudi Arabia, e-commerce helps reach many customers around the world, through the ability to deliver the product to any area in which one is.
  • The e-commerce project contributes to knowing many customers, which increases the number of customers that can be dealt with.
  • The goods that are sold are sold at lower prices than those that can be sold in stores, which contributes to gaining more customers for you.
  • The products offered are quickly accessible and different from those traditional store-bought products.
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Disadvantages of e-marketing

Just as everything has advantages, it also has defects that could lead to the failure of the project and the inability to complete it due to the presence of some defects in it. Also, knowing the defects contributes to overcoming them. In that context, we address the defects of e-marketing:

  • There is a possibility that accounts may be hacked due to the fact that some accounts may not be fully protected.
  • Many of the commodities that are marketed online may be unusable or non-conforming to the specifications that are offered via the Internet.
  • The 20 best wholesale sites in Saudi Arabia. There is no online shopping system except in European countries or East Asia, where Arab countries lack the presence of such projects.
  • The payment mechanism is often not easy.
  • Many people who have dealt with online shopping have been exposed to fraud, because the sites that they may deal with are fake, which leads to exposure to fraud and fraud.
  • There are no laws to protect the consumer when exposed to any fraud or scam that enables him to recover his money in the event of any fraud.

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In conclusion, we presented in this article everything related to the 20 best wholesale sites in Saudi Arabia, as well as the disadvantages and advantages of online shopping as well, wholesale sites in Turkey.

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